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Chiisai the Squeaker374 viewsWell, awhile ago I thought of a fan game idea that will never be worked on. It was to take place in the Mirror World with Mirror Kirby having animal friends of his own. Instead of making duplicates of Kirby's I made three based on enemies from the games. The one seen here is Chiisai, who's name means "small" in Japanese. She is very cheery, but her temper is short, often times causing trouble.

That version of her on the bottom is Chiisai paired with Bomb. I hope Zelda fans like this tribute.
Dedede....509 viewsThe first appearance of the King in my gallery. Too bad I can't actually draw him! The hammer seems too small, and his head to big. His body is also very fat in this picture. I need to practise drawing him!10 commentssuperyoshi888
King Dedede!555 viewsI felt I had to do this, since my last picture was just horrendous. I based this off the official art(actually, I created a grid over the actual image a technique usually used to increase the size.) from Kirby's Dreamland. I was only going to make changes to make it more in line with his modern appearance, but I accidently made a slight perspective change that is only noticable when compared with the original image. He looks like he came out of a Looney Toon short, doesn't he? No gradient this time.3 commentssuperyoshi888
Dark Matter's Warriors570 viewsThese three guys seem to serve Dark Matter in the games, with Butch, Blade, and Masher in KD2 and Bukiset in KD3. In order from left to right: Butch, Masher, Blade, Bukiset. I wonder why Masher is just siting. Bukiset always seems to get stuck with cleaning duties due to him being the only one with a broom.

What, no Valentines pic? Well, I tried, but I can't draw Ribbon. Also, I haven't abandoned traditional media, so expect to see some color pencils when I draw more ability attacks.
3 commentssuperyoshi888
Mirror World Kirby Doodle315 viewsI drew this a week or two ago at school while I was bored. We get around 45 minutes or so every morning to do what we want/need to do, and sometimes I don't save homework for this time. Hah, I'm such a terrible high school student...

Enough rambling about my school work though. I hope it is obvious to you guys that he has the Mirror ability, something that should have been in KATAM. Guess HAL didn't want to do the obvious, even though they randomly brought back Fighter and added the Hands.
Kirby Colors! test316 viewsI decided to make use of the Datel's Games N' Music cart I got a while ago and downloaded Colors!, the program Galacta Kirby uses to draw. And I gotta say, it is a very nice program. It is kinda like an advanced-yet-at-the-same-time-primitive version of Paint. It has some features that Paint doesn't, but doesn't have any basic tools aside from the eye dropper and move tool. I decided to have a little fun at the end and write Kirby's name in cursive. I was tempted to put my username on it. :]superyoshi888
Old Kirby534 viewsMy second picture drawn in Colors! I was going to draw some more Kirbies showing off Freeze, Burning, and Sleep, but it is near impossible to draw on a DS touch screen.

How can you not love his big smile?
2 commentssuperyoshi888
Kirby Poses done in Colors! and GIMP461 viewsI drew this yesterday while I was bowling, but I left them uncolored so I could come home and do it in GIMP. I also brought back the gradient and Ball Kirby! This is the result.2 commentssuperyoshi888
Anti-Kirby in Colors!543 viewsAnti-Kirby is a fairly obscure character - only because he doesn't even appear in a Kirby game! His two appearances were in Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and its GBC remake. He may resemble Kirby, but don't let his cute appearance fool you. He is really an enemy! He doesn't seem to be able to copy abilities, but he can inhale Link and spit him out. His color scheme is similar to Kirby's in Kirby's Adventure when Kirby has a copy ability.

I'm not a fan of the LoZ series, but I do like the games.
Spade Knight648 viewsSpade Knight is my entry for the Knight contest. For details on his attacks, see the page when it has been updated. I did this in Colors! because I really didn't feel like scanning or drawing on paper today. Inspiration for his armor came from Bukiset, Blade Knight, Masher, and Meta Knight, while his weapon is a Monk's Spade. They are Chinese weapons based on the shovels Buddhist Monks carried around in Ancient China.3 commentssuperyoshi888
Kirby's Kimono654 viewsSo today my art tablet arived in the mail, so I decided to draw something with it. The point is a little hard to draw with, so I decided to use the "eraser" end to draw pictures.

Anyways, I decided to have a little fun and draw Kirby in formal wear. He has a brilliant indigo kimono with a floral design, house slippers(instead of his regular shoes), and a band similar to Dedede's with a wave design. I drew this in MS Paint and colored it manually. It is hard to color using the tablet!
3 commentssuperyoshi888
Kirby in the Sunshine418 viewsWee, my first oekaki picture! It looks like a child drew it, but I personally like it. It radiates with warmth.

E: I wouldn't stare at this for too long. The fuzziness and bright colors are blinding.
1 commentssuperyoshi888
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