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Last additions - gerugeon
Good times2071 viewsThis pic take a lot of time to draw...I really liked the episode 4 of Kirby's anime, when Meta Knight told he was a star warrior, and fought against Nightmare...Pretty cool!
I got inspiration for the pic watchin episode 19 of Kirby, when Knuckle Joe appears for the first time! Amazing!
I love nocturnal landscapes, but they're really hard to color...Uffs...
Anyway, enjoy!
5 commentsgerugeonMar 13, 2009
Comission for Poka-Sorm: Knight Cookies1828 viewsThis is a comission for Poka-Sorm, she required a pic of MK making cookies...I like it. I added Blade and Sword because I love them, hehehe.
King Dedede finally found a job for MK...Poor knight.
Hope you like it!
2 commentsgerugeonMar 11, 2009
Grim Tales: Crossover2047 viewsHi everyone! This is what I called dumb idea...Honestly, I never liked Grim Tales, I think Billy is REALLY dumb and annoying, and Mandy...No comments. Poor Grim...
Hum, I really don't know the name of that pink cat...

OBS: Ok, now I know the pink cat's name...It's Milkshakes, right?
9 commentsgerugeonMar 07, 2009
MK Madness 21474 viewsHello! Thanks a lot for all the favs and comments, I'm really happy with all this!
Well, how I really love MK, I have to do this...He's my favorite character! Wish I have a Brawl to play with him...
Please, if you want to color one of these, first ask me, ok? And don't copy, be original!
1 commentsgerugeonMar 02, 2009
Bonodori Festival on DreamLand2275 viewsHi everyone! This took a lot of time, about 4-5 hours...Made with colorpencils. I really like that festival, my dream is to visit Japan and dance in one of these! Kimonos are very cute...7 commentsgerugeonFeb 25, 2009
Meta Knight Madness1571 viewsMK is great! THis pic I made during my Portuguese class. I was really bored. Hope you like. I simply looove MK, he's so amazing! 6 commentsgerugeonFeb 13, 2009
A great and happy family1554 viewsMade with colorpencils...I love Kirby, it's cute and adorable! This family is quite odd, I know, but I love them!
Hope you like. And thanks for the comments!
4 commentsgerugeonJan 08, 2009
Once upone a time...1384 viewsWell, I made this really long time ago...To put in my fichary...I didn't like much the result...
Tiff loves to tell tales to the other children!
gerugeonJan 06, 2009
Meta Knight's Birthday page 21686 views2 commentsgerugeonJan 06, 2009
Bubble Time1443 viewsOld art again...I painted this with hydropens, but the pink of Kirby turned horrible...I didn't have the right pink...sigh...
I put this in my notebook. Hope you like it. And many thanks for the comments and pageviews!
A happy New Year to all!
7 commentsgerugeonDec 27, 2008
Meta Knight's birthday page 12661 viewsvery old pic again...How many years MK has? Well, according to the timeline of the Kirby anime in Kirby Raibow Resort, Sir Meta Knight seems to be very, very old...I mean, he fought against Nightmare, and this was much time ago...
So, this crazy idea simply appear in my head. Enjoy it! Later I will post the other pages...
11 commentsgerugeonDec 22, 2008
Kirby of the Stars2167 viewsThanks for the comments, everyone! Well, I made this pic long time ago, using crayons and hydropens (yep, not copic markers)...I love the anime of Kirby..I don't have a Kirby's game, but that's ok...
Hope you like it! Visit too my page on Deviantart.
14 commentsgerugeonDec 15, 2008
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