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Last additions - gerugeon
Clean Kirby890 viewsIt´s been a while since I drew something here, I really missed Kirby. I´m sending this to a Massive Kirby Collaboration, you can read more of it here: Hope you like it!2 commentsgerugeonSep 06, 2011
A NEw job for Meta Knight1358 viewsThis is for a contest on Deviantart. In this contest, he have to imagine a new job for Meta Knight. I thought Meta Knight could be a wonderful illusionist. He´s always appearing and disappearing from nowhere in the anime, and he knows so many cools moves! Meta Knight borrowed from Kirby the Star Rod, and Kirby is his new assistant. He´s very famous in all the village, and he´s always in someone´s birthday party. Blade and Sword work in the backstages, helping their master in everything. Hope you liked it!4 commentsgerugeonDec 22, 2009
Late Christmas Present1417 viewsYep, this was a christmas present for my friends on DA, well, pretty late, huh...
Better late than sorry, right? Kirby and his friends are trying to spread the Christmas spirit to entire Dreamland! MK doesn´t look very amused though...I think what kind of present he would give...Certainly it isn´t Galaxia...
I´m happy I´m improving on Photoshop.
6 commentsgerugeonSep 26, 2009
Got your mask1719 viewsAnother request. People really like MK!5 commentsgerugeonSep 07, 2009
The mystery of copy abilities2002 viewsMy brother and I have this idea a while ago...Kind funny, I have to say...
Poor Escargon...
5 commentsgerugeonJul 31, 2009
Blood2042 viewsKetchup can really put people in hot water sometimes...XD
Fortunately, Kirby is all right, I think...About Tiff, we can´t say the same, poor one...
5 commentsgerugeonJul 24, 2009
Mysterious Gentleman1804 viewsthis was a request of my friend. I drew her in Kirby style, and she's visiting Pupu Village.
I tryied a new technique, I'm still mastering my pen tablet.
4 commentsgerugeonJul 20, 2009
Cook Kirby page 22108 viewsAs I promised, the second (and last ^^") page of Cook Kirby. Poor Tiff...
Have you ever noticed that Kirby can just cook MONSTERS? This is horrible. Nobody in Pupu Village can make a single good dish...Sigh...
I love the episodes with Cook Kirby, though they're very crazy. And Kawasaki, please, learn to cook well!
6 commentsgerugeonJul 17, 2009
En garde1223 viewsI think Blade is so mysterious and cute! I mean, his helmet is really strange! That pink part is really his tongue?? (I hope this isn't true, 'cause it's too much creepy).
I made this at Photoshop. Gradually, I'm improving my techniques.
I have a thing for knights, specially for kirby knights..
3 commentsgerugeonJul 08, 2009
Heal2183 viewsActually, this pic is very old, hope you like it..Tiff was nursing Kirby, but in the end, Kirby had to nurse Tiff!
Color pencils are awesome. Scanners aren't....I simply killed the pic and the colors...
This pic is for the 100-pic challenge, for the theme 83: Heal.
2 commentsgerugeonJun 27, 2009
Danger Ahead1515 viewsThis was a birthday present to my friend. I love this technique!5 commentsgerugeonJun 19, 2009
Kirby's Fairy Tales2357 viewsI made this in January, but just now I could post. I hope you like it.
It's a parody of many fairy tales. Can you indentify each one of them?
Tiff is really upset...And Wolfwrath (or Chilidog, whatever) doesn't have anything to eat, 'cause Kirby ate all of the candies...
I love fairy tales! And I drew this for the theme 61)Fairy Tale of the 100 pic challenge.
5 commentsgerugeonJun 10, 2009
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