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Last additions - 3D Daimyo Dojo!
Samurai Kirby!~ Chef Kawasaki1880 viewsHere's Kawasaki, the guy with a Japanese name befitting his appearence in Samurai Kirby! He is dressed in Japanese chef/cook attire, mainly that of a sushi chef, with a blue shirt, flat cap, and an apren (on which is written the symbol for 'food'). His dramatic pose comes from the Kabuki theater. He wields a stir-fry wok for a weapon, but it is shown he also has a giant pie somewhere, as a defete from Kirby yields pie in his face. He is a comidic character, for sure!3 commentsDedede-DaimyoJan 02, 2009
Samurai Kirby!~ Wheelie1759 viewsThe next combatant is Wheelie, the solitary wheel. He wears a green, probably plastic, Japanese workers hat with a yellow stripe. He carries a pointed stick with a traveler's bag on the end of it, but this is not often used offencively. He prefers to simply run-down any challenger, leaving tire-marks on their face. One might wonder: how is he able to hold on to that hat and staff, being an appendageless wheel? He has the quickest movement of the samurai, but his body movements photograph his attack, to end.3 commentsDedede-DaimyoJan 01, 2009
Samurai Kirby!~ Waddle Doo1882 viewsWaddle Doo is an underling of Dedede Daimyo in this appearence. He is dressed in traditional Japanese pilgramage garb, consisting of a broad straw hat and a striped blue cape. You can always spot Waddle Doo by the giant, single eye. Instead of shooting a beam, he uses a paper fan, seen in Japanese comidy skits. Though he has enthusiasm about being a samurai, Waddle Doo is the least skilled of all the troupes, and is almost always the first to fail! Poor Waddle Doo...4 commentsDedede-DaimyoJan 01, 2009
Samurai Kirby!~ Kirby1909 viewsKirby is full of Japanese flair. In this fashion, he is always shown with thick eyebrows for some reason. He carries a traditional Japanese sword, Katana, and has his hair pulled back into a ponytail. Wait... Kirby doesn't normally have hair?! The same hairstyle is seen in Kirby Card Swipe, though it is more consolidated in this appearence. And the weapon is not always a sword; it can also be a fan, hammer, or noisemaker, under certain conditions. Samurai Kirby has been featured in KSS, KSSU, and K:NiD4 commentsDedede-DaimyoJan 01, 2009
Dedede-Daimyo presents: Samurai Kirby!5930 viewsThe New Year 2009 is upon us, my friends! As I have promised, I have returned with Macro-functioning camera in hand, able to display my extentuous hand-crafted collection of Kirby artworks in all their glory! Throughout 2009, I will update this album (3D Daimyo Dojo!) EVERY WEEKDAY, just like Sakurai's famous blog this past year! For all future reference, these sculptures are made from Super Sculpey polymer clay and colored in acrylic paint. Join me, KRR and 3D fans, for an astounding New Year!!!7 commentsDedede-DaimyoDec 31, 2008
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