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galacta knight454 viewsplasmakirby
kirby 64524 viewsplasmakirby
Kirby's Return to Dreamland!455 viewsHaven't done Kirby fanart in ages! But yes here we go, all the playable characters in Kirby's Return to Dreamland / Kirby's Adventure Wii. :>>

Drawing vector art on iScribble is very tiring indeed. XD
Hoshi no Senshi~342 viewsDoodlin on iScribble again hehe. I just had to draw this after I played Kirby's RtD. That game is so darn cute. |DD They even put the face-to-face transfer into that game. ;u;clariecandy
Planet Puffball pg 13555 viewsI'm not sure that people are still reading the comic here. So here it is, page 13 of Planet Puffball! :DKirby-4-ever
Kirby of the Stars812 viewsOriginal title, I know! :P

This took me a little while but I'm happy with the result~ I felt like doing something involving the three main BAMFs of Dream Land (sorry Bandanna Dee, maybe next time). And oh god Meta Knight. Don't try and work out how his wing's supposed to be working, I only realised my mistake when I was starting to colour the background |'D
1 commentskirbykawaii2105
Leafy Shower868 viewsFall's here, and I immediately thought of Leaf Kirby! I figured it would be cool if the leaves on his headdress as well as the Leafans would change color to accommodate the new season. c: I also experimented a little with the background, especially the piles and piles of leaves.

To be intended for the September 2012 front page.
What is perspective851 viewsA silly tegaki. :PAnimeKittyCafe
Karate Family1008 viewsHas anyone really even drawn Iron Mom??1 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
The Battle for Everyone's Souls1095 viewsArt trade with our very own Marxie.
Meh.. this place is so dead now..
Visit me on
Find more of my stuff that I'm too lazy to upload here. More active as well...
2 commentsMetaKnight#1fan
Yarn - Kirby962 viewsHi KRR friends, admins, viewers and fans. First, if you are watching this picture, Welcome back to KRR. A long time ago that i don't show some of my artwork on the gallery and as we can see, KRR has become in a desert wasteland near to the extincion. I remember how KRR was in the past, it was so beautiful and majestic but today a lot of viewers, fans and artist have gone out from this site (i can remember a lot of people: daimyo, leirin, kirazy, qtie4u, adol, among others)
I'd like that the gallery and all KRR website come back like in the past. I'd to have more IF contest in the page, more oekaki, more forum topics and more of KRR.
To become this wasteland in the loved Rainbow Resort we need to start to work in that, it isn't be easy but not impossible. If all work together, i know that we can make this. Only the things that we need is will and wish to see the resort like in the past, active and entertaining.
Now, my contribution for restore the resort is continue showing my artwork and the great KTCG series. This time, like a happy new year present i bring to you this new type of cards. The Yarn Cards.
Yarn Cards work in a different way from the Normal Cards. The differences between these types are that Yarn Cards have a special invocation form and all of them have an effect.
This time you can see that the card is our hero Kirby but with the yarn power. This power makes that Kirby can do a lot of new things and abilities like: weight, car, parachute, among others. For that this Kirby doesn't rise his level like the other ones. Yarn Power is very useful in Patchland but out of it yarn makes itself a weak power.
You need to study a lot from this power because you can use the true power of the yarn in any world. IF you want to be the Yarn Master you need to trust in yourself and in the yarn.
I hope that all come back to KRR, our house is waiting for us. I don't have anymore to say. Have a good day and like a true kirby fan always trust in our hero.

Effect: It allows to you send a Kirby Card from your hand to the trash. Increase its Attack and Defense at double of the Level of the Kirby Card that you sent to the trash (only can be summoned if Patchland is activate)

- Aura: Pink
- Type: Normal
- Atk/Def: 0/0
- Family: Kirby
- Class: Effect
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Male

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
4 commentsKiroscarby
Kirby Plushie Doll Marine Cover577 viewsMy new Kirby Plushie! It has my cover on it. I might start posting more of these to revive my account. Its been a few years since I've been here. 5?1 commentsgigarob_93
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