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Last comments - EyeofCalamity
Out with the Old, In with the New3230 viewsWith this, I hope to prove that I am truly attempting a gradual comeback, instead of just dumping that one packed-marker-pic and then retreating into withdrawn obscurity. You may remember I started this image last year, and only uploaded an inked-and-uncolored version of it to the gallery. Finally, as the Year of the Tiger comes to a close, I have at least crudely crayoned some hues here, so that my efforts hath not gone in vain. You could say the result is sloppy, but I will refute/lie, with the base of watercolor paper, this style is highly reflective of KDL3's artstyle. And you will believe this. Some small changes were made to the background figures, but for the most part, the surroundings still have all to do with Japanese and Asian New Year festivities. Tasty foods abound, as do the sea creatures below, just waiting to be turned into sushi, etc.
I know you're tired of hearing my “Anticipate the Greatness” speeches I tack on below the main art-attraction, most likely because I ever scantly follow through with my boastings. Well, this time's different! There will be a Part 2 to this New Years picture, and all of KRR's invited (erah, at least the biggest contributors...)! Similar in style to my beloved Hina-Matsuri pic of years-past, this magnificent commencement to the Year of the Rabbit will surely astound and educate you all! The date is set for February 3rd, 2011. Be there to heckle/stone me when I don't finish in time~!
11 commentsDedede-Daimyo01/02/12 at 15:37EyeofCalamity: Oh my gosh that's so cute!
Magolor Soul993 viewsI see you in there Dark Matter! You can't hide from me!

Seriously you have no idea who loudly I squeed when I saw him at the end of "Kirby's Return to Dreamland".. I've missed you Dark Matter! I knew Zero couldn't be dead!

Anyways I've wanted a wallpaper of this guy for a while.. So I made one..
6 commentsEyeofCalamity01/02/12 at 14:31EyeofCalamity: Of course you're allowed to use it as your wal...
Kirby Wii - Maybe He'll Return711 viewsHey, been a while right?

A lot of people have done their rendition of what they think Zero 3 would look like, most of them are still just floating eyeballs, I like to picture something Massive and stuck to a wall with lots of veins..

