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Last comments - Kirbyang
Kirby833 viewsMore 3D stuff12 commentsdonkeyDude06/07/07 at 21:41Kirbyang: That's great!
Morning In Dreamland1445 viewsRandom 3D stuff34 commentsdonkeyDude06/07/07 at 21:34Kirbyang: What, the 3-D program If so, I've never h...
Waddle Doo1252 viewsWaddle Doo.17 commentsimakuni06/05/07 at 21:14Kirbyang: You've never even heard of Waddle Doo? ...
Beam Dee1024 viewsMessed with the models for the Kirby Cosmic Chaos fangame project.
A Waddle Dee with Kirby's Beam attire.
8 commentsMinon06/05/07 at 20:47Kirbyang: I can't wait for the game! Where can I g...
Ghost Kirby879 viewsIt's Blue Kirby as Ghost Kirby. If you have ever played Kirby Sqeak Squad then you know Ghost Kirby.8 commentsRoeblaze06/04/07 at 21:34Kirbyang: OO00oo... I like that picture. Kirby haunting the ...
"C'mon... take the treasure. See what happends when you try~"636 viewsYaaay, Dorocche (AKA, Daroach). He's so awesome. =D

Drew this back at the KRR Oekaki with Paint BBS. I haven't used it in a while and I now know why I loved it. Watercolors are fun. XD

Well, enjoy. Pardon the cheap-looking treasure chests, but admire his facial expression to your heart's desire. I'm now off to draw something else. Farethee well!

9 commentsAleugel06/04/07 at 20:40Kirbyang: Wow I just realized how cool he really is....
Sword Kirby605 viewsI'm going to draw every ability Kirby has every copied. That's why one of my albums is labed "Copy Abilities XD. This was made on MS Paint as well as all the rest will be. First is... sword!
Wait, why does everyone do sword first?
4 commentsKirbyang06/04/07 at 20:30Kirbyang: Isn't the ability fest over? And you had to gi...
Yo-Yo Kirby304 viewsThought I'd try and draw Yo-Yo Kirby.

In hindsight, I should have spent some more time on it.
5 commentsSeth06/03/07 at 20:24Kirbyang: The Kirby is VERY well done! Except for the g...
Mitsue956 viewsHi; my name is Aleugel. I used to be a moderator of the KRR forums, named Shadow Falcon. No, no, I didn't do anything wrong, if that's what you're thinking. I had to quit for my own reasons. Anyway, this is Mitsue, one of my Kirby characters. She's some sort of dragon puffball, I guess. XD This was drawn around November of '06, and was made completely with MS Paint.

I hope you guys like! :D
20 commentsAleugel05/11/07 at 17:51Kirbyang: Wait, did you say "made on MS Paint" :s...
Hello Kirby1104 viewsMy First Picture here. Did this a while back. Enjoy! =D4 commentspurplegallysgph05/11/07 at 17:45Kirbyang: Woah, what did you paint this on?
Ninja Kirby and Samurai Kirby354 viewsI did this for my friend, Patrick Debarladen. 3 commentsshadowkirby2105/11/07 at 17:42Kirbyang: Cool.
Kirby walking710 viewsnonserious pic, it's a scribble4 commentsSMBesorred05/08/07 at 20:41Kirbyang: I can't believe this doesn't look bad! ......
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