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Wing1528 viewsI liked this sketch, so I decided to scan and color it. The outline is messy like that because I thought it'd look cooler like this.

The background image is a picture I found on Google, I just blurred it.
3 commentstorkirby
random Kirby comic2085 viewsBased off of a really old Kirby comic I made, probably back in '02.4 commentstorkirby
Sand Canyon1966 viewsI was listening to Sand Canyon's first level's music, and I got some inspiration to draw this.

And boy are those Gabons annoying. Both in DL3 and 64.
5 commentstorkirby
Kirby entering door1710 viewsRemember these?

Well I had one more I never colored.

I really liked the artwork of Kirby entering a door in the KSSU instruction manual, so I had to draw this along with the other Kirby poses. I'm really happy on how this came out.

And by popular demand, I'll do Marx's official art too, eventually.
1 commentstorkirby
random Kirby comic 22344 viewsHopefully you all know what a Batamon is.5 commentstorkirby
simple Kirby1739 viewsMade entirely in Paint.Net. I didn't feel like taking the time to draw Kirby on paper and scanning it, so I just used the circle tool.

This was drawn really just to practice colors and shading.
6 commentstorkirby
The Hyper Zone1856 viewsRequest for Mutoh on deviantART.

Going back to my more simple style of shading.

This actually came out better than I thought.
5 commentstorkirby
Walk Through the Rain1689 viewsInspired by this video. I had to draw it.

I've never seen the bad ending in KDL2 before, since I got all the Rainbow Drops before beating the game.

I used the colors from the official artwork only for Kirby, Rick, Coo, and Kine, so don't give me credit for those colors.

I'm really happy on how it turned out. =)
2 commentstorkirby
Fall Through the Sky1409 viewsSimple picture of Kirby. C:

More of this style of shading C: I experimented with the eyes a little bit this time, and I think they came out nicely.

The background makes it look like Kirby's falling from the sky, so I gave it that title. Well, at least he's enjoying it. :D
2 commentstorkirby
Mountain Stream2072 viewsProbably one of my favorite levels in Kirby 64, the mountain stream.

Overall, I'm really happy how it turned out, especially the waterfall. But I still can see a few things that don't look right to me. Colors are from screenshots from the game.
5 commentstorkirby
It's a Star1919 viewsKirby's offering a star to Dedede, but it doesn't look like he's thrilled about it.

Gosh I love how this came out! Especially Kirby. I think the colored outlines add a soft touch to it. And that's what I was going for, a cute soft picture of Kirby and Dedede. =)

Looks like this a picture that actually doesn't use black.
7 commentstorkirby
happy Kirby1330 viewsI've noticed that a lot more people who like my art like only my Kirby stuff, haha. So here's Kirby, drawn for practice reasons and boredom.8 commentstorkirby
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