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Last additions - It's Kirby
Kirby 'Modern' Art895 viewsOK. I've wondered this for a while now. What exactly defines modern art? Is it a stylistic thing? Does it concern the subject matter?? It boggles Kirby's mind...4 commentsAnimeKittyCafeNov 28, 2010
Notoriety914 viewsTegaki.4 commentsAnimeKittyCafeNov 20, 2010
Kirby Queen1207 I don't know what to say about this exactly, other than that it is one of my more silly, quick pieces so take it with a grain of salt! This is Kirby as Freddie Mercury, and the other band members were quite improvised without thinking of who they fit (yes I know there are only 4 band members in Queen). Well, enjoy!

As for Tiff...maybe she's Mary Austin!
3 commentsAnimeKittyCafeNov 14, 2010
De-yarned1252 viewsI like Prince Fluff already. Killer excited for this game. I wonder if they'll both "go back to normal" like at the end of Canvas Curse..12 commentsAnimeKittyCafeOct 10, 2010
Little Golden Books1036 viewsSorry I haven't uploaded in a while. Just haven't been very inspired lately. Anyway, my last good idea for fanart was this one - I picked up the Toy Story 3 Little Golden Book some time ago, and fell in love with the style it was drawn it. Made me wonder what Kirby characters might look like that way, so I drew this.5 commentsAnimeKittyCafeAug 26, 2010
Yarn'd1386 viewsJust some quick fan art to celebrate. First thing I thought when that trailer came on was "Holy crap, nice colors. Mary Blair would be proud." Hopefully I did them some sort of justice.9 commentsAnimeKittyCafeJul 25, 2010
"Epic"1944 viewsQuick comic I did in celebration. I swear, the game looks great, but really, Nintendo? Really??11 commentsAnimeKittyCafeJun 15, 2010
Pirate Kirby1146 viewsArr, me Kirbys! Intended to look like a T-shirt design.6 commentsAnimeKittyCafeMay 30, 2010
KIRBYLINE1535 viewsSo sharp, you won't feel a thing...20 commentsAnimeKittyCafeApr 29, 2010
The Miser Kirbys1192 viewsIt's always been a thought in my mind, that it would be neat if there was a guy who ruled the winter realm and a guy that ruled the summer realm. I envisioned them as Kirbys, with the appropriate copy abilities, intially. Then I remembered that had been done long, long ago... like, in the 70's. Hence the title.9 commentsAnimeKittyCafeMar 15, 2010
Reawakening of an Artist1291 viewsShe can paint with all the colors of the wind.9 commentsAnimeKittyCafeDec 27, 2009
Way above the sea1127 viewsA color test I did, also a bit in the vein of Mary Blair; she had such a nice way of balancing pleasant colors that are easy on the eyes, and I was never very good at doing that... so this was a test to see if I could use those bright, happy colors I'm known for but subdue them in the same way she did.

Long rants are long!
9 commentsAnimeKittyCafeNov 03, 2009
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