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Last comments - Lord Deguass
Tavish versus Whispy woods298 viewsI think Tavish likes his new furniture.3 commentsLord Deguass07/26/10 at 23:56Lord Deguass: My sense of humour is a little... Colorful, shall ...
Kirby Dreamland 3 Ending1063 viewsI made this drawing on 19 July 2010. This is supposed to be like the ending of Kirby Dreamland 3. I made a few mistakes, but I’m really satisfied about my drawing. I especially like Ado’s design. I didn’t put Pon and Con in it, because I don’t like them and they were on the back of Acro. >___>;; Also, I’ve drawn the silhouette of Chuchu, Coo and Rick, because I can’t draw Coo and Rick very well and you can see their back in a part of the ending. Hope you’ll like it7 commentsQtie4U07/20/10 at 01:22Lord Deguass: Acro is my favorite boss of all time. This is real...
Paint Tool Kirby422 viewsJust a first try of Paint Tool SAI. I actually like the program, I may consider buying a software license for it. :)3 commentsgameaddict3007/20/10 at 01:20Lord Deguass: I like that, it's better than anything I could...
Meta Knight and Aterkirbus602 viewsThis is the first nice n' purdy (guess that's kinda redundant) that I've done with my tablet. After this experience, I feel that drawing it on paper first works better.4 commentsAterkirbus06/29/10 at 22:37Lord Deguass: What wannabe said. Cool OC too, his sword reminds ...
glod534 viewsquick doodle i did of glod1 commentsAmika06/29/10 at 01:10Lord Deguass: That looks really cool! I think the texture you us...
Essence of Epic Yarn4450 viewsThe series continues~ #18! Hai! Not even a month after my supposedly final Dai-Essence-Drawing, when out of nowhere (E3) Nintendo throws a Kirve-ball and forces me to come out of retirement! It's a good thing, though, because quite frankly, no one can make a pic like me~ :) This is the moment we haven't known we were waiting for for years; Kirby finally comes to the Wii this fall in traditional 2D side-scrolling fashion!
This may be a little unorthodox/ presumptuous of me, crafting a fan-artwork of a game before it is even released. But this epic news has put me in the creative mood, enough to spend an entire week color-penciling the masterpiece you see before you! I'm sure it is easy to draw the outline-artstyle of KEY on the PC, however, it is infinitely harder when attempting to mimic the same style with traditional media. Especially since the characters are, for the most part, transparent, it is necessary to compose a complete background so no space is left blank. As is clear, I did not copy the new artstyle exclusivly; I also tried to incorporate the Kirby's Adventure commercial and other elements/ looks of Kirby's world. The characters I chose to include were the most recurring in the series, and ones I felt are most deserving of being in the upcoming game. I'll probably end up making another one of these, after the game's officially released, to incorporate the real bosses and whatnot. Just wanted to tide the fans over now because I will undoubtedly be busy later this year working on a certain secret project with a certain artist-elite (who probably now hates me for stalling forever, and who is surely heartbroken from my aloofness... Sumimasen)! Also on an unrelated note, there is the 4D Daimyo Dojo to look forward too, whatever that may be... so, Bye-cha~!
19 commentsDedede-Daimyo06/26/10 at 22:24Lord Deguass: Has anyone else noticed the changing colors along ...
Yarn Matter1265 viewsI've got a feeling Dark Matter will be making an epic return in Kirby's epic Yarn.
I can dream can't I?

It's really fun to "yarn-ize" characters. By the way, his eye was supposed to be a googly eye. I tried to make it as realistic as possible.
6 commentsKirazy06/24/10 at 02:43Lord Deguass: Yarn Matter suits the Title of the Game itself. I ...
Mirror Kirby817 viewsI was going to participate in July's FP contest, but I think I'll wait until August's.
So I just drew this instead. I need to draw more Kirby fan art. :s
2 commentsKirby-RS06/20/10 at 01:30Lord Deguass: I like the shading and fabric details. His eyes ar...
Kirby's Epic Yarn1981 viewsWell, this is it! We finally got a Kirby Wii after 5 long years of waiting! 8D

So naturally, I had to do some fanart. xD The artistic style of Kirby's Epic Yarn is so interesting. Even more so than Kirby's Dream Land 3's crayon style. The idea of using yarn makes me wonder what the plotline of the game will be like. C:

I'm glad I got the textures the way I wanted them to be! :D
6 commentstorkirby06/17/10 at 00:11Lord Deguass: Looks like you picked up the style right away.. Aw...
Prince Fluff~!1511 viewsI luv dis guy too much to not draw him!
Too bad I suck at drawing Kirby's new style ^^;
I had fun with the background, but seriously, who else is far happier that they finally got rid of the ugly chaotic un-kirby wii game they had, and replaced with Epic Yarn. I have a feeling that this'll trump Dreamland 3!
Yay! I'm the first person on this site to draw this guy!
Oh and everyone! I found out his name! Here's the link, in which he's mentioned:
10 commentsKirazy06/17/10 at 00:07Lord Deguass: He don't look too fluffy... Or pleased.. BUT, ...
"Epic"1892 viewsQuick comic I did in celebration. I swear, the game looks great, but really, Nintendo? Really??11 commentsAnimeKittyCafe06/16/10 at 06:12Lord Deguass: I was thinking about making a joke art myself. Loo...
Wind's Nocturne418 views"Wishing on a dream that seems far off
Hoping it will come today
Into the starlit night
Foolish dreamers turn their gaze
Waiting on a shooting star"

I love the song Wind's Nocturne :3 especially the Japanese version. Drawn in an iScribble session with PrismJester from dA.
1 commentsclariecandy06/13/10 at 02:03Lord Deguass: Why has no one commented on this yet? This picture...
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