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Last comments - ShadowChao277
Beware Of The Dark King1068 viewsWhat if there would exist a Dark Dedede?>D4 commentsHisui08/28/10 at 21:38ShadowChao277: Awesome!! I think you're the first pers...
Meta Knight Doodle703 viewsJust a simple doodles with some thrown on effects. I really like this sketch for some reason. :37 commentsJessicaSephiroth08/11/10 at 22:30ShadowChao277: Beautiful!!
Cold Blooded Blade792 viewsHey guys, it's Meta Knight.3 commentsMitaKnight07/29/10 at 04:39ShadowChao277: Oh mai... I love this :3
Valentine for Meta Knight1386 viewsMy entry for the front page contest!
Sorry, I haven't made any art lately.
I'm not sure if everyone will get it. I hope you like it!
6 commentsQtie4U07/29/10 at 04:37ShadowChao277: Haha, great job.... and i'm sure one of those ...
Blue1049 viewsThe cutest blue team you´ve ever seen~<335 commentsHisui04/06/10 at 19:17ShadowChao277: Amazing. Period.
Fatal Sunset1397 views<36 commentsHisui03/29/10 at 20:24ShadowChao277: Beautiful recreation from the anime! You hardl...
Sirica and Garlude1420 viewsPicture dedicated to the episode 60 of the anime of Kirby.
I always wanted to draw them but I never got the time to put dedication of this characters. I did them in my style.

Background inspired in Kirby Superstar (Milkyway - Mecheye).

I hope you like it! =)
11 commentsAiky03/20/10 at 23:04ShadowChao277: This was one of the first ever pictures I saw here...
SMASH it1352 viewsFirst picture, so better put Kirby in it.
I think Gooey needs get in those games a bit more. Yes, the helper system is good,
and I love to use different characters, but still think Gooey's better.
Wish he'd sometime get those copy hats...

Yes, I know he doesn't have a hand to swing swords and hammers, but he managed to swing a parasol.
There wouldn't be any problems with using swords with his tongue, right?
At least I think so.
11 commentsElectro03/20/10 at 22:46ShadowChao277: This a great picture! I don't really know what...
A Nightmare Against The Stars1770 viewsSomehow I´m so uncreative with arists-comments on KRR.xD Well, just enjoy.:38 commentsHisui02/19/10 at 20:17ShadowChao277: Amazimg. I love their expressions, I ...
He'll always be defeated509 views02 will never prevail. I only wannted to color in the blood3 commentsShadowChao27712/20/09 at 15:26ShadowChao277: ^
it's kind of a fan made thing, it's the...
Dangerous Cuties1698 viewsSo cute and so evil~<338 commentsHisui12/12/09 at 14:56ShadowChao277: Awesome!! I like their eye highlights!
How King Dedede Stole Christmas4980 viewsMy KRR Winter-Themed Picture. Dr. Seuss's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" is one of my favorite holiday specials, and here is the product of combining the classic animation with Kirby. Dedede, having put up with Dreamland's festive season for countless years, decides to disguise himself as Santa Claus, and Waddle Dee as a reindeer, and sneek into the citizens' houses to literally steal Christmas from them. I see many correlations between Kirby's cast and other character archetypes in movies, such as this. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, And Awesome Newyear everybody!31 commentsDedede-Daimyo10/30/09 at 13:46ShadowChao277: AWESOME!!! Lol, Mety's in the bag...
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