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Last additions - 3D Daimyo Dojo!
Kaboola2447 viewsEverything about Kaboola is epic. This is the original Kaboola boss from Kirby's Dream Land; other variations include the duel-cannon sporting model from Blockball, and the killer-revamped model from the new KSSU (not that I have made those, too)! She is a large blimp with a hexagon design on her sides, pink fins, and a cannon (shotzo) underneath. She could totally pwn Dreamland if Kirby didn't have a special item to aid in her destruction. I usually make my sculptures out of Super Sculpy polymer clay, but with very large figures like Kaboola, Whispy and Kracko, I use air-drying clay that comes in great quantities. It is cheap and effective. Also, I had to re-enforce the wire I use to hold up 'flying' characters.12 commentsDedede-DaimyoFeb 04, 2009
Lololo & Lalala2821 viewsA duo boss battle. Lololo and Lalala are a cameo couple from the HAL made Eggerland/ Adventures of Lolo games. Like in the puzzle games, they push boxes around an enclosed room, in KDL and KSS, this time to defend their haunted Castle from Kirby. The two are alike in size and shape, the only differences are that Lololo is blue and Lalala is pink and wears a bow. Who can say if they are husband and wife, or brother and sister? It is Foolish to begin their names with F.8 commentsDedede-DaimyoFeb 03, 2009
Whispy Woods2463 viewsI present to you the first boss. Whispy Woods is always the first boss Kirby encounters. Don't go pulling out that he is not ALWAYS the first boss... because, in a way, he is! Whispy is an apple tree with a face and Uber powers. He can drop apples! And can blow gusts! Sometimes he can even shoot his roots out like skewers, or release his offspring to attack Kirby. When possessed, he can even uproot himself, give chase, and spit up rotten vegetables! No matter how hard he tries, though, Whispy can never escape the title of EASIEST BOSS EVER!12 commentsDedede-DaimyoFeb 02, 2009
Poppy Bros. Sr.2284 viewsThe first Miniboss! Poppy Bros. Sr. is an outstanding foe in Dreamland. He can make and toss explosives just like Bomberman, except he is much more nimble! His fame began in KDL, then in KA he offered the crash ability when defeted, then in KSS Poppy Sr. returned with the introduction of the bomb ability. Hopefully, HAL will continue the Poppy Bros. and not ax them for replacements in future games, as the trend appears. This figure is roughly 4 inches tall. Next week: The Bosses!12 commentsDedede-DaimyoJan 30, 2009
Poppy Bros. Jr.2241 viewsHere is the Junior member of the Poppy brotherhood. You can tell he is a bad guy and not a helper by the color of his clothes. Poppy Jr. started out in KDL as a regular who pranced around, often on top of spherical objects. It was only in KSS where they began to throw bombs like their older siblings. Their happy faces and clownish antics ingrain them as classic Kirby characters. They have a large array of relatives, including Poppy Bros. Sr., Boomber, and Perot.9 commentsDedede-DaimyoJan 30, 2009
Dedede-Daimyo 3D #22103 viewsWoah! Sorry everyone! My internet expired 2 days ago, and I was unable to upload daily, but now I'm back! Here is my characature again, done in the Milkshape 3D modeling program, in different poses than before. Displayed are the wireframes, polygon figure, and a hammer strike motion. On a side note, I am helping work on Leirin's: Kirby's Greatest Hits Super Songbook, this time making a picturescroll of Kirby's Dreamland 3! I will upload both my pics and lyrics when I have finished.13 commentsDedede-DaimyoJan 30, 2009
Shotzo1823 viewsHe (it?) is an invincible cannon which fires cannonballs in up to 5 different directions. Sometimes, if Kirby is near one, it will change the direction it is facing to fire at Kirby. This could be due to Shotzo having homing technology, or it is possible the cannon is alive. In many ways, they are even worse than Gordos, as they're not only invincible obsticles, but they can go on the offencive, also. They may not be all powerful, however; in KDL, a candy item could defete one if used long enough. Blatzy is its relative.6 commentsDedede-DaimyoJan 27, 2009
Glunk1839 viewsThe sea aneamone, Glunk. Glunk Glunk... stays in one spot, and never moves. Glunk Glunk... sticks to either ceilings or floors. Glunk Glunk... shoots sparks out his top every once in a while. Glunk. [Applause] Thankyou, thankyou! Ahem! Here, you can see the top hole of Glunk and the bottom of him, both rarely seen, as he is basically a 2-Dimentional character (in more ways than one). He does not really try to stop Kirby; he is just content filter-feeding, mostly. He can also live either in or out of water, if I remember correctly.4 commentsDedede-DaimyoJan 26, 2009
Dedede-Daimyo 3D2137 viewsThis is my first uploaded non-traditional/ computer-made artwork! Made with the 3D modeling program, Milkshape 3D- used to design the fangame, Kirby Cosmic Chaos. The program is free to try, if anyone is interested. The character who is totally taken from the Samurai Kirby minigame, Dedede-Daimyo is my stand-in for online stuffs. His robe-trim is reminiscent of the curtain of the Kabooki theater. His mallot, a kine, is used for pounding rice. Another of my artworks adornes his back.10 commentsDedede-DaimyoJan 23, 2009
Squishy1947 viewsSquishy is a lonely little squid, with very average abilities. He is like Blipper in many respects, but not as good a swimmer as he. He is one of the only enemys who are effective both on land and in water. One of the most prominent guys in the Kirby series. His relative is Flotzo. By the way, whatever became of "Squid-hat Month"? Thankyou site staff (wherever you may be) for the front page dedication! One last Squishy notice: in some cultures, he is praised, due to his 'unique' shape, as a sign of 'long life' ;)9 commentsDedede-DaimyoJan 22, 2009
Blipper1694 viewsHe may be late, but he is here! Blipper the fish flops onto dry land just in time to be considered an update for today! In water, he is a nimble and accurate swimmer, able to catch up to Kirby if he is not paying attention. Out of water, though, Blipper becomes a helpless, flopping ball of confusion. He is a staple in the series, appearing wherever there is a water-based level. Kirby wears a diving mask to breath underwater; conversely, Blipper's mask is filled with water, and allows him to stay alive if exposed to the air.6 commentsDedede-DaimyoJan 21, 2009
Mumbies1871 viewsHis name is plural (never Mumby) because he thinks it makes him scarier that way! Mumbies is an orb, wrapped in gause, with only one menacing eye pearing out from the inside. It is obvious he is based on The Egyptaion Mummy. He, along with other gastly foes, haunt Castle Lololo in KDL. He is somehow immune to Kirby's inhale attack; he is able to resist even the strongest suction. However, he easily falls to pieces from any other simple touch. He is one of the few prefectly round(no appendages) Dreamlanders. Skuller is his relative.3 commentsDedede-DaimyoJan 20, 2009
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