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Initial Cards


In this part appear the most basic cards in Kirby Trading Card Game

27 files, last one added on Mar 12, 2010
Album viewed 566 times

Galaxy Soldier Army Deck


This deck have some of the most powerful characters of all kirby´s saga. The great and Powerful Star Warriors (G.S.A.)

18 files, last one added on Nov 21, 2013
Album viewed 464 times

Friendship Force Deck


This deck contains the power of all animals friends of kirby. The most powerful thing in this deck is the Friendship

9 files, last one added on Oct 25, 2008
Album viewed 309 times

Waddle Deck


This deck have all cards from all waddles of the game. And also have the unique and great power of the mighty Waddle Dee Army.

8 files, last one added on Aug 10, 2010
Album viewed 338 times

The Super New Models of kirby.


Appear tha new models of the new games of kirby.
Kirby Trading Card Game (KTCG)
Kirby Aura Adventure (KAA)
And also appear the new characters, moves and power.
I hope that you like it.

51 files, last one added on Aug 15, 2016
Album viewed 1714 times

Dedede's Kingdom Deck


In this deck appear the most powerful cards in King Dedede`s Castle

4 files, last one added on Oct 13, 2008
Album viewed 306 times

Escargoon's Domain Deck


This deck belongs to escargoon and he thinks that his deck is most powerfull that king dedede´s deck. But what is the best, The King or the Servant?

4 files, last one added on Oct 13, 2008
Album viewed 289 times

Colorful Canvas Deck


In this deck uses all colors of the rainbow to defeat the opponent, although only have the Paint Type, has a great and awesome power and also can change the aura of the opponent´s deck.

5 files, last one added on May 28, 2016
Album viewed 331 times

Bugzzy's Jungle Deck


In this deck appear all forms of bugzzy and his insectoids friends that live in Beetle Jungle

4 files, last one added on Dec 26, 2008
Album viewed 289 times

Dark Matter Galaxy Deck


In this deck appear all forms of Matter as: Dark Matter, Zero, Zero 2, Drawcia, Dark Mind, Nightmare, Dark Nebula, among others and their evolved forms.

11 files, last one added on Dec 19, 2014
Album viewed 378 times

Animals Rebelion Deck


This deck is controlled by animals that are planing a rebellion against humans and other creatures

3 files, last one added on Aug 22, 2008
Album viewed 281 times

Aircraft Force Base Deck


In this deck appear all creatures of 01, 02, 03 ,04 and Central Aircraft Station.

2 files, last one added on Aug 03, 2008
Album viewed 267 times

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Random files - Kiroscarby's Gallery
Black Matter (Halloween Present to KRR)1234 viewsThis is Black Matter, is the transformation of Aura Matter when controls the black aura. In this way his get a dark appearance and was overloaded with the power of Dark Matter, one of its claws is the Nightmare Claw and the other is a powerful machine gun, and also gets his wings as a form of Meta Knight. Their matters are transformed into:
. Dark Matter: Control the darkness type.
. Demon Matter: Control the demon type (It's the opposite of Zero2).
. Spellcaster Matter: Control the spellcaster type.
. Matter Matter: Control the matter type (First Idea Millennium Matter).
. Weapons Matter: Control the weapons type.
. Ghost Matter: Control the ghost type.

5 commentsKiroscarby
Blueguin Lv 5332 viewsThis is Blueguin, is the pet of Blue Kirby
The pets gets the same abilities of their master, he can uses cold attacks as blue Kirby and he also can up his level.
But pets gets attacks that their only have. In KAA you can choose to create a Helper or call a Pet but both are powerful. And in KAA appear a game called "Pet to Master" similar to "Helper to Hero" but in it you only play with the pets.
His attacks are: Ice Peck, Ice Beam, Iced Shot, among other.
For example, in this level he is using the Ice Beam.

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
Burnis357 viewsThis is burnis. I appear in Kirby: Crystal Shards, now besides throwing aerial fire strikes and his self-destruct to burn opponent, he can also shoot a little flamethrower of his mouth.

Lives in Molten Mountain

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
Paint Roller 2.0608 viewsThis is the version 2.0 of the previous card Paint Roller.
Paint Roller, evolved form of Paint Skate. He together with Chameleon Arm and Ado are the unique bosses that have the great power of the amazing Paint. He appears in few games as: Kirby`s Adventure, Nightmare in Dreamland, Avalanche and his best title of all, the great "Kirby Canvas Curse". Apart to be a boss he is one of the best artist of all, although sometimes only draws scribbles he can draw magnific pieces of art and also he has the power to give life to each one of his creations.
His common attacks are: take down the opponent at great speed and draws his creations to attack the opponent. But now in KAA he receive new powers and attacks as: shoot a paint ball form his brush (If kirby or kirba inhale it they get the Paint Ability), increases his speed for create a major damage and create invicible paint to hide from his opponents.
His style is unique and his power is amazing, nobody has a great talent as him, possible only other Painter Bosses (Ado, Chameleon Arm).
Note: If he becomes invicible, with the attack "Paint Out" of Paint Ability you can see him again, as when fight against Chameleon Arm.

Lives in Canvas Castle

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
2.0. Versions
Magboy369 viewsThis is Magboy, evolved form of Magny, in this way Magboy only has two lava tentacles to attack their opponents, he can also shed rays of fire and throw stones of volcanic magma. But his most powerfull attack is a super strong ray of magma but he need to be able to absorb a lot of lava to throw it.

