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Mischief Knight & Moon Knight

Thankyou, Bimblesnaff, for waiting for me all these months, so that I may finish my creations for the latest IF contest, before you drop the guillotine. I didn't see the submit option, but I didn't see anything saying there couldn't still be more submissions, so here are the two of mine, surely to be winners. I have been planning these guys since friggin' September of last year, but could only now finish, due to art-college. I humbly ask you may accept my entries. ~Daimyo.

**Mischief Knight**
Named after the night before Hallows Eve, Mischief Knight is Pop Star's biggest prankster (even more-so than Prank, himself). This puff-ball is violet in color and wears a mask of a halved jack-o-lantern. His yellow eyes peer through the pumpkin's mouth, like fangs- giving him a false-face, similar to Bukiset. His armor consists of pure season's sweets; the shoulders are made of mini chocolate peanut butter cups, while the shoes are candy corn colored. Protruding from the back of his head are two floppy points, akin to the style of a jester's hat, with dangling ghost and lollipop decorations. Like TAC, on his back, he carries a giant spherical sack, filled with stolen candy, and imprinted with a large spiderweb motif. Mischief Knight brandishes a tall candlestick as a weapon and swings it like a sword.

His basic attack is a quick downward swing with the candle, however, he will sometimes swing the candle back up again, which will create a brief fire-forcefield, good for blocking a single attack. Another candle-attack involves him using the stick's flame like a blowtorch. Mimicking Meta Knight's move, a wave of fire ripples across the ground until it hits a wall, where it will produce an inhalable star. If the foe is persistently flying above Mischief Knight's reach, the prankster is able to shoot his bag up in an attempt to either score a hit, or use the spiderweb-print sack to actually stick to the ceiling, allowing him to fight in the air until it releases. Mischief Knight goes “Egging” for a projectile-based attack. These exploding eggs are thrown either one or three at a time, and are inhalable, similar to Bonker's coconuts. Finally, in a desperate move to restrain the foe, Mischief Knight hurls a roll of binding toilet paper. Thrown in a straight line, the TP is easily dodged, but if it makes contact, the opponent will be wrapped in white sheets for a few seconds (struggling will allow for quicker escape) permitting Mischief Knight to bring the burnin' blaze. Outside of battle, Mischief Knight takes over Meta Knight's niche for very rarely passing-out Hyper Candy, elusively throughout the game. I am sometimes mischief...

**Moon Knight**
This celestial knight is Goddess of Pop Star's moon (unlike that poser, Mr. Shine) and takes her style and appearance from the Chinese holiday of “ZhongQiuJie”, or the Mid-Autumn Festival. She is an orchid-colored blob wearing a Chinese-Opera mask, in the shape of a rabbit (or, as I'll have you know, the emblem of Dedede). The mask is painted with the makeup of a beautiful woman, with cherry-blossom petal designs for the ears and mouth, and two very thin slits for her turquoise eyes. Instead of warrior's armor, she wears a pink waist-skirt that covers 2/3 of her body, which is secured with her mask by a red string, tied around the center in a bow, with jade endings. She holds no weapon in her hands, but constantly clutches a light blue shawl which floats behind her head and loops at both ends like sleeves. She wears black shoes with white bottoms, and a row of buns on her head, along with a huge black headdress shaped like a tire. Within this inner-tube (which is actually based on a real Chinese hairstyle) is Moon Knight's weapon- a mirror (symbolizing the full moon in Chinese art).

