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Last comments - Kirby Rider
Rock Kirby Lv 5902 viewsThis is Rock kirby, another classis ability of Kirby

Now, apart to have the ability of transform in a Rock, he can attack with others types of attacks as: throw stones, defend themselves with rocks, sand to attack the opponent and even make some earthquakes

He can also up his level as all

For example, this level is using the Rock Shield

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
4 commentsKiroscarby04/25/12 at 17:25Kirby Rider: How about an attack where Stone Kirby throws some ...
Sketch 10 "Orange Abilities"656 viewsThe hardest skecth to draw is this and the most dirty of all, i think. In it appears abilities that have the force of the most courageous aura, the Orange Aura. The strength of them are in their courage because their are willing to fight without fear anything. This is the first time that one of them appear to show its moves. Use them if you are brave.
This sketch is called the Orange Abilities because in it i drew the most representative abilities of this Aura. Next to the ability are symbols that represent the type of the ability.
These abilities are:
On the Left Part
- Fighter Kirby: A perfect ability to be the Master of Combat. This ability allows you to use the force of the Martial Arts. Using your feet and arms to make storms of hits to knockout foes. You can use the aura energy of it to do stronger attacks too.
- Hero Kirby: Look, its a Birdon. No, is a Warpstar. No, its Hero Kirby. With it you can use awesome powers to be a Hero. Like the Smash ability it combines some powers: icy breath, laser vision, higher jumps, super strenght, fighter moves, fast fly (without inhale air), sound waves, among others. This fusion makes it so powerful. Use it to save the day.
- Ninja Kirby: The ability that combine speed, stealth and precision. This ability allow to you use the arts of Ninjutsu. This ancient art allows to use a lot of techniques (elemental powers, clones, transforms, summons) and weapons (shuriken, katana, sai, kunai, scrolls).
On the Right Part
- Shield Kirby: The unique ability that don't use offensive attacks. With it you get a powerful shield that can resist any type of attacks. The tip of the hat protect you from attacks from above. The shield changes when use different techniques and it work to block an especific type of attack. The unique way to defeat foes is returning attacks, squash them or throw it.
- Dino Kirby: Posiblely one of the most ancient abilities of all. This ability allows you to use the strength, speed and edge of a dinosaur. Although the heavy of it makes that you walk slower, the scales make you more resistant against attacks. You can slash, bite, lash, sight at distance and roar with it. Claim your domain as the "Dinosaur King".
- Cook Kirby: The ability that is known as "Final Smash" too. With it you can make a lot of delicious dishes with all foes that are around of you. It only have one attack but now it have more like: use a frying pan as shield, to hit or make it in a big size (anime), throw knives, spoons and forks to foes, use spices, slash with a axe, hit with a flatter, among others.

The Orange Aura has more powers and abilities but these are the most representative.
I hope that you like them.

Note: I'll be waiting for your comment to know what do you think about them.
Remember your comment is a step forward for the correct development of KTCG and KAA.

By Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
2 commentsKiroscarby11/27/11 at 11:07Kirby Rider: Could you please make a Sketch 11: Purple Sketches...
The Great Aura Matter855 viewsAura Matter is the last Final Boss in KAA, and the last Final Boss in all Kirby's Epic Saga. It has a unbelieve and unique power, it has the power of the Omnipotent Aura and plus its Matter abilities make that it become the most powerful enemy of all, even more powerful than the Gods. The Omnipotent Aura that it stole allows that Aura Matter can use all existing powers and abilities because this Aura is the creator of all. This power allows that it can revive all fallen Final Bosses of the previous games, all of them demands Revenge against Kirby, for that Aura Matter increases their powers so they can destroy this little pest at once for all.
If all of them are defeated again, their new power allow that they can combine themselves to create the Frightening "Millennium Matter", this form combine each power and ability of all final bosses and make that Millennium Matter becomes invincible.
Only, if Millennium Matter is defeated, Aura Matter enter in the Battle to destroy Kirby. In this form Aura Matter is immune to all Kirby and Kirba's Abilities, even the final abilities (This is form is know as "Omnipotent Form"). It only can take damage if it is attacked when it is transform in any of its eleven transformations (One transformation for each Aura). Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Gray, Brown, Black, White, Orange and Purple Matter can take damage but only if it is attacked with a power that has its opposite Aura or Ability (Example: If it transforms in Red Matter you can attack it using the Water Ability or using any power of the Orange Aura).
This is the list of the opposite Auras:
Red Aura - Orange Aura
Blue Aura - Pink Aura
Green Aura - Yellow Aura
Black Aura - White Aura
Gray Aura - Purple Aura
Brown Aura - Brown Aura (Brown don't has a opposite)
If you defeat one of its transformations, it'll lose that power and the Six Matter that are at its around lose a color (If Red Matter is defeated, the Matter with the red color lose it and become clear). But its Six Matters have two colors, to defeated them you need destroy two of its tranformations. (If you destroy Red and Orange transformations, the Matter with this colors will be destroyed).
For each Aura that you flee from the Aura Matter's control it becomes weeker and when the six matter was destroyed Aura Matter is defeated.
But be careful because after defeat Aura Matter, you'll have a last battle against "Aura Soul", the remainds of Aura Matter.
If you defeat it, you clear the KAA game and finally the matter will be dissappear from te universe, for ever.
Aura Matter is the worst enemy of all, it never will be defeated.

