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Kitaro/ Kirby Crossover

Happy Halloween, Kirby's Rainbow Resort! This year, Daimyo's conjured- up something great for the holiday spooktacular; a “Gegege no Kitaro” & “Hoshi no Kirby” Crossover! But, just what is this Kitaro, you may ask? Gegege no Kitaro (AKA: Kitaro of the Graveyard) is Japan's most famous classical manga about Yokai (mischievous Japanese spirits/ creatures) with an anime spanning nearly 6 whole series (one every decade)! Created in 1959 by Manga-ka, Shigeru Mizuki, it tells the story of a goblin-boy and his bizarre Yokai friends who get into freaky adventures, and meet even creepier characters, all while trying to preserve the peace between the human and Yokai realms. There have even been two movies made of the series to date; yet despite all of this, Gegege no Kitaro remains in Japan, untranslated, while the rest of the world (or, at least the U.S.) misses out, much to my dismay. I love all of the creative and often humorous Yokai-monsters of Japan, and just thought that it would be appropriate (and necessary!) to present the Resort with a little something this Hallow's Eve. So, with that, Have fun finding all the Kirby and Kitaro characters listed here~!
(1) Kirby with Witch's Hat and Star Rod (design credit goes to Aru <3) (2) King Dedede) (3) Waddle Dee) (4) Waddle Doo) (5) Scarfy) (6) Two-Face) (7) Mr. P. Umpkin) (8) Flapper) (9) Booler) (10) Skuller) (11) Rocky) (12) Ax Knight) (13) Meta Knight) (14) Drifter) (15) Jumper Shoot) (16) Blocky) (17) Real Dark Matter) (18) TAC) (19) Gooey) (20) Pitch) (21) Nago) (22) Magoo) (23) Nidoo) (24) Keke) (25) Oro) (26) Como) (27) Wapod) (28) Klinko) (29) Sasuke) (30) Kapar) (31) Haboki) (32) Ghost Knight) (33) Mite) (34) Blink Bat ) (35) Doroach) (36) Squeakers) (37) Angelap (38) Crowcaw) (39) Marx Soul) (40) *Bonus: Daimyo-the-Dead & Fright-Light)
(1) Kitaro: one-eyed yokai-boy protagonist; has many abilities, including geta-sandals which he can launch at enemies) (2) Medama-Oyaji: Kitaro's wise, eyeball-father) (3) Nazumi-Otoko: rat-man; conniving, sometimes-friend of Kitaro) (4) Neko-Musume: cat-girl; often cute, but has a split-personality) (5) Sunakake-Babaa: sand-throwing witch; adviser to Kitaro) (6) Konaki-Jijii: old man who cries like a baby; when someone tries to pick him up, he'll turn to stone) (7) Nurikabe: insurmountable, living, plastered wall) (8) Ittan-Momen: Kitaro's long, flying roll of cotton cloth) (9) Rokurokubi: woman who's neck can stretch infinitely (10) Kasa-Bake: umbrella-ghost; exactly like Jumpershoot) (11) Yobuko: one-legged child wearing a straw rain hat; makes echos) (12) Kawa-Uso: anthropomorphic river-otter with a paper lantern) (13) Amabie: little mermaid from Kimamoto) (14) Azukiari: old codger washing Adzuki beans; shoki-shoki) (15) Kappa: dome-headed river spirit; turtle-like) (16) Ohaguro-Bettari: woman with no facial features besides a mouth of black teeth/ blue lips) (17) Baki-zori: straw sandal come to life; tsukumogami) (18) Hito-Dama: flame of a person's soul) (19) Tofu-Kozo: cone-hat boy offering tofu) (20) Hone-ta: large boned child; literally has a skull for a head) (21) Neko-Mata: large, black cat with a traveler's pack) (22) Nurarihyon: old man with an elongated skull; the leader of the bad yokai and primary antagonist to Kitaro) (23) Shu no Bon: red-faced, wide-eyed underling of Nuraraihyon) (24) Sune-Kosuri: small, stout, puppy-like creature; rubs past the legs to trip passers-by) (25) Back Beard: giant black circle with branches and one wrinkled eye; the undisputed leader of western yokai) (26) *Bonus: Obake Q-Taro: funny white ghost; looks like Dedede) that last one is a character by Fujiko Fujio, added as a cameo~

YuYuKi(rby)_001.jpg Sir_Kibble_Ultra.JPG KRR_Halloween_2009_001.jpg Smash_Kirby.jpg MasterGreen.JPG
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AnimeKittyCafe   [Oct 31, 2009 at 02:19 PM]
Daimyo, once again, your knowledge, skill and culture all astound me! Laughing I, too, am interested in the mythical beings known as Yokai; it sounds like an interesting manga as well! (Why must Japan keep all the good ones to themselves??) This crossover pic is perfectly arranged, and your great sense for drawing accurate, comical expressions shines through! It seems to me like the Kirby series has a thing for these creatures, what with Jumpershoot, and a few other references. (Including a certain unnamed manga story with Kirby transforming into different Yokai!) As always, your pictures are informative, funny, detailed, bright, and creative! Keep it up! (I sure wish I got a pic in for Halloween....)
Qtie4U   [Oct 31, 2009 at 02:31 PM]
This is so cool~! I like how you've put Pitch in it.! Razz Gee, I had an idea too, but I didn't have time! CURSE YOU, EXAM WEEK!
heyitskirby   [Oct 31, 2009 at 07:41 PM]
Cool!! This is really good, but what is Kitaro? (not familier with much anime)
Mix in marx   [Nov 01, 2009 at 01:21 AM]
Ohohoho Dedede-Daimyo.. Again the idea really GOOD!!! Oh wow! What happen with Meta knight? @heyitskirby: Gegege no Kitaro is familiar anime in my place. It like the GHOST.. Hunter.. And to much japanese Ghost!! Shocked Shocked I liked when Kitaro launched a sandal (i dont know japanse sandal) throw to attack the ghost! Laughing
CandidGamera   [Nov 02, 2009 at 04:12 PM]
Wow! This. Is. Awesome.
Lost Hero   [Nov 02, 2009 at 08:37 PM]
What can I say that hasn't been said before? Excellent as always, Daimyo.
Hisui   [Nov 06, 2009 at 10:02 PM]
Maybe not good to write that here, but I have no idea how to write you back otherwise.xD" *is too dumb to find your profile* But anyway, of corse it´s good, the very best you can to is putting MANY charakters on one and the same paper.
Gallery Admin   [Nov 06, 2009 at 11:14 PM]
Don't feel bad about not being able to find profiles, Hisui; they are impossibly hidden on Coppermine. Click that (i) above and to the left of the picture, then scroll down and click on the artist's name which appears in the info below the image. And yes, that is the easiest way to the profile from a picture.

Comment 1 to 8 of 8
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