Anyway Kirby's Return to Dreamland for the Wii is scheduled to come out October 24th, last time I checked (only 7 years later than it was originally announced), and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Dark Matter will make a return after a 11 year hiatus.
4 commentsEyeofCalamity10/03/11 at 18:27EyeofCalamity: In a Mini Game, which doesn't count.
Kirby Divided by Zero4375 viewsLook out behind you, Kirby! Zero is trying to copy your math homework!12 commentsAdol10/02/11 at 16:58EyeofCalamity: Oh ho!! So funny! I luv!
In Anticipation of Kirby Wii6996 viewsClassic Dedede-Daimyo. Will talk later when more time is had.
Splash Leona >> KCCh.
16 commentsDedede-Daimyo02/27/11 at 23:02EyeofCalamity: Come onnnnnn 0 and Darkmatter! Neeeed you to retur...
Kine Dededee3172 viewsI am sometimes, the very essence of, mischief, itself~! =D Aiya, it is a little too early for Halloween stuffs, but as I was working on my latest "Essence of" drawing (which should be finished sometime this weekend, hopefully) I realized how closely Kine resembles the King. The colors, mouth, 'googly eyes', and all; if the fish were just a bit more anthropormorphic, a Dedede he could be. Of course, I'm doin' it wrong... but this is just a quickie, so be happy with it :) India-Ink Pen + Colored Pencils used.17 commentsDedede-Daimyo10/17/09 at 01:36EyeofCalamity: Hahahahaha! That's so cute! Never would've...
Late Christmas Present1415 viewsYep, this was a christmas present for my friends on DA, well, pretty late, huh...
Better late than sorry, right? Kirby and his friends are trying to spread the Christmas spirit to entire Dreamland! MK doesn´t look very amused though...I think what kind of present he would give...Certainly it isn´t Galaxia...
I´m happy I´m improving on Photoshop.
6 commentsgerugeon09/27/09 at 00:48EyeofCalamity: Hahahahah! That's so cute! love the christmas ...
Adeleine2112 viewsIt's Hump-day (Wednesday), and time for me to take a break in my busy schedule to upload another sculpture for the 'Resorters! I truly envy Adeleine's ability to paint anything she can imagine in a matter of seconds. I mean, I'm working myself to death all this week to get this giant painting ready for the KRR 10 Year Anniversary, and all Adeleine would have to do is wave her magic-wand-of-a-brush, and it would be done in no time! It would probably even come to life off of the paper, to boot~! Anyway, this model is a more recent one, hence the overwhelming beauty, and is the first in the random assortment of figures composing my (final?) set of sculptures. Unlike the Ado from KDL3, this one is actually completely based on the painter-girl from Kirby 64. Look forward to my huge, colorful, and jam-packed 'KRR Decade' picture on the Rainbow Resort's 10th Anniversary, Saturday, September 26th; make sure to participate as well, every-every!5 commentsDedede-Daimyo09/26/09 at 00:24EyeofCalamity: Wicked! It's like she popped right out of the ...
Dark Matter Swordsman2251 viewsThe first form of Dark Matter. If Kirby has collected all of the Rainbow Drops scattered throughout the islands of Kirby's Dreamland 2, Dark Matter will escape to the sky from the defeated King Dedede. Combining the Drops into the flying Rainbow Sword, Kirby will ascend to the sky himself, to do battle with the dark menace. Dark Matter can slash with his sword, but he also fires off dark orb projectiles, which Kirby can reflect back at the Swordsman for an effective counter attack. One would wonder exactly why Dark Matter goes through the trouble of dressing up in such attire and why does he use a sword to fight Kirby? It all seems pretty unnatural for this supernatural being. Perhaps, like Meta Knight, Dark Matter at first wishes to challenge the pink one to a fair duel, but upon losing, shows his true colors...11 commentsDedede-Daimyo07/12/09 at 16:38EyeofCalamity: Hahaha! You made this form of Dark Matter! Awesome...
Dark Matter1076 viewsThe many forms of Dark Matter. Dark Matter is my favorite evil being in the Kirby universe, so I decided to do a drawing of its four main forms from the games.7 commentsmetadoo03/11/09 at 08:06EyeofCalamity: Yeee! Love the style! It's so crysp! Cool pict...
KRR Gallery Hina-Matsuri5515 views~Row I: The Shogun~
Bimblesnaff (Shibaraku SqueakyBogg), Ometon (Gallery Shogun)

~Row II: The Daimyo~
Dedede-Daimyo (Me), AnimeKittyCafe (Lei), Minon (KCCh), aru (Elviey)

~Row III: 1st Bushi~
ShadowtheSheKirby, RedMetaKnightess, A Kirby and his Cheese, Shruggin’ Rock, Airride_Master, Kirby-4-ever

~Row IV: 2nd Bushi~
torkirby, the burning orange, gerugeon, Kiroscarby, Wondercrow, Kirazy, superyoshi888

~Row V: 3rd Bushi~
Junotoad, RWMVG1DC, gigarob_93, Theorizer, XOXOMeta_Knight, GBAKirbster2007, Qtie4U

~Row VI: 4th Bushi~
Ivyna J Spyder, imakuni, Fushidane, SoraMito, EyeofCalamity, bobbook, Fairy Red, Dal, Phredryk, Adol

Today (3/3/09) is Hina-Matsuri: Girl’s Day in Japan. Let’s celebrate with this display of dolls of new and old KRR Gallery Members! We’re all princesses now. If anyone has questions about the holiday or their avatar, I welcome all comments. Have fun~ ^_^
(Meant to be viewed right to left)-(Sorry if I forgot anyone- I just ran out of room!)-(Felt-tip markers and India ink used.)
42 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/10/09 at 08:38EyeofCalamity: I'm feel so guilty for not seeing this sooner!...
Galactic Knight2837 viewsZomg I love Kirby Super Star Ultra!

OMG! Hal Labs has done it again when it comes to FREAKIN AWESOME characters! As well as another EPIC fight and battle music! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE REMIX THIS!


Oh and for those of you wondering why I haven't put up my Marx pic here, I tried to, but KRR apparently didn't want to put it up...
22 commentsEyeofCalamity10/03/08 at 03:54EyeofCalamity: I know she stopped and it saddens me greatly, she ...
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