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kirby sprites330 viewsthis one is the is of kirby and wasn't easy to make because of kirby having so many sprites but i failed to realize that i didn't include his swim sprite i have them but forgot to put them on the sheet. plasmakirby
laserkirbysprites339 viewsthis is one of the many sprite sheets that i have made these will be seen in kiroscarby's fan game kirby's aura adventure.plasmakirby
shading test335 viewsi was just practicing my shading i think it turned out decent.plasmakirby
20 years.1238 viewsMan. I can't believe it really has been that long—when I first got into the series it was only 10! I've spent 10 years of my life with this guy! Anyway, nothing too grand or dramatic—just a picture I hoped would make people to relive those memories spent with Kirby. Happy birthday.4 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Kirby's 20th Anniversary2860 viewsHappy 20th, Kirby! I felt the need to commemorate the event through a giant mural composed of the 12 main games in the series. I had this planned out for quite some time and it's exciting to see it finally finished. C:

You can watch the process of how I made this picture here:
4 commentstorkirby
Needle Kirby -remake-476 viewsA remake of an old picture that I posted here back in the summer of 09.

Yes I know I haven't been here forever, but I just want to put there here really quick.
Poyo.640 viewsEver heard of the gentlemen meme? well this is it in kirby form so yeah... dats it. Just wanted to post something new.1 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Classic Meta Knight549 viewsShading practice?
enjoy :D
chocolate(claymation)601 viewshaven't uploaded anything in a while so here a little something to show i'm still goes a little fast and at the end i ran out of room and couldn't fit the ending in.plasmakirby
Happiness before the end709 viewsIn Cappy Town in the anime, NME has sent a giant Meteor to crush the planet in an desperate effort to kill Kirby, pretty much taking him and everyone with him. Here's King Dedede enjoying his last moments in Cappy Town with Kirby by destroying a statue he selfishly built for himself, and replaced it with a Playground for Kirby. This is one of the few times Anime Dedede actually shows kindness to Kirby. Still, regardless, I don't care for Anime Dedede too much, wish he wasn't so malicious to Kirby.Scrooge Mcduck
kirby charms433 viewsi've been making charms lately so here are some of the kirby ones.plasmakirby
Super Tuff Pink Puff's 20nth Anniversary372 viewsLong time since I ever posted anything in my gallery... but anyway! I hope it isn't too late for me to post it here as well for the anniversary year, but this is better than nothing, yes?

I did this with my sis: I made the sketch, the lineart and the background, while my sis provided the colors and the cake with the little cute'n'cartoony oldschool GB-white Kirby on it. (-^2^-)

Indeed Kirby, thanks so much for getting to be one of your biggest fans all these years. You're my most favourite VG hero!
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