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PostPosted: December 21st, 2020, 7:42 am 
Swift Hunter A_mystery
Swift Hunter
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I quit because I got into a conversation about Kirby in the comments of a game and was too scared to see the reply.
Here are examples of the weird games I used to start or wanted to start:

''King DeDeDe starts a toilet paper company''
''Green Otter reads Sexy Meta Knight Manga''
''Meta Knight gets a #1 award for stalking''
''Bad Mobile Game Ad but Kirby is in it''
''Meta Knight is an Epic Gamer now''
''Meta Knight is gay! What a surprise!''
''Nail Polish Kisses Lipstick and Kirby is confused''
''Meta Knight refuses to marry Dame tu Cosita''
''Waddle Dee's pet Can of Poop''
''Raichu takes a dump on Kirby'' <--- That one started a whole series of drawings about a Nintendo employee getting fired
''Anti-vaxx moms hate Kirby''
''Disney buys Baldi's Basics''
''Sonic kisses Obama''
''Amy is mad at Sonic because he kissed Obama''
''Prince EsEsEs - King DeDeDe's gay cousin''
''Many poor souls suffer from a Waluigi virus'' <--- This was in WALUIGING 2019. I PREDICTED THE PANDEMIC
''Your dog teaches you how to be attractive''
''Demon Kirby and Cartman have a bad word contest''

Basically, I used Drawception to force people to draw my weird ideas.
I kind of miss it. To embarrassed to come back though.

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PostPosted: December 29th, 2020, 2:34 am 
WAR! What it isn't good for. HUNH Male
WAR! What it isn't good for. HUNH
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i forgot drawception existed.
now that i have an art tablet, i'll probably return to it.

edit: did sandbox on my phone, drew my best boy

certified pico's school expert

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