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Angry Kirbys689 viewsMixed feelings about this one..
On the one hand, I liked how I drew this and how it came out a lot like I imagined it. On the other hand, I don't think the way I colored and shaded it matched the drawing that much..
Kinda got lazy with the sky and ground as well..
ANYHOO, see if you can find all the little references to Kirby mass attack and the i-phone game Angry Birds!
..And be sure to adjust your computor screen's monitor to have less contrast so you can see the picture better! Full view helps too!
enjoy :D
4 commentsMetaKnight#1fan
kirby 10458 viewsa while ago i liked to watch a show called ben 10 and being a fan of kirby i mixed the two but these are the good ones the others i did not want to upload this shows jetray kirby upgrade kirby and diamondhead kirby,and also a kirby with the omnitrix both new and old hope you enjoy.2 commentsplasmakirby
Kirbys Tarot Cards1171 viewsThe whole set in one picture.=3
oh yeah, 22.03..?xDD
6 commentsHisui
Ultra Sword Kirby Practice415 viewsSo this is just a small practice of Ultra Sword Kirby that I made.

Hopefully I might've done better, but that's just me...
super nintendo girl
Sword Kirby Comic Style419 viewsAnother alternate art style practice with Sword Kirby this time. Recently trying out new styles to see which one suits me the best.2 commentssuper nintendo girl
Kirby Comic Style423 viewsLike the Sword Kirby Comic Style one I tried to do a similar approach hike drawing this regular pose on Kirby.1 commentssuper nintendo girl
enemies/food/items551 viewsthis is a big mash up of stuff it shows squishy,wapod,zebon,twister,a popsicle,cookie,brociolie,candy cane,pancake,star rod,master sword,galaxia,sword,throwing star,spear,rowdy battery,and a stylus that i made after i lost my real one. 2 commentsplasmakirby
stylus718 viewsthese are some stylus that i have made after i had lost the real one and after i made the spark one my sister wanted one too so i made here a sailor waddle dee stylus then came ultra sword and then purple kirby i'll going to make more later and i would be happy to take any requests.5 commentsplasmakirby
stylus 2444 viewsmy second batch of stylus this one shows meta knight blue kirby and 02 plasmakirby
Zali, this is not food!495 viewsmade on KRR oekaki. Full view for better quality!
The characters following Kirby are old OCs and appear many times in my gallery, but in case you don't feel like looking at my pics, here are the names: Zali and Shuba. They come from an universe parallel to Popstar, but due to some technical difficulties, their spaceship had to land where Kirby happened to be.
kirby vs meta knight(claymation)618 viewsthis is just a little claymation video i made very quickly because i was bored.2 commentsplasmakirby
Human Kirby - A Gijinka469 viewsSo yeah, I'm not very fond of the fact that a LOT of the Kirby Gijinkas are tall and skinny, BUT I STILL LIKE THE PICTURES, ok???

So yeah, I kind of see Kirby as this short, pudgy, 12 year old Japanese kid.
2 commentsFuture-Gamefreak
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