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Aru's Kirby Fan art album


These are fan arts of Kirby whom Aru drew.

59 files, last one added on Mar 10, 2009
Album viewed 463 times

Aru's "Kirby Cosmic Chaos" Fan art


Kirby Cosmic Chaos is a game that passionate Kirby's fan are producing.
I root for these great game staff, and am drawing fan art.
Thanks Minon, GBAKirbster2007, and all KCCh staff!!

33 files, last one added on Mar 22, 2009
Album viewed 324 times

Aru's another Fan art album


Fan arts other than Kirby.
Of course, Kirby is the main here.
Contents of this album will be made only a little.

3 files, last one added on Mar 03, 2009
Album viewed 115 times

Kirby copied other characters


This is parody. Other characters are mixed with Kirby.
Mix with other game characters is main.

6 files, last one added on Jan 18, 2009
Album viewed 122 times

4 albums on 1 page(s)

Random files - aru's Gallery
If Geek becomes helper628 viewsGeek is enemy. But he is funny and cute.
Perhaps, he doesn't become helper in game.
However, fan art is freedom!
1 commentsaru
Gravity ability Simple1 -by KCCh-659 views* from the Kirby Cosmic Chaos *

This is a state before processing the picture of Gravity ability.
3 commentsaru
Toon Neo637 views5 commentsaru
Wings Glydar (My little arrangement)620 views1 commentsaru
Fan ability -by KCCh-931 views* from the Kirby Cosmic Chaos *

I like Fan Kirby's design.
Minon deformed the Orient style wonderfully.
4 commentsaru
Kirby found a twinkling star1468 views6 commentsaru
Gravity, Mechanic, Wood, Water Kirbys1133 viewsThese abilities can be seen in Kirby Cosmic Chaos.
By the way, my interpretation is a little different from official design.
8 commentsaru
King Dedede (Simple color)804 views2 commentsaru

Last additions - aru's Gallery
Kirby, Emperor Neo, Meta Knight863 viewsI omitted it because it was ill-balanced though Dedede was scheduled to be put (><)3 commentsaruMar 22, 2009
=D2202 viewsI like this English emoticon "=D".
This looks like Kirby's smile!
By the way, Japanese emoticon inclines an angle of 90 to the right and is expressed.('v')

Oh? Apparently, my pic became just 100.
KRR staff, always thank you for the place in the happy gallery!
4 commentsaruMar 10, 2009
ARIGATOU, Daimyo!736 viewsPlease forgive my up-loading of its avatar.
(She is one of the old original characters of not avatar but me to be precise. )

Dedede-Daimyo dressed a beautiful kimono to her...!
Daimyo, Thank you so much. I am very lucky beggar~! XD

Pompon of the pink color should be a position of the navel.
But, I wanted to show it. Therefore, I drew like this~.
The background used a free texture to which Japanese paper was scanned.
3 commentsaruMar 03, 2009
Toon Neo637 views5 commentsaruFeb 21, 2009
Hothead981 viewsThis is not a too famous enemy.
But I love Hothead. His looks is so cute. =D
I think that such touch suits him.
6 commentsaruFeb 20, 2009
Tulip873 viewsIt's joooooke.
I am sometimes mischief.
8 commentsaruFeb 20, 2009
Efrite's Dark matter cosplay556 viewsI think that someone says me like this. =P
"She drew this as I had expected".
3 commentsaruFeb 18, 2009
KCCh Efrite676 viewsBecause I love him, his appearance is happy News!
5 commentsaruFeb 18, 2009