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Last additions - The Art of Orange
Sword 'n Blade1201 viewsJust a little picture I made about... uhh... half a year ago, I think. I was testing out my brand new Prismacolor pencils. My Prismacolors are awesome. And Sword and Blade are awesome =D3 commentsteh burning orangeSep 30, 2008
Can I has a turn?1576 viewsStop being such a jerk, Kirby! D=8 commentsteh burning orangeSep 28, 2008
FEAR ME1527 viewsAwwww, isn't he scary? ^__^

You'll probably have to fullview to see what he's saying... sorry 'bout that.
7 commentsteh burning orangeSep 28, 2008
Shooting Star1178 viewsIt's Marx/Mark/Maruku/What ever you want to call him! He would probably be my favorite character if I had to choose one =D

Just a little doodle I made at 1:00 in the morning. So sleepy...

I want KSSU so bad ;__; The worst thing about living in Alaska is that it takes forever for stores to get the new releases in. It's not cool.
3 commentsteh burning orangeSep 27, 2008
Kirby 64- Fragments1362 viewsI've been listening to way too much Kirby 64 music lately *__*

This was the first Kirby game I played. Not beat, mind you. I only really played the minigames and one or two levels; mostly I just watched my brother play. That is, until this last summer, when I finally decided to play through the entire thing, 100%. I enjoyed it immensely =D.
6 commentsteh burning orangeSep 27, 2008
KSS- Splash of Color1587 viewsFinally, my first REAL fanart here ^__^

This started out as a request from someone (IRL) to draw fighter Kirby. Then it... evolved into this. I left out a few abilities, but I didn't want it to be too cluttered. No, ninja Kirby is not on there twice. The other one is stone XP. At first I planned to color all of them individually, but it seemed better this way. Enjoy?
3 commentsteh burning orangeSep 25, 2008
Can I has cake?1188 viewsHow could you do such a thing, Kirby?

I'm relatively new to the Kirby fandom... I only played through Kirby Super Star for the first time a few weeks ago (and it was pretty awesome =D). I like having those little helpers following you around, moochers though they may be. ...Drawing that expression on Knuckle Joe's face hurt me a little on the inside ;__;
9 commentsteh burning orangeSep 18, 2008
Dedede is not amused1143 viewsMy first picture here! Don't worry, they're usually better than this. I just thought this one was rather amusing.

Also, Meta Knight is a stalker.
3 commentsteh burning orangeSep 17, 2008
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