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Last comments - gerugeon
Essence of Dream Course3991 views12th in my "Essence of" series. Boy, this was fun to draw! So much Dedede-influence! Kirby's Dream Course for the SNES was a 'different' type of Kirby game. Its main premise was golf. Kirby could roll into a ball to charge up his shot, then spring forward to try and reach the hole. He could destroy enemies and obtain abilities just by bouncing into them- all in all, the game was quite fun, but tedious. The only boss in the entire game is King Dedede, fighting in his giant, robot replica, with Mini-Dededes.13 commentsDedede-Daimyo02/16/09 at 18:38gerugeon: I'm really your fan. Your art and colors alway...
Ukiyo-e Dedede3554 viewsDedede is dressed like Horibe Yasubei, a character in the Japanese classic play, 47 Ronin (Chūshingura). Ukiyo-e are woodblock prints, literally "Pictures of the Floating World"; most with a major focus on actors and Kabuki theator. This picture is based on Toyokuni Utagawa III's work, entitled "Kanadehon Chūshingura", which are three paintings showing the first kabuki production of 47 Ronin. (I saw the giant hammer 'Ōtsuchi', and just had to do this :) Mine is done in markers and ink. The original print can be found here.14 commentsDedede-Daimyo01/15/09 at 19:13gerugeon: Wow, really nice! Ahh, finally I understood why I ...
Essence of Pinball Land4251 views11th in my "Essence of" series, and the first in Kirby's Spin-off games. I will upload this sooner, rather than later, because the gallery has been too quiet ever since the beginning of the year. Kirby's Pinball Land for the GB was only the pink ball's third game, though it was quite fun! His body was perfectly suited for the game! This was also one of the few games where Kirby could not obtain abilities. Packed with boss battles and minigames, KPBL was unique and probably inspired future Kirby games.11 commentsDedede-Daimyo01/08/09 at 16:08gerugeon: You always amazes me with your wonderful pics and ...
Bubble Time1448 viewsOld art again...I painted this with hydropens, but the pink of Kirby turned horrible...I didn't have the right pink...sigh...
I put this in my notebook. Hope you like it. And many thanks for the comments and pageviews!
A happy New Year to all!
7 commentsgerugeon12/31/08 at 06:49gerugeon: thanks for all the comments guys! You really suppo...
Christmas present for you1641 viewsKirby has carried presents to Dedede 's Christmas party.
Merry Christmas!
11 commentsaru12/23/08 at 10:56gerugeon: This is sooo cute! I love the effect you created!
How King Dedede Stole Christmas4980 viewsMy KRR Winter-Themed Picture. Dr. Seuss's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" is one of my favorite holiday specials, and here is the product of combining the classic animation with Kirby. Dedede, having put up with Dreamland's festive season for countless years, decides to disguise himself as Santa Claus, and Waddle Dee as a reindeer, and sneek into the citizens' houses to literally steal Christmas from them. I see many correlations between Kirby's cast and other character archetypes in movies, such as this. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, And Awesome Newyear everybody!31 commentsDedede-Daimyo12/22/08 at 06:43gerugeon: This is priceless...I loved it! YOur art is so col...
Meta Knight1150 viewsMy first time drawing Meta Knight in my style... ^^; I hope it's ok...20 commentsAiky12/18/08 at 12:07gerugeon: This is really awesome! I liked the colors!
Caramelldansen1068 viewsEveryone likes it.7 commentssilverlunar77712/16/08 at 08:48gerugeon: Oh, this is cute, I liked it!
Waddle Dee Toss788 viewsI feel sorry for the little dude.3 commentssilverlunar77712/16/08 at 08:48gerugeon: Poor Waddle Dee...Dedede ir really cruel..Anyway, ...
4 Dees and a Kirby1462 viewsI drew this a while ago practicing drawing Dedede, but then added Kirby and a Waddle Dee just for the heck of it.

Why is he smiling? Gasp! I dunno.

Shading is kinda messy, but I dun care.
3 commentstorkirby12/16/08 at 08:47gerugeon: What a lovely art!
Kirby of the Stars2171 viewsThanks for the comments, everyone! Well, I made this pic long time ago, using crayons and hydropens (yep, not copic markers)...I love the anime of Kirby..I don't have a Kirby's game, but that's ok...
Hope you like it! Visit too my page on Deviantart.
14 commentsgerugeon12/16/08 at 08:43gerugeon: thanks for all the comments and the support...I do...
The Return of Daimyo2831 viewsI have returned (briefly) with 2 artworks that display my prowess in traditional watercolor and ink painting. If youall like this medium better, I might switch to it in upcoming pictures. Anyway, the purpose of this is to promote my infamous "Kirby Super Star Ultra Emaki", which is a long (100") Japanese picture-scroll, debuting at the end of the year. This Dedede appears in the Samurai Kirby section near the end of the scroll; the whole thing features all 16 subgames in KSSU. Anticipate the greatness...8 commentsDedede-Daimyo12/09/08 at 09:17gerugeon: This is so nice! I love the way you draw Dedede.
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