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Kaabii1309 viewsDunno what to call this one.

I drew this in MS Paint, and blurred it with Paint.Net. I'd say this is one of my best works.
The background is random, couldn't think of anything but clouds.
4 commentstorkirby
Devil Kirby2030 viewsYes, it's from episode 95 of Hoshi no Kaabii! I couldn't resist drawing him on Halloween!

It took FOREVER to get his face right! I went through 3 different pictures to get it right.

I just love his's so menacing for Kirby.
7 commentstorkirby
The Gang2301 viewsCan't think of a witty title.

GAH this took so long to make.

So yeah, I finally learned how to color on the computer without Photoshop!
6 commentstorkirby
random Kirbys1299 viewsI dunno, these were based off of some KSSU Kirby poses.4 commentstorkirby
Zero Two1447 viewsI felt like drawing 02, shut up.

I was also bored and wanted to draw in Paint.Net. X]
3 commentstorkirby
Sword2138 viewsBased off of the official Kirby Super Star Ultra game artwork.
Picture for reference

I'm aware that it doesn't look exactly like the official one, but I tried, and I'm happy how it came out.
12 commentstorkirby
Ice2092 viewsBased off of the official Kirby Super Star Ultra game artwork.
Picture for reference.

There are a lot of things I'm not satisfied with in this pic, but overall, I'm still happy with it.
16 commentstorkirby
Kirby poses1896 viewsBased on some artwork from the KSSU instruction booklet. Doodled this up one day and decided to color it.

They don't look exactly like the official, blah blah blah.
6 commentstorkirby
4 Dees and a Kirby1461 viewsI drew this a while ago practicing drawing Dedede, but then added Kirby and a Waddle Dee just for the heck of it.

Why is he smiling? Gasp! I dunno.

Shading is kinda messy, but I dun care.
3 commentstorkirby
Kirby Christmas 082197 viewsI know it's a little early, but since I won't have time to upload it before Christmas except for now, here it is.

If ya don't get it, Kirby gets a vacuum cleaner for Christmas, I thought it would be funny. I like how everything came out here, especially the coloring.

Merry Christmas everyone. :D
14 commentstorkirby
Dedede1253 viewsThis was just a practice for coloring, not drawing Dedede. But I have to say, this is the best Dedede I've ever drawn.6 commentstorkirby
Kirby Wii1862 viewsBased off of this picture

That's my favorite screenshot from what's been revealed about Kirby's new Wii game. I used some of the actual colors from the screenshot, I'm no good with colors.

And hopefully we can play this stage eventually.
5 commentstorkirby
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