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Rainbow Resort GalleriesSpecial-purpose galleries for use by the Rainbow Resort site.
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5,370 files in 15,137 albums and 2 categories with 16,758 comments viewed 4,516,146 times

Random files
Kirby's all muddy and wet301 viewsWhare did the mud come from............. KIRBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kirby-4-ever
Kirby And Stafy Beachfun<31496 viewsthey are so alike~<3310 commentsHisui
Kapar1604 viewsKapar the Kappa. The Japanese water-imp with a love of cucumbers and a fragile dome-shaped head. Kapar are generally found near/ in water where they employ amphibious tactics to attack/ evade Kirby. The "hair" surrounding their bald scalp is actually a saw-like disk that they can send flying across the screen. Thus, Kapar is a cutter ability holding enemy. Though nowhere as sinister as their mythological counterparts, Kapar are still very tricky and annoying at times. You know, like how they jump right up in front of you so you'll collide with them, or how they swim after you and throw their disks under water?! For me, it's a love-hate relationship...3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Samurai Kirby361 viewsI was going for the "Painted" look with samurai Kirby
and the Japanese characters on the sides say Samurai in Japanese.
Kirby's New Friends459 viewsFrom Epic Yarn. I love all of their challenges, although I'm currently stuck on all of them. Zeke's my favorite. Do they remind anyone else of the Pixls from Super Paper Mario? I mean, one of them's even named after a Pixl.1 commentsAero
Dark matter swordsman625 viewsI don't have a picture of this guy yet.
I kinda messed on a few things but I still think it came out good.
I changed the eye to red on purpose. EDIT: sorry the hair is so hard to see! =(
4 commentsDestructo-Knight
Fighter Grapple473 views2 commentsaru
Happy New Year!218 viewsSorry this was a bit late ^^; Happy New Year KRR!kirbywarpstargirl

Last additions
Beanbon Cake Remake (Sorry No Pun) and Mercury Djinni Cake190 viewsI do not need to really describe the picture, other than that it is my birthday, a picture of the previous Beanbon cake from 2016 is on the gallery if you want to see what it looked like, and I am obsessed with Golden Sun.

Uploading here is still a pain by the way.
BeanbonApr 30, 2022
Kirby Card Drawing #11171 viewsYes, I’m back to posting on the Gallery, because someone’s got to do it, and it certainly isn’t anyone else.

One of three Kirbies I made for a card. This one is based on a piece of artwork from Kirby’s Dream Land. You know the one.

Also, thanks for making my last drawing one of the most viewed pieces on the Gallery. No, really.

(On a side note, it is an absolute pain trying to upload a picture here.)
BeanbonDec 24, 2021
2885 viewsKawasakiSep 12, 2021
Happy Birthday Marxie3134 viewsToday's the anniversary of the first time I uploaded a drawing of Marxie here on KRR back in 2010 and to me that's pretty special so here's a drawing of her to celebrate.
Marxie2132Aug 10, 2021
Sectonia Soul12588 viewsShe can't hear you anymore
//In other news I can post here again?? Goodness I'm so glad this place is still around!!!!
Marxie2132Dec 31, 2020
Sparkle (lies)5198 viewsCreated December 7, 2018Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019
Hat4394 viewsCreated December 10, 2018 (probably)Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019
Disdain218 viewsCreated December 10, 2018Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019