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Rocky Ultra1466 viewsSecond set of my Ultimate Kirby Super Star Sculpture series. Not much for words lately, but who really reads my long-drawn descriptions anyway? Rocky here can sit or stand depending on the chosen balance point. Who can say what his actual head band tie in the back looks like? It seems to be different in every appearence, but I went with what made sense. Oh yea, and how 'bout that new Emaki? Its worse than the first, but better than nothing~!3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Bio Spark Ultra1943 viewsAnother Ultra Kirby Super Star Sculpture. My first time sculpting the mini ninja. His model turned out looking close to Minon's 3D Biospark model for Kirby Cosmic Chaos. It is, after all, the only logical way this predominantly 2D character could asthetically translate. The 3D sculpter must keep in mind that his work should be appealing if viewed from all possible angles. And (if anyone cares for reading this) Know that I will be in the next mailbag without a doubt. Anticipate the greatness of my Mailbag Manga, and watch as I reclaim the drawing-thunder from Kirazy (who is a great guy and I hope will take this lightheartedly)~!10 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Knuckle Joe Ultra1529 viewsKnuckle Joe returns to the 3D Dojo for a third time! Now, I believe that I have finally mastered his form, balancing cuteness with kickass-ness. Just compare this model with that of the still relatively new “Smash Joe”, and see all the amazing improvements (what do you mean there's like no difference between the two, and that I just wasted clay, paint, and time on a repeat of an old figure? Would you expect anything less of me?)! Anyway, another quick update here: though it may not be evident that I am hard at work on the next issue of Mailbag, I assure YOU that I most certainly am! If anyone bothers to read this, I command thou to anticipate the greatness of my unparallelled “Mailbag Manga”, a 16 page japanese-style comic, starring the Mailbag Force and more, that intends to be published along with the upcoming issue of the KRR Mailbag. So much effort has been poured into this that it's impossible that it will fail (at least for me, because unlike so many other comics I've tried in the past, this one is actually fulfilled!) All will love it~! (hopefully ^_^)3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Birdon Ultra1970 viewsUltimate Kirby Super Star Sculptures~ Madamada, no, it can't be! I'm running out of finished works to display! With it being that time of year ,by which I mean ALL year long (that's right, I just never stop!), I am currently working on many artworks all at once, so there may be some delay in uploading for a while as I finish new work. If there was more than one of me, I surely would get everything accomplished in goal time, how unfortunate. Anyway, when I said I will definitely be in the next/upcoming Mailbag, I guess I meant the NEXT upcoming bag #75(Mailbag Monday struck without warning, but it's for the best). That will undoubtedly give me ample time to refine and process my Mailbag Manga (the greatest thing to hit KRR~ so far this year) and answer a quota of questions, to boot. What? Oh yes, this is no blog, this is a Birdon.
I guess you could say it is perfect, but this pink parakeet has nothing on my absolute best big bird boss of awesomeness yet to be revieled. Also, I wish to thank all my viewers and fans; I appreciate your comments, even though I rarely get to talk, but here. Until next time~~
10 commentsDedede-Daimyo
King Dedede Ultra3243 viewsAfter a long leave of absence, the 3D Daimyo Dojo returns with the greatest Dream-King-figurine the world has ever seen! Personally, I believe this is my best sculpture yet (even though it was finished a year ago), and seriously, could it possibly be topped? I tried to depict Dedede in the exact style of Kirby Super Star, with the outlined waistband, hammer-stars, and self-insignia on the back of his robe. Even his pose: basic, yet forever defining. Everything about this harkens back to the golden-age of Kirby, and reflects my obsession with the character. Though, I am not obsessed enough to sculpt an updated “Masked Dedede” version, simply because I feel this one is too good to improve upon. FYI: all of my sculptures are made of beige Super Sculpey Polymer Clay and are hand-painted in acrylics.
So, I'm in art-college now. Based on just three-hours of class-time so far, I can say (imprudently) that I am already way beyond the teachings of this institution, having learned this stuff in gifted art-classes since elementary school. Whaha, but we shall see what lies in the future... Anyway, to my surprise/delight, this time away from home will provide me with unheard-of amounts of free-time (since I no longer have to work a daily job), and I plan to make much more art for KRR. This includes finishing my Ultimate Kirby Super Star 3D Sculptures; new 2D artwork in colored pencil, ink, and the return to watercolors; a new secret Essence pic; gallery comments; mailbag, and more~! Perhape I will also begin that manga-series I mentioned before... among other things. Sooo, anticipate the greatness, fans, friends, and followers!
16 commentsDedede-Daimyo
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