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Yabon1549 viewsOne of the privalaged few who make it into the 3D Dojo from obscureity. Yabon (the uncivilized barbarian; Jp.) is an ability-less enemy from KDL3. This peach and green wildman is an archer-extrordinair! He will stand in place, jump into the air, and shoot arrows at Kirby when he enters range. Living in the wilderness has toughened him to withstand Gator bites, and abled him to take down full-sized Grizzos; both of which do not appear in this game! But let's not forget, Kirby is the REAL tough pink-puff! His relative is Yariko.1 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Kapar1572 viewsKapar the Kappa. The Japanese water-imp with a love of cucumbers and a fragile dome-shaped head. Kapar are generally found near/ in water where they employ amphibious tactics to attack/ evade Kirby. The "hair" surrounding their bald scalp is actually a saw-like disk that they can send flying across the screen. Thus, Kapar is a cutter ability holding enemy. Though nowhere as sinister as their mythological counterparts, Kapar are still very tricky and annoying at times. You know, like how they jump right up in front of you so you'll collide with them, or how they swim after you and throw their disks under water?! For me, it's a love-hate relationship...3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Sasuke1561 viewsSasuke the ninja! Not really a ninja! More like a Waddle Dee with a hat! Sasuke is basically what the developers decided on when they figured out that Parasol Waddles were obsolete. He does nothing but slowly drift to the ground using his conical straw hat, and when he finally settles, he simply walks the road to nowhere. His consumption yields the Parasol ability, which is no surprise, because his hat and the umbrella share the same name, kasa. Though mostly seen scouling, my Sasuke has a surprised look on his face. His relative is Bumber.2 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Klinko1553 viewsNow presenting Mr. Hut-Hat himself, Klinko! This is a very over-shadowed bad guy; the reason is, there are just so many other obvious examples for obtaining the parasol ability. The little eggplantesque blob may not display any attacks or distinctions that connect him with the said ability, but I can explain this phenominon. His covering is not actually a hut, but a Japanese straw raincoat, which guards the wearer from the elements, and serves the same purpose as a parasol. It is often worn to shield from snowy winds, which explains why Klinko is found primairly on Iceburg. Who doesn't love this little snow-runt? Japanese-Guru man away~!4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Keke1660 viewsIt's Kiki Delivery Service time! Is it just me, or do alot of the recent characters seem to be take-offs of real-world ideas instead of being completely original creations? So unlike the Kirby series... Anyway, this cat-girl first appeared in KDL3 as holder of broom/clean ability. She would gently float around in the air, homing in on Kirby at slow decent. One inhail is enough to take her out; but if attacked directly, Kiki would fall from her broom and tumble away off stage. She later cameoed in the Crystal Shards as a background character. Look for the cute witch in many different varieties in the upcoming awesome Kirby Cosmic Chaos Fangame (tilde-bang)4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Boboo1676 viewsA walking fireball? How original! This particular figure is of the miniboss Boboo, and not the smaller version known as Bobo. However, both are nearly identical, so unless there was some way to compare size, this figure could easily fool you. In battle, Boboo charges at Kirby, parallel to the ground, untill he collides with a wall. Debris is then scattered, which Kirby can inhail for ammunition. This simplistic midboss is the creation of Shinichi Shimomura, solely appearing in Kirby's Dreamland 3. I did not make his cousin, Efrite, from KDL2, and probably never will, unless I get overwhelming responce to do so...5 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Haboki1664 viewsRight out of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", Habooki is the miniboss for the clean ability, only appearing in KDL3. She fights by closing in on Kirby and sweeping a ball of dust at him. She can also jump high into the air, and try to smash Kirby under her bristles on her decent. Habooki is based on Tsukumogami from Japanese folklore: ordinary objects which gain a soul after 100 years of good care. She is a Hoki-Obake, ghost broom, far less popular than her cousin, the great Jumpershoot. This figure is actually quite tall, including the vertically-pointing handle.4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Jumpershoot1672 views"Pyon Pyon" Now bear witness to Mr. Kasabake, himself! With his single eye and long lolling tounge, "Kuru Kuru" Jumpershoot rapidly ascends to the sky! Asore! Let's hear it for the Yokai, yo! There is little doubt that this particular parasol miniboss is one of my favorite characters in the Kirby series. His battle tactics are the same in both of his appearences, KDL2+3; he will kick off his geta as a projectile, to Kirby's aid, or spin into a tornado, allowing him a few moments of invincibility. Like a handful of other creatures in Dreamland, Jumpershoot has roots in Japanese lore, specifically the Tsukumogami Karakasa-Obake. Catch him and other mentioned ghouls this Halloween in my big "Gegege no Kitaro/ Kirby" cross-over! His relative is Drifter.1 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Yuki1570 viewsThis one is dedicated to Kirazy. Yuki (snow), the ice miniboss from KDL3, is just about the least detailed character on Popstar; certainly, in my collection. Like Bobo to his parental Boboo, Yuki looks much like the snowman Chilly, but without the hat and bell. In his icy duel, he will toss off his head in Kirby's direction, up to 3 times. Yuki can also charge across the stage, trying to snow"plow" into the Kirbster, but eventually slams into the wall. Since this abominable-blob is lacking all features what-so-ever, I stuck a wooden sphere inside of him to save clay. The coldest comrade in Siberia be Yuki.2 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Captain Stitch1793 viewsCapt. Stitch is a giant Gordo-- that is obvious. Unlike his invincible brethren, the needle miniboss is actually semi-vulnerable! Like many of the simpler MB's, Stitch charges in Kirby's direction, in a vein attempt at knocking off one of his opponent's life bars. He will miss his shot, however, if the player dodges in time, and will slam into the wall, knocking the Captain senseless. Only when his spikes fall off can Stitch be damaged. Another attack is sending his spikes themselves flying at Kirby, again leaving him open for attack. With all of his superior defences, one would wonder why he chooses to attack at all, since everything he does has the potential to kill him. He should take a lesson from the real Gordos.4 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Blocky1635 viewsAnother of the minibosses that appear in both Dreamland 2+3. Blocky is also oh-so-simple, in design and tactics. His manuvers in battle include a dash attack in Kirby's direction (what a surprize!) and a jump-and-drop routine. I believe that his collision with both the stage's walls and floor create rubble which Kirby can utilize for and inhale/exhale attack. Did you know that Blocky's first appearence was actually in the HAL-produced "Adventures of Lolo" series? According to this game, I have reason to believe he is based on the Japanese Nurikabe stone-wall yokai (only more Kirby-like). He would get in the way of Lolo's progression through the maze, much like the creature mentioned. Also, did you know that in the anime episode featuring Blocky, after chipping away at his sumo-styled-self, his appearence reverted to this from (seen in the sculpture)? We have learned so much today ^_^!3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Master Green1631 viewsThe master of disastrous discharge is in the house! MG is the miniboss for no other than the spark ability. He is real tough, utilizing his electric essence to create a spark-shield, throw lightening bolts, and shooting stars. But, like all cephalopods, he is also quite soft... Anyway, he only appears in KDL2, not 3 for some reason, but also showed up in the anime's pilot episode. Though Master Green is an Octopus, he has no trouble walking on land, bounding all around the stage, trying to impeede Kirby's progress.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
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