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PostPosted: December 19th, 2008, 6:13 pm 
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hey, people out there! I made this because:
1. I noticed that the song that plays when Knuckle Joe first appears isn't in the song archive (it's a remix of the 'Demon Beast Delivery' theme. the remixed parts are very noticeable)
2. in episode 42 of the anime (go here: ... re=related), at 0:30 of the video at the link, Meta-Knight's eyes are white, but it doesn't say which emotion it represents on the anime page for Meta-Knight in the Kirbypedia (I believe it may represent hopefullness or something)

if anybody else notices a song that isn't in the song archives or something about the Kirbypedia like my example, you should probably post it here. also, if you have a suggestion for what it means when Meta-Knight's eyes turn white (what emotion it represents, like green for seriousness and thoughtfullness), or what it really means, feel free to post that too. this was created in order to help the moderators and people of that sort (forgot what you all are called, sorry) see anything they might have missed and not realised that they had. If you people who can change the site have already been notified about it or if there is already a topic for this, please notify me. also, you don't have to put it on the site, this is just for informing you all. thank you.


my character, Kaleigh the Hedgehog
also, DO NOT click the link below, unless you want you want to see a picture that will scare the crap outta you and want your brain to get eaten:
I swear, I fell for someone else's trap and it lead me to this page that scared the crap outta me! but, if you're brave and don't mind becoming a zombie, then click the link. but be careful, for clicking that link will result in your brain being eaten by ftwPLZ/ Me (I got the idea from all the Plz accounts on DeviantART, and I was bored and when i clocked the link, I was like "what the heck?!")

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