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Peaceful Walk268 viewsSecond picture drawn in the oekaki. I'm probably not going to upload every picture I draw there, but I really couldn't not post this. I like how it turned out, seeing as how this was more of an experiment than a drawing.superyoshi888
Poppy Bros. Sr. Adventure Art(my style)364 viewsI traced over the official Adventure art for Poppy Sr. and basically used the airbrush to color it in. White background, because the art tablet does things transparently if you don't go over them and some parts look bad with a gradient.1 commentssuperyoshi888
Boss Battles doodle330 viewsGot bored again today and drew a variety of Boss Battles over the course of school. Featured:

Burning Kirby vs. Ice Dragon, Parasol Kirby vs. Kracko, and Fighter Kirby vs Bandana Dee.

I was going to draw Smash Kirby vs. the Hands, but I can't draw hands or gloves, just mittens or whatever Noodle Arms wears.
2 commentssuperyoshi888
Meta Naito331 viewsAnother thing drawn in the oekaki. It features Meta Knight...jumping. Guess he is drawn for battle, presumebly Kirby.

Those symbols are Katakana, which are used in Japanese to write foreign words. These katakana spell Meta Knight's Japanese name, Meta Naito, hence the title. I colored them to look like fire.
Aisu Doragon499 viewsThis was drawn in the oekaki like Meta Naito. This time I drew an actual scene rather than just the featured character and the katakana. Aisu Doragon, in katakana, is at the top left corner, though it may be a bit difficult to see due to the color scheme of the picture.

Ice Dragon has always been among my favorite bosses since I first saw it, but I'm not quite sure why. It probably is because it is a cute dragon that breathes ice.

Who didn't see this coming after reading today's Gobbo session?
3 commentssuperyoshi888
Hoshi no Kaabii Detailed256 viewsMore oekaki stuff. They have textures and stuff, which REALLY helped me with this picture. Anyways, I gave the puffball fur(yes, you read that correctly) and detailed shoes...thus the title. I do have some rather circumstantial evidence that backs up my fur-theory-thingy, but I don't have the room to post that here. Maybe I'll make a drawing showcasing this evidence?superyoshi888
More doodles335 viewsDrew this on Monday....That fire kirby is terrible, but I like the others. Maybe I should draw with pencil only more often?superyoshi888
Teary: Splash Mid-Boss327 viewsConcept art of a mid-boss for splash. The design is a combination of a wave and a water drop. Those bubbles are used in some of its attacks. Drawn in the oekaki using a mouse.superyoshi888
Bomb Party!420 viewsI drew many Kirby characters that have/are bombs, including the bomb from Kirby's Dreamland! In the background are some kana, and hidden among them are two easter eggs that are related to recent news.

Drawn in the oekaki using my Bamboo Tablet
1 commentssuperyoshi888
Kirby at the Beach698 viewsI finally have something worthy of the Gallery. I drew this in the oekaki, because I guess it is most convient for me.3 commentssuperyoshi888
Kinetic Kirby IF Submission785 viewsKirby gets this ability from Magical Sweeper, that spinning disk thing you encounter on the Halberd and in the Great Cave in Super Star and Super Star Ultra.

I'm not actually sure if the enemy is called Magical Sweeper. It is called that on the Super Star page, but elsewhere I found another name for it. I went with this name because I found it here.
3 commentssuperyoshi888
Generic Kirby Poses311 viewsUgh. Sorry about not uploading anything in a month, but time flies when you are on vacation. I have been busy at the Oekaki, which is where this picture comes from.

I mixed things up a used a different style.
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