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Random files - Fan Art Galleries
Kirby and his family495 viewsI haven't uploaded a pic here for months, so here a pic. This was for a contest for a Kirby group in DA.Kirby-4-ever
Sirica/Silica Test532 viewsI wanna test that effect with Sirica pic. And it turned out good

And i never draw Sirica really fine like this... true.

Photoshop element!!!
5 commentsMix in marx
Clay Keeby386 viewsI made a clay model of Keeby. It took a while, but it was worth it.

Sorry if the color of the feet and cheeks look inaccurate, I had to mix lots of red and yellow clay to get orange.
Redsaur Lv 5318 viewsThis is Redsaur, is the pet of Red Kirby.
This pet at same that his master gets the ability to create great attacks with the power of the fire, his scales are very resistant to hot attacks and can combine his fire attacks with the fire attacks created by his master.
His attacks are: Flame Shot, Heat Charge, Flame Ball, among others.

For example, in this level he is using the attack Flame Shot.

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
3 commentsKiroscarby
kribbly supa star938 viewsVarious sketches based on Kirby Super Star.

My favorite is the one of Wham Bam Rock yelling at Kirby.
3 commentsDiddgery
Kirby :3442 viewsAn animation I made recently. :3 Not sure if it works here but my link to it on dA is -> linkclariecandy
Kracko363 viewsThis is Kracko, evolved form of Kracko Jr. Now Kracko besides throw a big rain and lightning on his opponents, he can absorb the electric attacks from the opponent to restore his energy or use this energy making stronger his electric attacks.
He belongs to Weathians

Lives in Bubbly Clouds

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
Kirby sitting on a cloud.622 viewsKirby, sitting on a cloud...not much else to be said here.

5 commentsWannabe

Last additions - Fan Art Galleries
Happy Birthday Marxie563 viewsToday's the anniversary of the first time I uploaded a drawing of Marxie here on KRR back in 2010 and to me that's pretty special so here's a drawing of her to celebrate.
Marxie2132Aug 10, 2021
Sectonia Soul11015 viewsShe can't hear you anymore
//In other news I can post here again?? Goodness I'm so glad this place is still around!!!!
Marxie2132Dec 31, 2020
Sparkle (lies)5094 viewsCreated December 7, 2018Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019
Hat4370 viewsCreated December 10, 2018 (probably)Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019
Disdain192 viewsCreated December 10, 2018Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019
Nervous328 viewsCreated December 14, 2018Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019
Happy252 viewsCreated December 22, 2018 (probably not)Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019
Wings184 viewsCreated December 22, 2018 (probably)Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019