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Last additions - JessicaSephiroth
Chibi Meta Knight522 viewsChibi Meta Knight.
This was done awhile ago and was one of my first chibis done this year.
Done in Gimp.
Enjoy. :3
1 commentsJessicaSephirothMar 21, 2011
Zero 02 in 30 mins390 viewsJust a request doodle thing I was doing on Deviantart.
Done in 30 minuets flat, no references. (Not that I think it was needed)
Done in GimpMint.
2 commentsJessicaSephirothMar 21, 2011
Chibi Prince Fluff587 viewsHeres a chibi human version of Prince Fluff from Epic Yarn.
I know his eyes are brown, but I totally forgot and had no references at the time it was being made.
Anyhoo, I know I haven't submitted here in awhile, I am way more active on my Deviantart. :U
You can find the lineart for this along with many others if anyone is interested in coloring some stuffs.
2 commentsJessicaSephirothMar 21, 2011
Meta Knight Portrait417 views(This is a huge file!)
Man this picture took forever to do but I eventually finished it,
Made in gimp and it took too many hours!
2 commentsJessicaSephirothAug 11, 2010
Meta Knight Doodle706 viewsJust a simple doodles with some thrown on effects. I really like this sketch for some reason. :37 commentsJessicaSephirothAug 11, 2010
Cracked Kracko600 viewsThis was a quickie Gijinka of Kracko that I did awhile back. The picture is pretty flawed but I still like it alot. ^ ^3 commentsJessicaSephirothAug 11, 2010
Burnin Leo Gijinka Portrait609 viewsHere's my version of Burnin Leo.
Yes I know he is suppose to be blue skin and have a green head band, but it just didn't look as cool when his skin is all firery.

Sketched in Tegaki E.
Finished in Gimp.

Enjoy! <3
6 commentsJessicaSephirothMay 30, 2010
OH BB674 viewsSurely MK will catch who is ever leaving foot prints all over the ship. Someone must like seeing Sailor Dee work.

Hur hur hur.
8 commentsJessicaSephirothMay 28, 2010
Dark Nebula Gijinka Portrait306 viewsThis was just some Tegaki E fun, but since my files saves weird on that site the best thing for me to do is save what I had and edit it on Gimp.

Big eye, little nose, and lots of pink and purple - seems pretty rad to me. :3 <3

1 commentsJessicaSephirothMay 28, 2010
Fluff in the grass769 viewsFor the longest time this was rotting in a sketchbook till about last week when I went back to color it. I think it came out nice, despite the flawed perspective. <3

Inks - Micron pens 005, 02.
Colors - Prisma Verithin's and Crayola 2 sided Pencils.

4 commentsJessicaSephirothMay 26, 2010
.::Picking up Green::. FP entry909 viewsThe best green character evar! Omg I love plasma Wisp and clovers, so it was, like, the best idea ever for a contest entry.
Eeee! Plasma Wisp is my Fave! <333
I would add more light to the picture, but for now I am too lazy. :U

Made in Gimp.
6 commentsJessicaSephirothMar 02, 2010
Cuipy549 viewsLol, I should of used this one as my FP entry, too bad we can't submit 2 times.

Anyhoo, my rendition of Cuipy.
Its lurking in the clouds.
Ready to kill you.
Its so freaking adorable. <333

Made in Gimp.
1 commentsJessicaSephirothFeb 19, 2010
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