Only live in Molten Mountain

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
Mace Knight559 viewsThis is Mace Knight, evolved form of Mace. He appears in many games of epic Kirby's Saga, as: Kirby's Adventure, Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland, Kirby Super Star, among others. He is a strong warrior and with his poweful armor any opponent that appear in his way can defeat him. He belongs to the select elite of warriors known as "The Meta Knights", this mighty elite is commanded by the legendary Meta Knight. His abilities combined together with the power of Mace create an incredible strength that can demolish any wall in a few seconds. He has one of the best offensives of all warriors, the heavy mace can create an amazing impact plus the needles around of it can create a severe damage at anything that crash against it. Also, the chain allows the mace to hit at long distance and with it he can wrap the opponent, neutralizing his escape. This create a powerful offensive combo. His armor gives defense but it is weak, to balance this weakness his visor allows to him has one of best the aim of all.
For all these things and for his skills he gets the sobriquet of "The Unstoppable Crane" because nothing can stop his powerful mace and because his attacks rarely fail. Some of his abilities are: swing his mace to hit the opponent, throw the mace to the opponent, run quickly around the stage while swing his mace, use his mace as a shield to protect himself, wrap the opponent with the chain, aim the opponent with his visor, among others.
Apart to belong at G.S.A. and be one of the best warrior of all, he has an important role with the "Meta Knights". This powerful elite has the mighty battleship Halberd at their disposition. Mace Knight is the attendant of the Supply Room of Halberd, he guards the supply of the battleship (food, oil, ammo, weapons, tools, among other things) without his important role on Halberd, it hasn't supplies to survive. Mace Knight is a great warrior but together with the other Meta Knights they can defeat all enemy that appear in their way.

Lives in Galaxy Soldier Army and Battleship Halberd (in it he travels around the universe).

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby Aura Adventure
2 commentsKiroscarby
Flamer333 viewsThis is Flamer.He appears in: Kirby Adventure. Now flamer can throw fire for his eye to his enemies and can explode when he is close to you.

Lives in Molten Mountain

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
Waddla Doo637 viewsThis is Waddla Doo, evolved form of Waddla Dee and the female in the Waddle Doo species (as Kirba is the female in the Kirby species). She joins to the adventure in the new games of Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby's Aura Adventure. At same that Waddle Doo she appears in many stages but less that him, she has the same powers and abilities of Waddle Doo but she has some abilities more too. Some of her abilities are: shoot a beam from her eye (waddla doo's beam is pink instead of orange), view the opponents to long distance, feel the enemy's vibrations with her long eyelashes and attract the male opponents to control them. Some Waddla Doos belongs to the royal army of Queen Dedede, the great "Waddla Dee Army". Her power is excelent to boost the power of this mighty army.
She is one of the most beautiful creatures of all, this combined with her powerful abilities makes that Waddla Doo be a dangerous opponent. She loves stay with Waddle Doo and if both combine they powers and abilities they'll create an incredible team and only another incredible team (as Kirby and Kirba) can defeat them. But other way, Waddla Doo is very kind but sometimes is a little shy, if you want that she become your friend you need to meet her better.
In the Waddla Dee Army, Waddla Doos guide the army and guide all Waddla Dees, this makes that the responsibility not only fall in one, for that the Waddla Dee Army is one of the best organized armies of all and its teamwork makes that this army become almost invincible. Many Waddla Doos are propety of Queen Dedede and they'll defend her queen at any cost but only if they receive the best thing in world, the sacred food, yummy.

Lives in anyplace, with few exceptions but appears more on Ripple Star.

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
2 commentsKiroscarby

Last additions - Kiroscarby's Gallery
Squashini Cosplay582 viewsA squashini cosplay that i made for Halloween.
I hope you like it :3
1 commentsKiroscarbyNov 23, 2016
Robobot Armor Water Mode 620 viewsSorry for the late guys, but finally my Water Mode is done.
This is my entry for the Robobot Armor contest, the Water Mode.
When this mode is in the Water, the armor changes its form for the Hydro Rocket form. With it you can cross the waters at high speed.

Read more about Water Mode on the IF contest!!!

I hope you like it :)

Drawn on Ilustrator
1 commentsKiroscarbyAug 15, 2016
Gobbler1185 viewsCharacteristics:
- Aura: Blue
- Type: Fish
- Atk/Def: 42/29
- Family: Criature
- Class: Common
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Male

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
KiroscarbyAug 02, 2016
Daroach367 viewsCharacteristics:
- Aura: Purple
- Type: Thief
- Atk/Def: 41/41
- Family: Squeak Squad
- Class: Effect
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Male

Effect: This card Attack and Defense increases +5 for each "Squeak Squad" card on your field side. You can send a "Squeak Squad" card from your hand to the trash to draw a card from your deck.

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
KiroscarbyJul 04, 2016
Moley357 viewsCharacteristics:
- Aura: Brown
- Type: Ground
- Atk/Def: 28/28
- Family: Squeak Squad
- Class: Common
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Male

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
KiroscarbyJun 22, 2016
Muddy721 viewsMy second entry for the Different Double Contest.
The chilly´s cousin from the southern desertic lands, Muddy.

Read more about Muddy on the If contest!!!

I hope you like him :)
3 commentsKiroscarbyJun 02, 2016
Hail Dark Matter!698 viewsBased in Captian America meme.
All this time Meta Knight was a warrior who works for Dark Matter. One of our strongest allies is now our enemy.
What can we do now?
2 commentsKiroscarbyJun 01, 2016
Chameleo Arm392 viewsCharacteristics:
- Aura: White
- Type: Paint
- Atk/Def: 31/31
- Family: Creature
- Class: Effect
- Level: Ultra
- Gender: Male

Effect: Pay 1 aura point from any aura and this card can change its aura color to any color that you want.

KTCG by Kiroscarby Kirbmaster
KiroscarbyMay 28, 2016