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Rainbow Resort GalleriesSpecial-purpose galleries for use by the Rainbow Resort site.
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5,380 files in 15,182 albums and 2 categories with 16,758 comments viewed 4,524,489 times

Random files
Bomb Kirby!403 viewsMy 3rd sculpt so far! Bomb Kirby has 2 different hats that I'll show you all soon.2 commentsheyitskirby
Bombar405 viewsThis is bombar, evolved form of Shooty now Bombar besides shed its missiles on a horizontal and vertical its opponents, and hit its opponents, can also throw bombs, made faster and throw a big bomb to destroy its opponents .
But now is more dangerous than before.

Lives in Aircracf Central Station

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby´s Aura Adventure
Triple Paint Rod Kirby352 viewsKirby has has eaten the Triple Star Rod while it was colored in paint.DeDeDe Crusher
Twighlight for Red Metaknightess 2259 viewsFor Redmetaknightess! You're awesome!2 commentsA Kirby and his Cheese
super ball kirby167 viewssuper ball'sd so happy...
i've got nothin' else to say.
Marx2979 viewsThe Super Star Sculpture Set finishes up today with two well known bosses. Marx first appears as a jolly little friend, comparable to Poppy Bros., who lays out the events of Milky Way Wishes, and urges Kirby to find the Wish-granting NOVA. However, all of this is really a ploy to beat Kirby to NOVA and wish for "OMG, UBER POWERZ!!1" so he may take over Popstar. In his transformed state, Marx can fly, shoot waves of arrows, drop an ice bomb, release multiple cutters, attack with thorny rose vines, and even fire his almighty laser! Anyway, Marx is eventually defeated by Kirby, with his collection of Copy Ability Essences. For a more intense and 'makes-more-sense' review of the character, be sure to read Bimblesnaff's “Fan Thoughts” critique. This sculpture's arms/ upper wings have a wire skeleton within to prevent breakage; also held up by a wire base. His hexagonal 'feathers' are painted on a clear piece of plastic attached to the back of his wings. Over all, this figure is pretty dang long...7 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Agenda Kirby Doodles648 viewsCollage of doodles of Kirby and others made in school with pencils, pens, high-lighters, anything I had on me. xD Haven't actually put in serious time to draw anything in a long while, and I won't be drawing anytime soon either. : (3 commentstundrarain
Journey Diary -14-1243 views3 commentsDal

Last additions
He is angry and so am I40 viewsI don't think I need to even mention the bacon rule anymore because KRR truly is dead at this point. Forums, gallery, main site. It's all inactive.

But hey, it's like Kirby himself said, even though the times are kind of tough, moping won't be enough.

Now, you may be asking, not enough to do what? Umm... I guess it won't be enough to revive KRR? I've certainly tried all these years.

Even if everyone else leaves, though, I'll stick around.
BeanbonSep 19, 2022
168 viewsIt's been a real long time. Well over 10 years since I've touched this site overall, but when I learned the return of this place, I figured I'd do something for nostalgia's sake. It's rather unlikely that I may post again after this but who knows.

But I wanted to show like a poster idea for my Kirby Anime side story based on the character Knuckle Joe called True Might.
ArrolAug 11, 2022
Versus Zero296 viewsoh god [the eye] is comingkirby-kaabii-poyoJul 20, 2022
254 viewskirby-kaabii-poyoJul 20, 2022
136 viewskirby-kaabii-poyoJul 20, 2022
Bundle of Kirbs26 viewsmany lil boyskirby-kaabii-poyoJul 20, 2022
Kirb10 viewsa kirb i did a few years agokirby-kaabii-poyoJul 20, 2022
Milestone Super Stars141 viewsMy last drawing for the Front Page Picture Challenge (six years ago) was never added to the site, so I’m trying again.

This drawing should be roughly the correct size and the correct format this time.

This drawing is self explanatory. It was made to celebrate the anniversary of both Super Star and its remake.

I really hope this picture gets added to the front page. It is Kirby’s 30th anniversary, after all.
BeanbonJun 23, 2022