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Last comments - Starry-Skii-Kirby
Waddle Dee Colored437 viewsA sketch of mine colored in photoshop. It's not to good but yea.... what-ev. ;)7 commentsstanxromantic104/15/08 at 23:41Starry-Skii-Kirby: not good? it's great! Very Happy
Random 3 Sketches811 viewsI'm really trying to draw without tracing now. Here are three more sketches that I did freehand. I think they're pretty decent... what do you guys think?7 commentsstanxromantic104/15/08 at 23:40Starry-Skii-Kirby: that is way beter than and average picture. Great ...
Color Warp Star Kirby666 viewsThis is a colored version of one of the sketches in my previous (first ever) art submission that I posted.6 commentsstanxromantic104/15/08 at 23:38Starry-Skii-Kirby: awsome! Laughing
Kirby and Rick1452 views虹を見るカービィとリック。
Kirby and Rick that sees rainbow.
14 commentsaru04/04/08 at 00:33Starry-Skii-Kirby: awwwwwwwwwww thats so cuuuuute! I like kirby's...
Return Rick!1480 views4 coma manga.11 commentsaru04/04/08 at 00:32Starry-Skii-Kirby: OMG Kirby is scarrrrrrrrrry! Neutral Neutral Neutral But ye...
Animation the KIRBYS AND CAKE.1153 viewsThey copy the cake ability.
eats and eaten. it repeats.
10 commentsaru04/04/08 at 00:31Starry-Skii-Kirby: hahaha.... he got turned into cake..... Laughing
Terrorist Kirby741 viewsTerrorist Kirby. Anyone got more ideas?6 commentsKirby<(*o*)>04/04/08 at 00:29Starry-Skii-Kirby: scaaaaaaaaaary Neutral Shocked
computer kirby685 viewscomputer kirby6 commentsKirby<(*o*)>04/04/08 at 00:29Starry-Skii-Kirby: haha........ comp. kirby Laughing
hammer Kirby464 views2 commentsKirby<(*o*)>04/04/08 at 00:28Starry-Skii-Kirby: pro stunt kirby! Laughing
Kirby Wii960 viewsUm,what's a Wii? XD15 commentsMKFreak04/03/08 at 17:25Starry-Skii-Kirby: Oh my gawd he looks so cute with his face all Question ...
The four kirbies and the Star Rod846 viewsOk, I saw that allbody know how to do cool draws except tried to do something...and this is the result. I know that this isn't as cool as the others draws of the gallery...but something is something.
This is my first upload. Its name is The four kirbies and the Star Rod because they are The four kirbies and the Star Rod (obviously).
Just in case, the background is an modification of the glases of Nightmare in the anime...kind of weird...
7 commentsSir Kirby04/02/08 at 18:44Starry-Skii-Kirby: me likey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing
Hydra...Hold on Kirby!937 viewsKirby is riding the fastest and strongest of all the air ride machines: The Hydra. I wonder why... at the moment.... it seems that almost nobody have added art of this amazing 'legendary machine'.It is my favorite...7 commentsSir Kirby04/02/08 at 18:39Starry-Skii-Kirby: i thought it was dragoon in SSBB... wait, it was. ...
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