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Last additions - Mints
End Game (Page 1)526 viewsThis was a comic I started when it was announced that both The Kirby Club and subsequently Rainbow Resort would be ceasing operation. (And we all know how that turned out~!)

This started as a joke post at TKC, using a "controversial" moderator's sock account as the scapegoat for all of Kirby internet fandom's problems. (For the record, I never had a problem with him.) And so, of course, I made a game for it. And, of course, it was ignored~!
1 commentsMintsMar 20, 2016
Fire and Ice482 viewsQuick, small sketches of Galbo and Chilly blown up to enormous size. I did these back during the summer on some of those paper tablets hotels give you for some reason to see how quickly I could do DL quick scratch art en masse.

And then I scanned under Linux for the first time to disastrous/grainy results.
4 commentsMintsJan 25, 2011
Tuesday Knight Titans722 viewsTitle screen from the next Kirbj game Tuesday Knight Titans.
The gimmick behind this game was that entries from the Round Knight Recruitment IF contest could be asked to be placed in this game. Not a lot of takers at all, which led to its angry delay. Apparently, everyone thinks they have a better chance of making their own fan game one day in which to put their creations. Good luck with that.

Squeaky Bogg and Bugzzy's ammo fight their way through Mace Knight, Sceptre Knight, and Capsule J3's Ripsaw Knight. The intro imagery used a little-shading approach, except for a bit on reflective metal surfaces. This was the only place that turned out well at all, sans Mace's feet (and everything else) which had to be heavily edited on the computer side of things. Bogg's angry expression was rather fun to draw, and despite normally turning out much more horribly, both Sceptre and Ripsaw had better rendered results than they typically do for me.

Play TKT now
3 commentsMintsNov 03, 2009
Ripsaw Knight748 viewsRipsaw was Capsule J3's second IF Knight from the Round Knight Recruitment, and the only real one submitted to appear in Tuesday Knight Titans. (Yeah, I'm still doin' that, and the "only" should give a good indication as to my lack of motivation in said project.)
It looks much less like Togezo (for reasons of not looking like Togezo), and its moveset has been made much more in line with a Knight.
3 commentsMintsSep 30, 2009
Pirate Captain Stitch362 viewsArrr, the Needles Miniboss from DLII&III says all ye landlubbers need ta talk like a pirate on International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Ye scurvy dogs better talk like a ol' buccaneer now, or ye be walkin' the plank!

As I had mentioned in an old comment somewhere in this gallery, I always believed that CS should be in pirate get-up. He is also somewhat stitched together, too, thus earning more of each part of his name.
MintsSep 19, 2009
Mace Knight in action578 viewsMacer is scheduled to appear in Tuesday Knight Titans, and was originally supposed to be one of the only canon Meta-Knights to appear in the game, solely to give Bogg his trusty spiked ball.
However, the underwhelming response of fan submissions has had me less than enthused about actually releasing it. Which reminds me, I gotta draw that guy, too. That's right -- just one.
MintsJun 24, 2009
Skewer578 viewsIF submission by... some loser~!

Skewer is a Knight in the tradition of Butch and Masher -- thus the lack of a "Knight"-ly title. He's big, purple, hates pets, can't be inhaled, and can't do much more than pace back-and-forth attacking the air in front of him.
His weapon is the Ranseur, which is a flanged polearm. The color scheme was entirely ripped from his brothers-in-arms.
1 commentsMintsApr 03, 2009
Tonfa Knight659 viewsIF Knights entry by Kirbyzilla

I think the design of TK turned out rather well for fitting in with the rest of the knights. So much so, that I made this separate Meta-Army-appropriate color scheme version. For some reason thought "Laser tonfas -- sounds like Kirby~!" so that's what happened. Were red, but then looked like lipstick, so that didn't happen.

Background contains the second, tiny ballpoint plan, which had a better form, and a double-sided tonfa (shades of Axe from Adventure~!).
Tonfa batons are one of my favorite weapons, mostly because of Yoko Kono from Last Bronx.
1 commentsMintsMar 29, 2009
Torch Knight861 viewsIF Knights entry by Airride Master

I didn't give it a go originally because of its lack of finer details, relying on that "armor" that seems to plague so many of the fan-made Knights. I shall commend the entry on specifying no colors, however; people don't seem to realize that the enemies in Dream Land can have a wide and varying palette.
1 commentsMintsMar 29, 2009
Game-able IF Knights903 viewsAfter going through the current IF Knights list, I pulled out all the ones that could actually be used in a Meta-Army-like situation as is. Long arms and stupid heights (i.e. anything beyond a 2:1 head-to-body ratio) were the only things I tinkered with.

I went off of written descriptions for previously drawn knights, trying to get different looks. The plan is to use some IF creations in my next applet, Tuesday Knight Titans, which pits Bogg and the Fightning Bug against hordes of knights.

Row Key (Left to Right)
Far: Crossbow (I), Shield, Javelin, Boomerang (I), Trident, Disk
Middle: Whip (II), Mace, Whip (I), Ring, Club, Sai
Near: Shock, Scythe (I), Axe, Knuckles, Parasol, Nunchuku
14 commentsMintsMar 28, 2009
Fightning Bug Study945 viewsBugzzy's ammo has no name that I could ever find, so puns are win. The Fightning Bug is a five-spotted ladybird beetle with two legs? and only two frames of animation that have changed little throughout the generations.
If the IF Knights picks up with some game-suitable submissions, FB will be the tag team partner of Bogg in the Knights vs Wrestlers non-epic Tuesday Knight Titans. Currently, few would fit in the trenches with the Meta-Knights.

Murdering Waddle Dees (C) Kirazy 2008-2009
11 commentsMintsMar 26, 2009
Cane Knight486 viewsIF Entry by Stewie

Cane was an entry wildly disliked by 'Snaff due to the crescent symbol, which is used by fellow knight Trident. However, based on Cane's bio, he fits more with DL2 than the Meta-Knights (although I feel this was not the creator's intentions), so reusing the moon is no worse than Butch using Axe's skull.
Palette and design from the DL2 knights. Tried to angle the staff moon to look like a cane's crook.
MintsMar 23, 2009
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