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Random files - Fan Art Galleries
The Squeak Squad227 viewsGuess what game I got for Christmas?... SQUEAK SQUAD!! Yeah, an addictively fun game- short, but addictive nevertheless. After playing the game for about 6 hours straight, I was inspired to make this here. Not my best work, but I was a tad bit rushed.1 commentsChibi- Pohatu
Turtwig Kirby!529 viewsI have make a turtwig kirby ^^2 commentsMeta-Knight-And-Kirby
02 (Zero Two) Paperart435 viewsZero Two, awesome boss from the first Kirby game I played and owned. xD

Yes, first. But I played the more classics afterwards. ;)

1 commentsPikmingirl
Kracko 2.0445 viewsThis is the version 2.0 of the previous card Kracko.
Kracko, evolved form of Kracko Jr (although he also is another form of Nimbus). He is one of the most classic and veteran bosses of all because he appears in many games of the epic Kirby`s Sage (KDL, KDL2, KDL3, KSS, KSSU, KCC, among others). He is a member of the great family that have the power to control the weather (Weathians) but his style in the use of the power of Thunder is very different compared with the Nimbus`s Style. Some of his attacks are: shoot a double beam from his tips, create a rain over the opponent, hit the opponent with a electric take down, throw to the battle some enemies (Waddle Doo, Starman, Mini Kracko or Flamer) or shoot his beams to different directions.
In KAA he can use a two new attacks: 1.- Recharge some electricity in his eye and shoot it in a form of great beam (as Waddle Doo recharge his beam). 2.- Shoot his tips to the opponent and later create new tips (his tips give Needle).
Each one of the weathians was assigned to look after a especific part of his Realm (The Sky), Kracko was assigned to look after the Clouds known as "Bubbly Clouds"
Together with Nimbus are the unique Weathians that can control the power of Thunder so good as nothing.
Note: In KAR appears the "Kracko`s Item" to call him, is possible that the same item will appear in KTCG or KAA. Be careful with his Thunder.

Lives in Bubbly Clouds but as he`s a Weathian he can travel for all they Realm.

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
2.0. Versions
Tozo Visor Up262 viewsWhen the visor is up, It's time to run.

The actual screen in front of his eyes is a hardlight holographic, so it vanishes when he put it down. That mass of energy behind him is an attack I plan on making him use during the Comic. As for the pairs of eyes watching him, those are his inner emotions taking shape around the energy, both Rage and Clarity. The large eye forming at the center, is Tozo's mind's eye.

2 commentsLord Deguass
Different Double IF Contest Sprites636 viewsTall image! These sprites are all based on the entries from the recent IF Contest, Different Double. (With a few extras...) All sprites were obtained from The Spriters' Resource.5 commentsTopmonhit
Happy New Year: of the Tiger~!2450 viewsGong xi fa cai, Rainbow Resort =D Today is Chinese New Year and~... wait... it was on the 14th, not the 16th? But that was Valentines Day! You just can't compete with that... (tch, my region scheduled it for the 6th, but I was snowed in that day and couldn't go). Aiya, anyway, this is a work in progress that I intend to finish someday soon. Here, you can witness my artist's process: the first steps of plain pencil and brushed-ink on watercolor-paper. I tried to parody the insanely cheerful and surreal design of Chinese New Year cards and calenders, as well as insert as many Kirby/holiday-related characters and items as possible. For example, did you know that Kagamimochi and Mikarin from KDL3 are based on an actual traditional food eaten at New Years? I will later watercolor this for great beauty and enjoyment. The original file will be deleted.

This black-and-white (for now) artwork is the final picture I will upload here, that is, until next week when my other black-and-white “greatest creation” is finally unveiled! Yes, I have finally completed my oft-mentioned Mailbag Manga (just have to fill in all the text)! This is literally my most ambitious and biggest undertaking for the site yet (20 full pages of awesome art and/or story); do not miss it on MailbagMangaMonday~! {And, whether it be from lack of mail or just the high anticipation from fellow baggers, I thank you Admins for postponing the upcoming #75 issue, as it has given me time to complete everything with relative ease. Thankyo-Thankyo~ I'm positive my grandiose-efforts will not go unfulfilled~!}
9 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Bone Kirby848 viewsThis is an ability I thought up, Bone Kirby. For attacking he swings that bone around like a club. Think of it kinda like a combination of Sword and Hammer. Enjoy.2 commentsmetadoo

Last additions - Fan Art Galleries
Wave6249 viewsIt's been a while... as you can see, I have improved my art a lot since 2016. Drawn this month on Colors! 3D for the Nintendo 3DS.BeanbonFeb 12, 2018
Emperor D'roar, Empress Ph'ness, and Qinion6720 viewsMy entry to the latest Interactive Fandom contest here at KRR.
D'roar is a Dragon, Ph'ness is a Phoenix, and Qinion is sorta both, sorta a Qilin (Kirin).
They rule the empire of Midland.
They are my babies. I love them. Don't eat my babies!
Everyone go submit to the IF contest now or you are terrible fans and Kirby hates you.
Sorry, I'm beat~

(Stolen background is stolen-- Wikimedia Commons Fair Use)
Dedede-DaimyoJun 19, 2017
KSSU Style Susie1154 viewsI tried to mimic the art style used for Super Star Ultra's promotional art.1 commentsLunarHalo24Feb 22, 2017
Purple Doo817 viewsAnother test doodle.JuluneFeb 03, 2017
Kirdoodle1031 viewsA simple test drawing done on my new tablet.JuluneFeb 03, 2017
Fanmade Kirby's Rainbow Resort logo! :D490 viewsAfter looking at the logo for kirby's rainbow resort for longer than usual, I decided to draw my own take on the logo :DCyanHyprPsychicJan 28, 2017
Kirby And The Amazing Mirror Wallpaper499 viewsReupload cuz I accidently deleted my fanart album. Derp.CyanHyprPsychicJan 28, 2017
"Kirby Kirby Kirby! Savin' the day! Kirby Kirby Kirby, he's here to stay!"452 viewsreupload. derp.CyanHyprPsychicJan 28, 2017