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Last comments - aru
Hooks525 viewsMy entry in the Simply Ungifted IF contest.

You can read more on it if it gets in.
1 commentsWithAHat07/15/10 at 06:06aru: It's nice idea! Laughing
Splat519 views888chilly's entry in the Oversized Opponent IF contest.1 commentsWithAHat07/15/10 at 06:06aru: Cool Razz
Jake And Sam331 viewsCouple of my fan characters. Jake is the Poppy Bros. Jr, and Sam is the Waddle Dee.1 commentsCandidGamera07/15/10 at 06:05aru: So cute clothes! =D
Aisu Doragon523 viewsThis was drawn in the oekaki like Meta Naito. This time I drew an actual scene rather than just the featured character and the katakana. Aisu Doragon, in katakana, is at the top left corner, though it may be a bit difficult to see due to the color scheme of the picture.

Ice Dragon has always been among my favorite bosses since I first saw it, but I'm not quite sure why. It probably is because it is a cute dragon that breathes ice.

Who didn't see this coming after reading today's Gobbo session?
3 commentssuperyoshi88804/05/09 at 21:54aru: So cute! Ah, I want him to come to the Kirby serie...
Paint Roller2349 viewsBoss Time! Paint Roller is a skilled artist and second boss of Kirby's Adventure (the first was Whispy, but I've already presented him). With his baseball cap and roller skates, he zips around the arena, from platforms to canvas, painting things that come to life. Of course, everything he paints tries to hurt Kirby, but Kirb can inhail them and gain abilities that can be used to damage PR. His appearence resembles an orange Lololo. His limbs are made of wire, painted black, with clay hands and feet. Go art!11 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/26/09 at 21:24aru: Laughing Awww, I LOVE IT! Laughing
Nightmare2579 viewsThe final sculpture in the 'Adventure series. It is the Cloaked Nightmare: corrupter of dreams and possessor of fountains. When he attacked the Dream-Spring, King Dedede split the Starrod up, sealing the Nightmare in the fountain. Kirby manages to reclaim all the pieces of the Starrod, and then unknowingly frees the beast! Nightmare's first form is a simple star-patterned ball (which I did not bother to make), and is fought falling from the sky. KA ends with Nightmare's defeat on the moon, and Kirby returning the Starrod to the Fountain of Dreams to bring sweet dreams to Dreamland. Head, Sholderpads, and Hand made of Super Sculpy Polymer Clay; Cloak made of air-drying, bulk clay.12 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/26/09 at 21:19aru: Amazing forming! You have the hands of magic! And,...
Heavy Mole2281 viewsThis is one of my favorite sculptures in my collection. Heavy Mole is sooo badass, but hardly anyone gives him the slightest respect. He is a literal digging machine; his boss battle is held under-ground in the labyrinth-like tunnels he diggs. Kirby must attack him without falling too far behind- and watch out for the Dyglops bombs! Seriously, if there is one character never before seen in 3D who desparetly needs to be, this is it. HAL needs to bring back this dude, like they did Kaboola. >Made of bulk-clay10 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/26/09 at 21:07aru: Neutral Wow! the special work, Dedede-Daimyo!! In his ...
Sleeping Waddle Doo932 viewsWaddle Doo taking a nice nap.8 commentsmetadoo03/25/09 at 20:54aru: Laughing You are the super expert of Waddle Doo!
Yo-Yo Doo1027 viewsIf Waddle Doo had Kirby's copy powers and got the Yo-Yo ability6 commentsmetadoo03/20/09 at 22:00aru: Neutral Wow, cool!!
Drill Wasp sketches880 viewsMinon and I realized the other day that Drill Wasp really hasn't gotten much attention from us or anyone else, which is kinda sad since it is a pretty cool helper.
Drill Wasp is an original creation the KCCh team designed as a helper for the Drill ability, in the style of Mechanical helpers such as GIM and Capsule J2. The logo was just for fun. XD
Hopefully I'll have time to do a more detailed and colored pic of Drill Wasp, but for now this'll have to do until I take care of a bunch of college work.
3 commentsGBAKirbster200703/17/09 at 09:14aru: Please wait, I love it!! Laughing His looks is so coo...
Thanks for Playing!1476 viewsHello! I got the idea to draw her a while back, but I only just now made the picture! =D Anyway, this is Hime, short for Himegimi, as they call her in the Kirby 64 4-koma manga. Himegimi literally means princess, so she's not actually the QUEEN of Ripple Star, but rather, the princess! Goofy people on wikis trying to correct me... hmph. Oh, and the reason why her hair is brown is because I figured black hair with brown outlines seemed weird. She actually looks a lot like me here...

Speaking of me, I'm going to cosplay as Ado/Adeleine for Anime Expo in July this year, yay! I most might pictures of myself in it once it's done. =)
11 commentsAnimeKittyCafe03/17/09 at 09:08aru: It is really cute! Especially, coloring is heart w...
Ax Knight2189 viewsThis week: The Meta-Knights! First up is Ax Knight, the skull faced first-in-command, who uses a large battle-ax as a weapon. He wears a viking's helmet adorned with spikes and two large bull-horns. His battle tactics consist of pacing back and forth, trying to hack at any near opponent with his ax. When he encounters someone, he can deliver a powerful single chop, or a series of rapid slashes. He was featured prominantly in The Revenge of Meta Knight cut scenes. Look for him as a helper in KCCh!6 commentsDedede-Daimyo03/16/09 at 18:02aru: Laughing Really cool!! Chic coloring is stylish.
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