Note: If Kirby has the Aura Ability before to fight against Aura Matter, the battle become easier because this ability is the unique that can damage the "Omnipotent Form". But the unique form to get this ability is defeat Aura Matter, for that is impossible use this ability against it. Good Luck trying defeat it, you really need it.

I hope that you like Aura Matter.
4 commentsKiroscarby11/27/11 at 11:04Kirby Rider: When it's brown... do you beat it at its own g...
A Kirby and His Cheese's Character Montage 1634 viewsCharacters:
Professor Frankly
Bronto Burt
8-Bit Kirby
Pikachu (I like Pokemon, I never drew any of the characters for this gallery though *Except Raichu sort of*)
The famous annoyed Koozer
and Hamburger

The 2nd one will come sooner or later.
5 commentsA Kirby and his Cheese11/26/11 at 22:41Kirby Rider: Where's Banjo?
Kirby, Kirba and their Epic Yarns931 viewsThis is a little drawing that i made to celebrate the confirmation about kirby's new game, "Kirby's Epic Yarn". In this game Kirby doesn't get ability but now he can transform in different things as a Car, a Weight or a Dolphin. Also, in this game he can't inhale the enemies but instead of this ability he uses the great Yarn to defeat them. Prince Pluff is his new friend that has the same ability of him, both form a great duo. But don't forget his female friend, the amazing Kirba. Now she gets the great yarn power and at same that Kirby she can use the yarn and transform in many things for example in a cute helicopter or in pair of egde scissors. The difference of their yarns is that Kirba has a heart in the final of it instead of a star as Kirby.
When Kirby & Kirba are together, both can create fantastic moves as a Giant Robot but in Kirby & Kirba version or create a powerful cannon with its cannonball. Also, they have a plus, if Prince Pluff is together with them, they will make the Biggest and Magestic Robot of 3 players, it can destroy all.
In KAA, Yarn become an ability that both can use but they need find the enemy of this ability to get it. Yarn will appear in KAA and possible its helper could be Prince Pluff.
And for KTCG, the yarn cards is a fact, they will be appear in KTCG but they will need an special form to be called to the field. I'll show them some weeks after Kirby's Epic Yarn be released, after i know all secrets about this game to create the Epic Yarn Cards, i hope that you like them.

I hope that you enjoy the yarn version of Kirby and Kirba.
6 commentsKiroscarby11/26/11 at 19:30Kirby Rider: How about Princess Cotton?
Millenium Matter1558 viewsThis is Millennium Matter, this is the most powerful boss end all, is the fusion of all the final bosses of all kirby games, merged with this: Dark Matter, Dark Sword, Zero, Zero2, Zero3, Dark Meta Knight, Dark Mind, Darkmind Soul, Dark Nebula, Drawcia, Drawcia Soul, Nightmare, Nightmare Orb, Marx and Marx Soul.5 commentsKiroscarby11/26/11 at 19:10Kirby Rider: Can you please merge Yin-Yarn, Necrodius, and Mago...
Kirby Aura Adventure (KAA)1244 viewsThis is the logo of the adventure more enteresting game of kirby of all: Kirby Aura Adventure (KAA). In this game kirby has to save Pop Star to all final bosses of the previous games, and also the evil master: Aura Matter, along with the fusion of all final bosses Millennium Matter. In this adventure with the help of Meta Knight and also with the help of Meta lady and Kirba.

Create by Kiroscarby
5 commentsKiroscarby11/26/11 at 19:08Kirby Rider: Magolor is counted, correct?
Screw you guys, I'm going home1117 viewsOh hey. It's KRR. I remember this place. I thought I left it! I did? Well, then I guess I came back to give a real goodbye. Don't you hate it when artists give a big sentimental goodbye? Me too! So then lets leave it at this. Have a funny pic in celebration of Kirby Wii which depicts Kirby Wii's main characters in South Park garb. Anyways, lets cut this goodbye short. Yes, Kirazy's gone from KRR since he has things to be and places to do, and yes, this final pic is anticlimactic. Goodbye everyone!4 commentsKirazy11/26/11 at 15:41Kirby Rider: Stay! I command you to stay! Your riddance sucks! ...
Bronto Burt868 viewsEveryone's favorite bird! I mean, bug.
Whenever I hear his name, it echoes in my head just as it was said in Avalanche. Was, too, canon~!
I think his grumpiness is benefited by Chilly-esque brows.
3 commentsBimblesnaff07/09/11 at 14:37Kirby Rider: I'm pretty sure this one is miscolored
Portal Kirby apperance620 viewsportal kirby is the result of kirby eating the ASHPD,

kirby then splits into two and becomes portal kirby,
for info on how to control portal kirby, look at my pic called portal kirby example.

the appearance of the 2 kirbys is pretty basic,
one is orange which I prefer to suck stuff in with
and the other is blue which I prefer to spit stuff out with.
though kirby is split into 2 he can join back together when he gets hit 3 times,
you can also join him back together with select.
6 commentsJAMESGHOST07/09/11 at 14:20Kirby Rider: I drew an artwork of a Goomba and Portal Kirby. Ho...
Bad Breath2573 viewsNot that kind of tic(k) tac.9 commentsAdol07/09/11 at 14:15Kirby Rider: Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing :...
Loss and Lost1423 views4 commentsAdol07/09/11 at 14:06Kirby Rider: I think it's Knuckle Joe's dad, who was po...
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