This mirror is Moon Knight's primary means of attack, and she uses it as one would the Cutter Ability. The mirror is hurled from her hairdo, out across the screen at rather slow pace, then returns like a boomerang. Attacking the mirror like this, but not simply colliding with it, will cause it to shatter and respawn on her head. Moon Knight also sometimes uses a rice-pounding mallet to inflict damage in close range, which produces an inhalable star on impact (this relates to the rabbit-in-the-moon of East Asian lore). A more passive attack involves Moon Knight floating up on purple clouds and slowly approaching the enemy in attempts to collide with them, akin to Dedede's float-attack. In yet another offensive maneuver, Moon Knight launches a “mooncake” (the special treat of the Mid-Autumn Festival) into the air with her mirror. It will then return onscreen, where the foe was last standing, in one of two forms- either a small mooncake that can be inhaled for ammo, or a humongous mooncake that could easily catch the player off-guard (and requires a full-strength inhale, if possible). Finally, Moon Knight's ultimate and rarest attack is the Moon Beam, in which she reflects the risen-moon's light off her hair-mirror, into a concentrated laser that is directed at the enemy. The beam can follow the foe almost anywhere on screen, but will stop if attacked, or after a few seconds. Despite all her abilities and the theme of a reflecting mirror, Moon Knight has less than average endurance and little defense. The one time she can shield herself is during her short hops, where she rapidly somersaults, like Kirby with the Star Rod. The mirror-headdress revolves around her round body, reflecting projectiles and damaging those who come in contact with her.

Ninja_Mode_Attack_Sheet.jpg Koi-Mono_001.jpg Mischief_Knight___Moon_Knight_001.jpg In_Anticipaton_of_Kirby_Wii_001.jpg Year_of_the_Galbel_001.jpg
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JAMESGHOST   [Feb 11, 2011 at 08:33 AM]
don't worry, the wait was worth it =P the attacks are captured very well, you have the very creatism of the Kirby staff itself. (and I lawled at the TP attack)
MetaKnight#1fan   [Feb 11, 2011 at 05:00 PM]
so that's why they're taking forever to decide the winner of the knight contest! huh!! these look real creative, but now i know i'll definately lose the contest.. Crying or Very sad
CreekStar   [Feb 11, 2011 at 07:14 PM]
So how do you enter in these IF contests?? And is this one still going on or is it too late now? Oh, and awesome as always, DDD Daimyo. Mischief Knight's my favorite. Laughing
Bimblesnaff   [Feb 11, 2011 at 11:01 PM]
Actually, I didn't wait for your entries. The contest was closed up some months ago but never got the official send-off. I guess, tho', they can be squeezed in. Somehow.
JAMESGHOST   [Feb 12, 2011 at 10:03 PM]
I also like how Moon knight is based off that japanese tale where rabbits make rice cakes on the moon (which is kinda weird), and Mischeif Knight is more armerican cultured
Mikune   [Feb 13, 2011 at 02:21 PM]
These are very wonderful designs!!!!! Laughing Mischief knight would probably be one of Kirby's favorite enemies. The moon knight idea is creative and just plain awesome! Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
Kiroscarby   [Feb 17, 2011 at 09:48 PM]
These entries are so good, is a shame that they can't enter in the contest, but i thinkk if they was in the contest they be the winners automatically. I love these designs, the think that more amazed me of these knights is how they reflect the costumbre from that they come. Mischief Knight from the Halloween and Moon Knight from the Moon Festival, they are awesome. Daimyo, i need to ask something to you: Can i add your awesome knights in KTCG? I love your ideas and was a great honor that you allow me to draw them. Also, if they appear in KTCG they can form the Espiritual Knight Trio together my creation "Mizquitli Knight" (the name is in process) from the "Dia de Muertos" of Mexico. I hope that you give the chance. Anyways, kudos for another great pic and idea daimyo. Laughing Laughing Laughing
Dedede-Daimyo   [Feb 19, 2011 at 05:10 PM]
Thankyou everyone, for your comments and input. I don't mind that these can not enter the contest, because I believe that the extra time taken was necessary to truely flesh out the characters, and I am very pleased with my results. Kudos to you, Kiroscarby, for your great KTCG and for continiously blessing me with your nice paragraphs. I would be honored if you could install my knights (and further creations) in your work. Good ideas, all!

Comment 1 to 8 of 8
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