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Last comments - clariecandy's Kirby art from Deviantart
Rainbow ouo324 viewsI was digging around my files and found this pic. This was from an iScribble session a long time ago. XDD I remember =PrismJester and *beanielova added the shininess to the picture when I was working on it. XD1 commentsclariecandy08/16/12 at 02:07AnimeKittyCafe: I LOVE the colors!
Suika!470 viewsMeans 'watermelon' in Japanese. In the anime Kirby's favourite food was watermelons. Drawn a long time ago. XD2 commentsclariecandy10/06/11 at 21:57BroomKirby: noo in everything watermelon's is kirby's ...
Kirby Abilities769 viewsJust the abilities that showed up in the anime. :) Drawn a long time ago.4 commentsclariecandy10/06/11 at 21:56BroomKirby: its funny cause water kirby exists now
Storytime883 viewsMy first drawing of Kirby and Meta Knight. I got hooked on Brawl and the anime so I wanted to draw Kirby. XD3 commentsclariecandy10/06/11 at 21:54BroomKirby: I love it so much!
Ramen Kaabii516 viewsPart of the Kirby Food Series that I made in '08. :)2 commentsclariecandy06/23/11 at 16:24AnimeKittyCafe: His expression is ace...
Stargazing447 viewsDrawn in the oekaki a long time ago. :)1 commentsclariecandy06/22/11 at 00:26ipuresonic99: aww, cute
Like mentor like mentee551 viewsI got inspired when playing brawl. XDD Drawn a long time ago.1 commentsclariecandy05/28/11 at 20:27Hoshi no Dedede: So cute. :3
Chocolate Kirby586 viewsPart of the Kirby Food Series I drew back in '08. :)2 commentsclariecandy04/15/11 at 18:40Hail: Watch out Kirby! Either me or MK are gonna eat you...
Ramen Kaabii516 viewsPart of the Kirby Food Series that I made in '08. :)2 commentsclariecandy04/15/11 at 18:36Hail: Copy ability gone very astray...
Kirby's Chocolate547 viewsDrawn a long time ago. XD2 commentsclariecandy04/15/11 at 18:33Hail: Watch out for Meta Knight Kirby!
Protect Kirby448 viewsDrawn a long time ago. XD1 commentsclariecandy04/15/11 at 18:31Hail: Looks like I'm the first one to say I like thi...
Ball Yarn Kirby421 viewsI was trying to draw Kirby in Kirby Epic Yarn style but I forgot about his arms. XD So I turned him into Ball Yarn Kirby. Drawn in iScribble.1 commentsclariecandy02/04/11 at 22:11TitiMiny: OH GOD. Two games in one! Kirby Canvas Curse and K...
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