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Last comments - Hoshi no Dedede
Human Kirby - A Gijinka467 viewsSo yeah, I'm not very fond of the fact that a LOT of the Kirby Gijinkas are tall and skinny, BUT I STILL LIKE THE PICTURES, ok???

So yeah, I kind of see Kirby as this short, pudgy, 12 year old Japanese kid.
2 commentsFuture-Gamefreak03/08/12 at 16:28Hoshi no Dedede: Yeah, I also think Kirby should be short and fat.
Blade Knight Gijinka709 viewsBefore you mention it: it's just a regular hat. Sorta normal clothing, if you will. ;~; Oh shat. I made BK sexy/cute.
I love the three knights (MK, SK, BK). LOVE SO MUUUCCHHHHH. <3
It makes me so sad there aren't more episodes about these three. ;~;

deviation link here:

Drawn on NueroGalaxy oekaki because KRR's denies my existance and Panda's was having some issue with ShiPainter Pro and opening the color masks pallete. >_o
7 commentsRWMVG1DC03/01/12 at 00:38Hoshi no Dedede: You really don't know why he has red hair? Doe...
Which One is the Best Hat for Crash?855 viewsDo you choose: #1, #2, or #3? It's your choice.25 commentskirby12302/29/12 at 20:38Hoshi no Dedede: I like 3 the best, zoi.
stylus716 viewsthese are some stylus that i have made after i had lost the real one and after i made the spark one my sister wanted one too so i made here a sailor waddle dee stylus then came ultra sword and then purple kirby i'll going to make more later and i would be happy to take any requests.5 commentsplasmakirby02/27/12 at 19:12Hoshi no Dedede: Now I want to make my own Kirby stylus, zoi.
snow bowl kirby745 viewsit's snow bowl one of my favorite super abilities he can turn into a giant ball of snow and run over anything in his path.he turn out good last time i made him it did not turn out so good4 commentsplasmakirby02/18/12 at 12:32Hoshi no Dedede: It looks awesome, zoi.
Summertime2137 viewsHello KRR! Long time no see! I must apologize for my prolonged absence from the site, especially the gallery—my interest in the series has not floundered one bit, although my creative touch with it has, sadly. However, Return to Dream Land is fixing that! (Seriously, whatta game!)5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe02/14/12 at 22:46Hoshi no Dedede: Ugh, summer. Well, at least you didn't call it...
Creator523 viewsWhen I drew this, I didn't have a ref for Nightmare. Everything was drawn from memory -
*trying to ignore the horrible hand autonomy mistake*
4 commentsMedalis02/14/12 at 00:22Hoshi no Dedede: It kind of looks like a human version of Nightmare...
Waddle Doo486 viewsYay I think I've figured out a way to reduce the jaggedy-pixely stuff that keeps popping up in my pictures!
This is another picture, like my Kirby picture, that is done entirely with sponge ('cept the Kirby one used a little airbrush in it). Also in similarity to the Kirby picture, the program closed itself out at once (like usual...).
6 commentsCrayon Kirby02/10/12 at 02:45Hoshi no Dedede: I probably should try doing sponge art sometime. I...
Orbservor (Adventure Style Art)669 viewsI'm uploading this to the Sprite Album because I technically didn't draw this. Boy did it take a while to get it right! But I'm proud of the result. It looks like official art from Kirby's Adventure. Made in GIMP and MS Paint.1 commentssuperyoshi88802/09/12 at 00:15Hoshi no Dedede: That's really good. I once tried drawing Orbse...
Capsule Js1559 viewsFull view'd be appreciated.

Gosh this one took a while.
I personally like Capsule J2's design more than J1. Love both of them and their ability though.

Bubbly Clouds is such a beautiful place on Popstar.
19 commentsMinon02/09/12 at 00:06Hoshi no Dedede: I like Capsule J1 better.
King Dedede Ultra3238 viewsAfter a long leave of absence, the 3D Daimyo Dojo returns with the greatest Dream-King-figurine the world has ever seen! Personally, I believe this is my best sculpture yet (even though it was finished a year ago), and seriously, could it possibly be topped? I tried to depict Dedede in the exact style of Kirby Super Star, with the outlined waistband, hammer-stars, and self-insignia on the back of his robe. Even his pose: basic, yet forever defining. Everything about this harkens back to the golden-age of Kirby, and reflects my obsession with the character. Though, I am not obsessed enough to sculpt an updated “Masked Dedede” version, simply because I feel this one is too good to improve upon. FYI: all of my sculptures are made of beige Super Sculpey Polymer Clay and are hand-painted in acrylics.
So, I'm in art-college now. Based on just three-hours of class-time so far, I can say (imprudently) that I am already way beyond the teachings of this institution, having learned this stuff in gifted art-classes since elementary school. Whaha, but we shall see what lies in the future... Anyway, to my surprise/delight, this time away from home will provide me with unheard-of amounts of free-time (since I no longer have to work a daily job), and I plan to make much more art for KRR. This includes finishing my Ultimate Kirby Super Star 3D Sculptures; new 2D artwork in colored pencil, ink, and the return to watercolors; a new secret Essence pic; gallery comments; mailbag, and more~! Perhape I will also begin that manga-series I mentioned before... among other things. Sooo, anticipate the greatness, fans, friends, and followers!
16 commentsDedede-Daimyo02/08/12 at 23:50Hoshi no Dedede: I agree that you should make Zero. It won't be...
Lots of Bombs536 views...Did I really not upload this either? Dang. I didn't like the party hat in GCN, but I've come to really like RtDL's one for some reason.2 commentsMinon02/01/12 at 12:26Hoshi no Dedede: Yeah, the bomb hat in Kirby's Return to Dream ...
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