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Last additions - NatureQueenSectonia
Sectonia Soul11452 viewsShe can't hear you anymore
//In other news I can post here again?? Goodness I'm so glad this place is still around!!!!
Marxie2132Dec 31, 2020
Prince Aminon Full Body240 viewsName: Aminon

Species: Bee/Spider, Drone

Gender: Male(He/Him)

Age: Child

Level of Nobility: Prince

Abilities: *Currently unknown.

Origin: Aminon was unexpectedly born from Queen Sectonia through magic without Taranza’s knowing. Due to this, Taranza had not known of his existence until he returned to the Kingdom to once again serve the Queen, at first his intent was to only check up on the Queen, but seeing as Aminon was his child, Taranza agreed to stay for his sake.
Marxie2132Jun 21, 2016
Taranza Full Body230 viewsName: Taranza

Species: Tarantula, Arboreal

Gender: Male(He/Him)

Age: Adult

Level of Nobility: Baron(Lord), given upon his return to the Kingdom.

Item(s) in his possession:

The tiny, blue petal of the Soul of Sectonia, he keeps it hidden somewhere safe under a spell to keep it from wilting.
Marxie2132Jun 21, 2016
Queen Sectonia Portrait259 viewsName: Sectonia

Species: Wasp, Tarantula Hawk

Gender: Female(She/Her)

Age: Adult

Level of Nobility: Queen

Item(s) in her possession:
Two scepters that hold magical properties, able to be transformed into swords, specifically Rapiers.
The Dimension Mirror, a gift given to her by Taranza in the past, no longer shattered and now repaired. She does cherish this mirror.
Marxie2132Jun 21, 2016
The Queen Has Returned229 viewsRe-opened my Queen Sectonia Ask/RP blog after a long time of motivation loss. Luckily Robobot came around and hyped me up to return to her!
You can find the blog here:
Though if you do not own a Tumblr or do not wish to ask questions Anonymously, I suppose you could also ask questions right here?
Marxie2132Jun 21, 2016
Dreamstock229 viewsI just noticed while coloring this that the design on the flower looks like lace.

Tumblr Post:
Marxie2132May 14, 2016
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