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Last comments - torkirby
Portrait 5 - Rick914 viewsI have already made Pitch's and Kine's portraits, but I'll upload this first. I thought I could finish all of these in half a weekend, but it's taking the whole week.

Anyway, I based this portrait off of the more realistic interpretation of Rick, as you can see in the Dreamland 3 official art gallery on the Rainbow Resort. Maybe I should've done without the feet and tiny paws?
4 commentsAdol07/08/11 at 01:23torkirby: Wow, this is so cool. Very Happy I've seen many realis...
Walk Through the Forest1001 viewsThis is loosely based on the forest stage of Kirby and the Crystal Shards. At the beginning, I was timing myself, but I lost count. I'm not quite satisfied with the trees, but they are an improvement from earlier attempts. I did not use references except for Dale, that glowing enemy from Air Ride.

I was trying to finish this instead of a comic for this week. I'll have to postpone next week's comic too, for my schedule has become busy, and I need more ideas.
3 commentsAdol01/21/11 at 23:56torkirby: Oh wow, this is great! The picture gives off a bri...
I'm Hit!757 viewsDoodle? I dunno, didn't take long to make.2 commentsKirby-RS01/21/11 at 23:53torkirby: I really like the coloring C: The way your shaded ...
De-yarned1253 viewsI like Prince Fluff already. Killer excited for this game. I wonder if they'll both "go back to normal" like at the end of Canvas Curse..12 commentsAnimeKittyCafe10/10/10 at 20:38torkirby: I love the soft pastel style and the tiny faces. ^...
King Dedede Ultra3345 viewsAfter a long leave of absence, the 3D Daimyo Dojo returns with the greatest Dream-King-figurine the world has ever seen! Personally, I believe this is my best sculpture yet (even though it was finished a year ago), and seriously, could it possibly be topped? I tried to depict Dedede in the exact style of Kirby Super Star, with the outlined waistband, hammer-stars, and self-insignia on the back of his robe. Even his pose: basic, yet forever defining. Everything about this harkens back to the golden-age of Kirby, and reflects my obsession with the character. Though, I am not obsessed enough to sculpt an updated “Masked Dedede” version, simply because I feel this one is too good to improve upon. FYI: all of my sculptures are made of beige Super Sculpey Polymer Clay and are hand-painted in acrylics.
So, I'm in art-college now. Based on just three-hours of class-time so far, I can say (imprudently) that I am already way beyond the teachings of this institution, having learned this stuff in gifted art-classes since elementary school. Whaha, but we shall see what lies in the future... Anyway, to my surprise/delight, this time away from home will provide me with unheard-of amounts of free-time (since I no longer have to work a daily job), and I plan to make much more art for KRR. This includes finishing my Ultimate Kirby Super Star 3D Sculptures; new 2D artwork in colored pencil, ink, and the return to watercolors; a new secret Essence pic; gallery comments; mailbag, and more~! Perhape I will also begin that manga-series I mentioned before... among other things. Sooo, anticipate the greatness, fans, friends, and followers!
16 commentsDedede-Daimyo08/29/10 at 12:37torkirby: Whoa, Daimyo! I'd have to agree with you that ...
Whispy Woods1602 viewsFdasfkjlh it's finally done! In total, it took about..... lesse.... maybe 4 days? 3 days? I dunno.

This is for a contest at the local anime con on Sunday. I wanted to go for a more realistic approach on Whispy Woods, but the coloring still made it Kirby-esque anyway. xD But it does looks a lot more realistic as a sketch. As you can see, I'm starting to go back to my old coloring style. c: I like it.

I'd really appreciate if you could give some critique on this, too. c:
6 commentstorkirby08/23/10 at 23:33torkirby: Wow, many thanks, guys! I appreciate the great fee...
Crayon1361 viewsGoing back to my old style, after not using it for a while. Although, there are small differences, like the shine and the small eyes. I used SAI to see if I could recreate my style in it. I think it turned out nicely. c: SAI has a fantastic blur tool!

Then, I was like, "Hey look, a crayon option!" So I doodled a little Kirby, too. Cx
4 commentstorkirby07/27/10 at 17:22torkirby: Thanks for the comments, guys! c: @superyoshi888 I...
Yarn'd1388 viewsJust some quick fan art to celebrate. First thing I thought when that trailer came on was "Holy crap, nice colors. Mary Blair would be proud." Hopefully I did them some sort of justice.9 commentsAnimeKittyCafe07/25/10 at 22:19torkirby: Awwr this is really cute. Very Happy I love their expressi...
Kirazy Komic Promo1210 viewsI was planning on making this the cover, but I'm not sure if it's cover worthy.
Ooooh well.
5 commentsKirazy07/08/10 at 11:07torkirby: I love all of the color effects you put into this....
Kirby Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOOUUUR!!!1377 viewsOr Crystal Shards. I just call it Kirby 64.
Any way, it's been 10 years since this great game has come out. Horraaay!!
Actually I'm two months late, but that's only on the japanese schedule.
This one picture surely took way too much time from me.
10 commentsElectro06/02/10 at 21:48torkirby: And all that time sure paid off. C: Very nice inde...
GaoGao1920 viewsMy entry for the Pet Partner If Contest. Alot of brainstorming here. Enjoy!
And furthermore... Oh my! I forgot all about the combination for burning! Whoooooopsies.
8 commentsKirazy04/21/10 at 19:17torkirby: Cool idea! I like how GaoGao's ears aren't...
Have an apple1256 viewsAdeleine from Kirby 64. The members from Crystal Shards are definitely my favorite characters through the series, making her also one of it. Fighting against her was quite fun, and suprising to be seeing boss characters from past games. Wish she could make a comeback10 commentsElectro03/29/10 at 23:24torkirby: I love the way you draw her C: The colors and shad...
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