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Last comments - Kirbysfantotheend
Metatwo?1574 viewsEver wondered what Meta Knight would look like when being possessed by Dark Matter? 22 commentsKirbysfantotheend01/06/11 at 12:49Kirbysfantotheend: It can be red paint too, but in Kirby Crystal Shar...
Friends965 viewsMy second painting!
I hope you like it!

Don't see them as a couple, please.
8 commentsQtie4U05/09/09 at 16:35Kirbysfantotheend: Very skillful painting! Earns easily my five stars...
Matrix Kirby672 viewsI just got an idea about kirby as a film star. So, this is first of my "Film Kirby" series. By the way, "Kirby What If" series is cancelled.5 commentsGalacta Kirby04/09/09 at 07:51Kirbysfantotheend: This reminds me of Perfect Kirby
"Honorable, or Stupid?"630 views"Well Kirby, I must admit, I’m impressed. You managed to get as far as me. What compelled you? Honor, or Stupidity?"
That's what I was thinking when I drew this. I made about three other versions of this picture, and this one was the most liked of the people I showed it to. Made on MS Paint.
Character (Mark/Marx) belongs to HAL, Background found at Spriter's Resourse, artwork and style by Crystal Medalis.
5 commentsCrystal Medalis04/09/09 at 07:50Kirbysfantotheend: Really nice! The asom background itself deserves f...
Meta Knight1166 viewsMy first time drawing Meta Knight in my style... ^^; I hope it's ok...20 commentsAiky04/09/09 at 07:47Kirbysfantotheend: I like the glow in MK.s eyes!
Galacta Knight vs Kirby1266 viewsGalacta Knight from Kirby Superstar Ultra. I know his/her rival should be Meta Knight but I was very lazy to draw it... ^^; Sorry.
I hope you like it.
8 commentsAiky04/09/09 at 07:47Kirbysfantotheend: Plain excellent and worth MILLION STARS!
Meta Knight Waiting931 viewsMeta Knight waiting for Kirby to arrive.3 commentsmetadoo03/03/09 at 12:06Kirbysfantotheend: Really classic scene! I like the style you recreat...
Sadness982 viewsThe emotions series gets off to a start. This piece expresses sorrow, a feeling people don't typically enjoy but, strangely, after crying, you feel a bit refreshed, don't you think? Unfortunately for 02, he can only cry blood...9 commentsAnimeKittyCafe12/09/08 at 11:37Kirbysfantotheend: Where's his bandage? I like 02 cause he is suc...
Zero-Two meets Kirby1171 viewsOkay here is a cool pic which is 99% made by my friend, Mig. He gave me his permission to publish this picture here.
So here we have 0^2 and Kirby in 3D, asom right? And this looks so much better when you open it.
13 commentsKirbysfantotheend12/09/08 at 11:22Kirbysfantotheend: kirby123 I'm really aware of that fact, this i...
My Brothers in Dark Matter1241 viewsAll the Dark Matter Masters! including my 03.
6 commentsshadowkirby2210711/08/08 at 04:43Kirbysfantotheend: 0^2 is my favorite
03 in pen731 viewspen practice in 2 colors. 4 commentsshadowkirby2210711/08/08 at 04:42Kirbysfantotheend: Impressive indeed
King Meta Dedede Kirby Knight O__o1997 viewsMy brother asked what would happen if Kirby got both Meta Knight and Dedede's powers... AT THE SAME TIME. And then THIS happened.

What have I done? D=

Lolwut? This made front page? XD
11 commentsteh burning orange10/18/08 at 05:05Kirbysfantotheend: Asom!
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