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PostPosted: January 18th, 2021, 11:34 am 
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And It's called: Cursed Kirby Images v.6.66.
I'm actually good at making osu! skins, but I also love making absolute chaos from time to time. It's made using images mostly I made, but I put in some stuff that isn't mine. Buff Gooey and Buff ChuChu are here too! I can always remove them If you're not fine with it, Cos.
Will add cursed sound effects to the skin at a time my sister isn't bothered by me recording them.
Decided to leave some things default to make it even more cursed. A few elements are from my upcoming Metasakura v2.0 skin since I used it as a base, but I will change that of course, maybe to little snippets of a buff Kirby character, as If the skin doesn't have enough buff Kirby characters in it.

Look, I got a combo of POG POG POG! The hit50 is also a gmod screenshot I made of my OTP, Meta Knight x Waluigi.
A new cursed image of mine that was merely a pen doodle in my toilet sketchbook for the longest time made it's debut here as the scorebar - Mouthryll! I made 2 brand new cursed Kirby images just for this skin since I didn't have many besides buff Kirby characters. Kirby also has a butt now so he can reflect the Baby Metawarios back to the Baldi Kirbies with it.
Had to make the spinner a fidget spinner of course, but I slapped Bandana Dee onto it because it's a Kirby skin. Spin it as KIRBY DOES AN EPIC 360 TOMSCOPE, aka that ''cursed masterpiece'' I mentioned in the ''It hasn't been cursed in here lately'' thread, Buff Marx and Buff Meta Knight watch over you. You might get a Fumu pog and a bunch of upside down Buff Fumus!
Do you want to Buff Bandana Dee, Buff Galacta Knight, or Buff Adeleine? Don't rush your choice, Meta Knight with smelly human feet is very patient.
Don't really need to show the mod screen, because making it is the most frustrating part of making an osu! skin so I kept it default.

Once it's done, I'll leave a download link in my osu! profile in the me! section. This skin is just so cursed, that I don't want to make a forum thread about it on the skinning board - I don't even think I would be able to...
It should be finished and up for download this week since this skin is so effortless. It might even be finished by tomorrow!

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