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Direct is Real
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Author:  KEEBY64 [ September 12th, 2022, 10:10 am ]
Post subject:  Direct is Real

Just confirmed ten minutes ago. It’s tomorrow by the way, and mostly focused on stuff coming this Winter. Considering the only future games we knew about were Pokémon Gen 9 (November), BOTW 2 (2023), and Metroid Prime 4 (???), this is definitely overdue.

I have one hope for this direct, and that is that Advance Wars will finally, finally, FINALLY release.

Oh, and another long-dead series coming back would be nice, too.

Author:  KEEBY64 [ September 13th, 2022, 11:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Direct is Real

Somehow despite Nintendo’s 2023 release schedule being practically empty hardly anything first or second party was revealed. It was mostly Square Enix, farming games for some bizarre reason, and DLC for preexisting games.

There were four important things in this direct:
1. Fire Emblem Engage (Toothpaste leak turned out to be real. Anyways, as a Fire Emblem lover, I’m obviously happy.)
2. PIKMIN 4. I’m not a Pikmin fan but this was by far the best part. It was confirmed to be in development SEVEN YEARS AGO (2015 for those not keeping count) almost to the day. Those fans have been waiting INCREDIBLY patiently (even moreso than Metroid fans) and DEFINITELY deserved this after so long. Made funnier by the fact that the reveal was preceded by the mobile game that released months ago having a segment dedicated to it for the sake of filler. Anyways, there wasn’t any true gameplay, but there were some screenshots and we have a release year of 2023.
3. Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe. I made a thread for this one so go talk about it there.
4. Zelda game finally got a proper title and is releasing in May.

Fire Emblem is technically the only new Nintendo-published game revealed today because Kirby is a port, Zelda has been known for years, and Pikmin 4 technically has been known about longer than the Switch itself (unless you count when it was known as the NX).

Disappointing, and I assume Advance Wars has been quietly cancelled, but hopefully their 2023 schedule WILL have good stuff and there will be another direct or either February/March or June. I guess they really meant it when they said only Winter stuff.

On a side note, I may or may not get the Tales of Symphonia port and/or the Crisis Core remaster, and I’d like to let Cos know the Danganronpa guys are making a new game called Raincode.

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