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Last comments - Kaabiininja
Gravity, Mechanic, Wood, Water Kirbys1110 viewsThese abilities can be seen in Kirby Cosmic Chaos.
By the way, my interpretation is a little different from official design.
8 commentsaru12/07/08 at 09:29Kaabiininja: I'm speechless
The Blue Swordsman1230 viewsThis...was actually done quite a long while ago.

There needs to be a bit more work with the texture, which was done by Huepow00.

This is his KCCh model, which leans more on his brawl outfit.
6 commentsMinon12/01/08 at 16:29Kaabiininja:
Crystal Kirby804 viewsWell, this is a power I made up. When Kirby gets this ability, he has three main things he can do. First, as a normal attack, he can fire crystal shards at his opponents. Depending on how long you hold B, he can fire up to three shards. His second ability, is emitting a purplish-blue glow. The glow is harmless, but it is useful when Kirby enters dark areas. The last ability is that he turn the ground into crystals. This is helpful in areas that are covered in lava. Enjoy7 commentsPlasma Friend11/30/08 at 21:48Kaabiininja: It's a great idea and is drawn incredibely wel...
VS big boss abilities Super Star arrangement (finalized version)2241 viewsTriple Star was saved.
Deep image doesn't arise because I do not have DS.
DS... I wish to obtain it some time!
10 commentsaru11/21/08 at 16:50Kaabiininja: I love it!
I'm a huge fan...
Essence of Canvas Curse5638 views9th in my "Essence of" series. Could this be the most color-filled picture yet? Kirby: Canvas Curse for the DS was one of the most original Kirby games in years. The vile sorceress Drawcia has turned Dreamland into her own corrupted world of paint, as well as transformed Kirby and his friends into rolling spheres, and the only way they can stop her is by drawing a magic rainbow pathway with the help of the Power Paintbrush. The games few bosses be Drawcia Sorceress/Soul, Paint Roller, Kracko/Jr, and Dedede.12 commentsDedede-Daimyo11/03/08 at 19:35Kaabiininja: Incredible!
Fright-Light4410 viewsThis is my second entry in Bimblesnaff's second Fan-Creation contest. This time, the character is totally original (mostly) and took a lot of thought to both design and plan moves for, so I would guess that it would be a good candidate for voting. I thought about not officially entering another, as I had won the first contest already, but I have reconcidered since this came out so well. This miniboss is based on the Chochin-Obake Tsukumogami from Japanese folklore, and rewards Kirby with the Light Ability.8 commentsDedede-Daimyo10/30/08 at 16:40Kaabiininja: Amazing!!!
"C'mon... take the treasure. See what happends when you try~"663 viewsYaaay, Dorocche (AKA, Daroach). He's so awesome. =D

Drew this back at the KRR Oekaki with Paint BBS. I haven't used it in a while and I now know why I loved it. Watercolors are fun. XD

Well, enjoy. Pardon the cheap-looking treasure chests, but admire his facial expression to your heart's desire. I'm now off to draw something else. Farethee well!

9 commentsAleugel10/25/08 at 21:19Kaabiininja:
SpecialAbilities! スペシャルコピー能力集合!1094 viewsThe favorite is a star rod.
11 commentsNAO10/25/08 at 21:16Kaabiininja: It's great!
Dedede-Daimyo of Kirby's Rainbow Resort6121 viewsYoOOHSSsh! <strikes a mie pose> I am back with another Kirby artwork for KRR and all Kirby lovers! I believe it is due time for my righfull introduction, as many of my pics have been viewed the most of any in the entire gallery! I have studied art professionally for many of my 19 years. I am absorbed in all things Asian related, and style my life as such. My art is all hand-drawn and this one in particular combines all Asian elements of many Kirby games! I am here to show you all! My name, Dedede-Daimyo!13 commentsDedede-Daimyo10/24/08 at 16:47Kaabiininja: Your work is by far my favorite on the site.
D.M.M.N.Z.N.M.M.T. o__O2192 viewsIf you thought King Meta Dedede Kirby Knight was a long name... here's his eternal rival: Dark Miracle Mind Nebula Zero Nightmare Marx Matter Two!

Made because someone suggested that I draw an 'enemy mix'. I got carried away XD

21 commentsteh burning orange10/24/08 at 16:44Kaabiininja: wow truly amazing
kirby de la aldea ninnja de "dreamland"591 views...creo que kirby no encontro nada mas inteligente que ponerse a jugar a los ninjas...12 commentsblazen-fire10/24/08 at 16:41Kaabiininja: I love it!
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