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Last comments - Chibi- Pohatu
"Yessir, I have the ring!" 316 viewsInspired by one of Hisui's pics. Gooey's the ring bearer.

He also thinks he looks dashing in a tie.
2 commentsChibi- Pohatu02/09/11 at 21:25Chibi- Pohatu: Never have mords then spoken so true.
Noble Gooey 2.0340 viewsAn updated design, featuring a torn cape and the closest color to gold I could find in my colored pencils. I'm quite proud of this, to say the least.3 commentsChibi- Pohatu02/09/11 at 21:23Chibi- Pohatu: Yes, you may. (Och. Sorry about the late reply...)
Little Golden Books1038 viewsSorry I haven't uploaded in a while. Just haven't been very inspired lately. Anyway, my last good idea for fanart was this one - I picked up the Toy Story 3 Little Golden Book some time ago, and fell in love with the style it was drawn it. Made me wonder what Kirby characters might look like that way, so I drew this.5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe08/29/10 at 17:08Chibi- Pohatu: Hurrah for Little Golden Books! I had quite a few ...
Splash Leolina987 viewsThis is Splash Leolina, she is another amazing creation of KCCh (Kirby Cosmic Chaos) Team. I'm very grateful with alll KCCh team for giving me the permission to draw their character and now Splash Leolina belongs to KTCG and KAA but only if KCCh team allows she to join in these two new adventures. Also, i add a new look for her. If they allow it, this is a possible description for her.
Splash Leolina is the opposite of Burning Leo, she appears in the game Kirby Cosmic Chaos. At same that Burning Leo her hair represents the power that she controls. Her hair has form of waterfalls and waves (similar to Water Kirba's hat), this is made of pure and clean sea water and is the fountain of all her powers. She can shoot huge water streams to the opponents, transform in a ball of water, become liquid to pass under the thing and create a power wave with her hair.
If she is ihhaled she gives the Water Ability to Kirby and Kirba but only Water Kirba can call Splash Leolina as a helper, if Water Kirby calls a helper will appear another helper (the water helper is the drop that appears on Kirby Wii Trailer). This ability is one of the best abilities of all, with Splash Leolina you can turn off the fire, help the plants to grow or transform the ground in mud. If you have she in your team she'll be really useful in some stages of the amazing adventure.
She has a great power over her head but although she is powerful she has two huge weakness, first in hot places (Volcano, Desert, among others) her power lows and if she is frozen and after she receives a physical hit, the damage that it make will be higher. Check these weakness to defeat or protect her (depend if she is your friend or foe). Also, apart of her power she is one of the most beautiful creatures of all, be careful with these factors.

Lives in Ripple Field and Float Islands, but she appears more in the beaches of Aqua Star.

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure but the original design is by KCCh Team.
Kirby Cosmic Chaos is the best fangame of all, thanks again to all KCCh Team for give the permission and i hope that us enjoy this card.
4 commentsKiroscarby08/19/10 at 13:02Chibi- Pohatu: Very good interpretation of Splash Leolina! Gotta ...
Epic Yarn is epic641 viewsSince Epic Yarn piqued my interest in Kirby again, I decided to do a picture of it (alongside a few other individuals), but I didn't know how to start. So I browsed over the IGN page linked here and found a suitable picture. It took much less time to draw myself than I would have imagined, and I'm pleased with the result. 4 commentsChibi- Pohatu06/17/10 at 08:28Chibi- Pohatu: @Kirazy: Huh. A Kirazy Komment. On my drawing. I s...
Tavish the Eternal, Tozo the Reaper310 viewsTwo original Kirby Fan Characters I came with, I'm conisdering creating a fan comic, with these two as the Main villans.

So what do ya think? I personally like Tavish's appearence without his glasses, simply because he looks more insane. But you won't get to see that just yet.

3 commentsLord Deguass05/31/10 at 14:05Chibi- Pohatu: TOZO'S GOT A BREATHING APPARATUS!!

And I do...
Wheelie Sunset461 viewsMy first submission ever. Hope it's enjoyable.6 commentsLord Deguass05/14/10 at 17:29Chibi- Pohatu: Not bad, Deguass. Not bad at all.
More Dark Matter.305 viewsA companion to my first one, now in color! I made both of the gooey zeros, but the gooey form in the upper left hand corner is noble gooey, made by Chibi - Pohatu. I probably did him wrong, so sorry C-P.2 commentsghostmetaknight05/09/10 at 16:35Chibi- Pohatu: Wow! I has a fan! (ahem) It's actaully quite g...
A Tough Decision328 viewsI've been wanting to do this cartoon for a long time. And by that, I mean a LOOOOONG time.2 commentsChibi- Pohatu05/09/10 at 09:45Chibi- Pohatu: Yeah... Your picture kinda reminded me of mine. Fu...
Traveler Dee1001 viewsSome random traveling Waddle Dee who decided to take a break near an ancient, giant GIM's remains, or something of somesuch other words, I drew this scene without really thinking much at all.

mainly just wanted to draw some old broken machinery covered in plants, with a cloudy sky in the background.
9 commentsMinon05/09/10 at 09:42Chibi- Pohatu: "Castle in the sky", anyone?
Captain Kiki306 views"Argh, I hate fangames..."

Captain Kiki is a Waddle Eek, a monkey-like species similar to Waddle Dees. He's the captain of his prized ship, the S. S. Adab. His crew is less than helpful, and often lounge around instead of doing pirate stuff. Kiki seems to like the fact that he's a pirate, and puts in a lot of work to make his job pirate-y as can be. Rumor has it he had his arm willingly cut off. Captain Kiki also enjoys singing, like every normal pirate. In fact, he stores a boombox on the ship in case the crew needs something to do. He only likes pirate-related songs, and a few other type songs. If ANYONE gets treasure before him, he goes out of the way of everything just to find them and torture them
ear-lay in the morning. Now, let's all pretend we know nothing about the Great Cave Offensive...
1 commentsBee Kirby05/07/10 at 07:51Chibi- Pohatu: "Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate's life for me!&qu...
Gooey is Meta Knight744 views:34 commentsCatstorm04/21/10 at 08:22Chibi- Pohatu: This is hilarious. I've thought of this before...
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