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Last additions - gerugeon
Meta Knight's expressions2534 viewsI had this idea a while ago...In the episode 34 of Kirby anime, Kirby accidentally inhales the Gijira extract, his eyes turn purple and he starts to have hallucination. I tought it would be funny if Meta Knight's eyes turn purple too...
And I always thought that Blade's head looks like a bread. He has a weird design...
4 commentsgerugeonMay 30, 2009
Halloween Night2370 viewsThis pic I made for a Kirby's contest. By the way, I won the contest. Hope you like it! Please, don't copy.
Obs: I just drew characters of the games, not from the animes. And sorry If I forgot Axe Knight, or Marx. I reaaaalllyyy dumb...
7 commentsgerugeonMay 18, 2009
Kirby abilities1608 viewsI did this pic at the classroom, then made the lineart on Photoshop with my beloved pen tablet. I think it went good...Anyway, thanks for the favs and comments, and the pageviews! I'm so happy!
Obs: I drew too Whip Kirby, my copy ability, and Plant Kirby, who isn't my creation. I saw in a Deviantart page and thought it was cute...
2 commentsgerugeonMay 16, 2009
Farewell, my daughter1664 views"- Mom, where are you going?
- I'm going to join the Galaxy Soldier Army, Sillica.
- But why?
- I have to do it. To protect the world from evil. And protect you.
- Who's going to take care of me?
- I think you can take care of yourself very well, Sillica. You're strong and brave, like your father. You can do it, right? Don't worry Sillica. I'll be back soon, and everything will be fine.
- Really?
- Really. It's a promise, ok? Farewell, my daughter.
- MOm? I...I love you.
- I love you too."
5 commentsgerugeonMay 11, 2009
Whip Kirby1679 viewsIt's Whip Kirby! I made this for a Kirby contest. Whip Kirby is awesome! He can grab things with his whip, like food or even enemies. The star on the whip can create star beams that will hit the enemie. Hope you like it!
3 commentsgerugeonMay 05, 2009
My brave knight- request2290 viewsThis is the request made by my friend. She asked for a comic where MK saves her from a monster...
I drew her in Kirby's style, hope she like it...
Anyway, enjoy it!
Poor Meta Knight! Chased by the fangirls...
10 commentsgerugeonMay 01, 2009
Yamikage's revenge1793 viewsYamikage is so strange...You have to watch episode 24 ("visiting ninja, Benikage") of Kirby anime to understand this comic. 3 commentsgerugeonApr 20, 2009
Pokemon x Kirby2268 viewsNothing to say. And thanks for the favs and comments!
I used to love Pokemon.

Oh my, the owl thing looks like a freak Furby...XD

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo
Kirby belongs to Nintendo and HAL Laboratory
12 commentsgerugeonApr 15, 2009
Old Pics1748 viewsI made these sketches last year. Tiff's hair is shorter than the original, but I don't care. I liked this pic.
Meta Knight is trying to teach Kirby some abilities, but it seems that Kirby has other things to do...Like eat.

Kirby and company belongs to Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. Don't copy. Be original.
2 commentsgerugeonApr 03, 2009
Wrong Star2013 viewsDumb idea. But I have to admit this is really funny. Well, enjoy it. And thank you for the comments and favs!
Patrick is so dumb. Tiff probably won't like the exchange. Neither Kirby.
Will SpongeBob notice that this best friend is now...yellow?
7 commentsgerugeonApr 03, 2009
Rainbow Kirby1779 viewsNothing to say. This really took a lot of time and work. Enjoy it.
5 commentsgerugeonMar 27, 2009
Cook Kirby page 11772 viewsHi again! I'm still trying to learn English, so sorry my poor write!
First page of a comic...That have just TWO pages...I'm really dumb. Well, the colors took a lifetime, because painting on the Photoshop using just the mouse is really hard. Wish I have a pentable. Anyway, enjoy. And thanks for all the favs and comments.
Cook Kawasaki's dishes are really...disgusting.
gerugeonMar 27, 2009
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