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Last comments - Kirby-4-ever
My Kirbyclay box :3613 viewsThis is the clay box I made in school, it took me weeks to work on and I worked vary hard on it. I just love the way my box came out, and the glaze made it all shiny!

I took the pics of the box at school with my DSi camera, but I'll take it home after my school's art show in the middle of the month and I'll be able to take it home and keep it for ever.

Yeah, I know that the counter's all scratchy and a bit dirty.^^;
5 commentsKirby-4-ever05/06/10 at 21:03Kirby-4-ever: Thanks! Very Happy
Kirby goes to Indonesia528 viewsThe country Kirbies are back! XDDDDDD So any ways, The reason why thay haven't came for months is because I had been lazy to do them, that's why they took so long.

I had this one for a while now, and I finnaly got a chance to draw it and to put this one up.
2 commentsKirby-4-ever01/24/10 at 15:44Kirby-4-ever: Thanks! Very Happy
.::STAR ROD::.817 viewsAnother Star Rod Picture because I just love making things shiny.

I would of had this uploaded on DA ages ago but I keep getting errors, so looks like KRR will be getting my new art first. c: <3

Made in MintGimp.
6 commentsJessicaSephiroth01/10/10 at 19:27Kirby-4-ever: Cool Wow, so shiney. Cool Cool
Kopy Abilities --- Parasol1674 viewsOy, these things take so incredibly long to do. :S
Anyhoo, next, I decided to do parasol. I've always liked parasol. I like abilties that slightly skew the way Kirby plays.
Enough babble, enjoy! :D
11 commentsKirazy12/14/09 at 01:30Kirby-4-ever: I love it, you did a wonderful job! Laughing
Give me that crystal shard!!821 viewsAhahaha... Gotcha.. Based on Kirby 64 and Legendary Starfy those games is same story: for search crystal shards...

Huhh... Kirby and Starfy are pulling for a shard.. I love those game anyway!
7 commentsMix in marx11/30/09 at 17:14Kirby-4-ever: Haha, lol!
20122126 viewsMore of a funny pic than a pic putting my artistic talent to work. =D17 commentsKirazy11/17/09 at 16:43Kirby-4-ever: Lol, Kirby's going to eat the earth, run a way...
Four Headbands - 21429 viewsRemake of one of my first peices of art here. Don't know why I did it, lol! 0_o7 commentsKirazy11/14/09 at 14:09Kirby-4-ever: I love your style of drawing Kirby, and I like the...
Battle Against Zero Two626 viewsHey guys! this is the first pic i ever uploaded here, my name's Silverwing or Silver for short. Anyway, this is a battle scene between Kirby and Ribbon against Zero Two at Dark Star. The Crystal came out quite awful because i was doing this by memory at school, so it looks messed up. even though i messed up the Crystal, this pic did get featured by a great kirby artist in Deviantart as "Great Metionable Work" i'm very satisfied how this came out anyway.3 commentssilverwing9411/09/09 at 00:35Kirby-4-ever: Hiya Silver, welcome to KRR! Laughing I bet your goi...
I want to control Popstar!972 viewsNow here's a pic of everyone's favorite mischief loving villain, Marx.6 commentsmetadoo11/08/09 at 18:04Kirby-4-ever: Hey, I seen you in DA, nice job as alway! Very Happy
Why Meta Knight can't copy abilities2938 viewsLong time, no upload. And I wanted to draw a halloween drawing too! CURSE YOU EXAM WEEK!
Anyway, a new UPGRADED cute-faced Kirby! I hope you like it.
PS. Sorry Kirby....
10 commentsQtie4U11/01/09 at 01:55Kirby-4-ever: Lol, you always make comics that makes everyone la...
Ghost Kirby748 viewsI was board, so I made another Holloween pic.11 commentsKirby-4-ever10/25/09 at 02:23Kirby-4-ever: Lost Hero: Question What are you saying? Question
Kirby goes to Finland (remake)635 viewsI made this pic before but Kirby dosen't have a hat on because I couldn't think of the theme for it. xD So months latter, I remade the pic and put the hat on Kirby, the hat took me like 30mins-an hour to make, but it's fun and it's vary cute on Kirby!8 commentsKirby-4-ever10/11/09 at 17:55Kirby-4-ever: Okay, i'll be happy to draw your requset! Razz ...
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