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Efrite - Bowties Are Cool737 viewsI don't even3 commentsGalactic Knight 09
anim models613 viewsafter looking through files on my computer i found some models that i made with anim8or and decided to upload them it shows bubble,fire,kirby,and parasol.2 commentsplasmakirby
A Heart For Waddle Dees549 viewsI...just...can´t!..;___;Hisui
kirby and the maximato628 viewsanother claymation about kirby growing his maximato hope you like it.4 commentsplasmakirby
stylus 3412 viewsthis is the third batch of styluses that i made it shows a galacta knight,deyarned prince fluff,waddle doo,and hi jump styluses.plasmakirby
kirby vs 02383 viewsthis took about 2 to3 hours to complete and its not even that long but still here it is a little animation of kirby fighting 02.bye the way i forgot to shad his shoe at the end on the ds so i had to do it on the computer and so it doesn't look good.plasmakirby
Fusilier Kirby403 viewsI was going to upload this yesterday, but... what's this I hear about KRR getting hacked?! D:
Anyways, Kirby is dressed up like the Fusilier moogles from Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (GREAT game by the way). Here's what they look like:
There's just something bothering me about this picture, and that's the cliff! But I can't tell what's bothering me about it...
Well, enjoy :D ...and no more scares like this plz dun want KRR 2 b haxorz...
kirby air ride 3ds machine ideas 300 viewsyesterday i found out that there pre orders out for games coming to th 3ds this year they were DK,super smash bros, and a kirby one it has a fan made box art but it still could be here are some machines ideas that i thought up.wheelie tank has a very poor speed,turn and glide a high defense/offense no boost and charge and no,sub star able to go under water poor glide decent defense poor turn decent boost/turn,and all terrain star able to drive on all types of terrain and has sam stats as warpstar. plasmakirby
Kracko Doodle305 viewsHaven't been on the gallery in forever, so here's a quick doodle of Kirby and Kracko I did haphazardly while messing with a brush in GIMP. Lazy as it is, I enjoyed drawing it, I might do more. Full view's better, as always.AlexTheLlama
Mud Kirby327 viewsA Kirby Copy Ability made to represent the Ground type from Pokémon. The geyser gushing from his head is petrified. B/1: Mud Shoot: Kirby shoots some mud from his hat. Down + B/1: Earthquake: Kirby makes a small tremor.Kirby Rider
Thug Kirby457 viewsA theifish Copy Ability that was created to represent Dark from Pokémon. B/1: Steal: Kirby hits an opponent. If the opponent has a copy ability, Kirby will hold an abilitiy star.1 commentsKirby Rider
Hive Kirby368 viewsA Kirby Copy Ability made to represent the Bug Type from Pokémon. A/2 in midair: Float order: Kirby summons some bees to carry him. Shake Wiimote/Keep mashing D-pad: Swarm: A Swarm of bees engulfs Kirby. Right + B/1 (Facing Right): Attack order: Kirby sends some bees in a direction. If a swarm engulfs him, the attack will deal more damage. Block: Honey Restore: Some bees will fetch some honey. They will return it to their hive, healing Kirby.Kirby Rider
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