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It's been a while since I posted Part I,
so I'll post Part II and III in one post!
Read it if you haven't already or
Meta Knight will vomit on you XD

About a year later, King DeDeDe was sitting in his garden
and reading a newspaper. They wrote about Pingu in it. Pingu is King
DeDeDe's younger cousin. When DeDeDe saw that he was homeless
and needed money, he wanted to help him immidietally.
DeDeDe flew to The South Pole and visited Pingu. Pingu hasn't seen his
cousin in ages, so he was very happy when he came. King DeDeDe told
him about his penguin poop factory. Pingu was very proud of him.
Meta Knight was there too. He went on a date with Yeti. He also bought
a North Pole and South Pole exclusive Yaoi about Santa Claus and The
Grinch. Yeti noticed DeDeDe. He asked Meta Knight who he was.
Meta Knight told him the whole story. Yeti started liking King DeDeDe!
He said that he's super sexy. After the way he treated him, Meta Knight
didn't like DeDeDe that much, but he accepted Yeti's new interest in
penguin poop.
King DeDeDe heard that. He was very happy at first, but when he
found out that Yeti is dating Meta Knight, he pooped out of anger. His
poop was GIANT, and because they were on The South Pole, the poop
froze! Yeti ate that poop and he liked its taste. He started buying poop
from King DeDeDe and freezing it. Meta Knight didn't want to date Yeti
King DeDeDe flew back to Dreamland with Pingu. He showed him the
penguin poop factory. Pingu liked it, so he asked his cousin if he
could work here. DeDeDe was VERY happy! Ever since that day, Pingu
worked at the penguin poop factory.
Thanks to Pingu, King DeDeDe made 30% more money! The company
name was changed to ''King DeDeDe's and Pingu's Penguin Poop''.
The next day, King DeDeDe went on a walk in the forest with Pingu.
They went fishing, picked blackberries and even tamed a fox! But then
it started to get dark. The wind was much stronger. They wanted to
go back to their castle, but saw boulders that blocked their way! They
tried to go the other way, but that way was blocked too! King DeDeDe
and Pingu looked up. Meta Knight was the one who blocked all the
paths! It started raining and there was a storm! DeDeDe and Pingu
had no idea what to do. Meta Knight was flying straight at them and
wanted to attack. He was flying VERY FAST. The penguin cousins
were DEFENSELESS. They saw HELL.
But it turned out it was only a dream!
When they woke up, Pingu told DeDeDe about his sister Pinga.
When Pinga was 15, she moved to Dreamland with their dad.
King DeDeDe asked his Waddle Dees if they saw her. One of
them took DeDeDe and Pingu to a balcony and pointed at the forest.
After their previous nightmare, King DeDeDe was TERRIFIED and
didn't wanna go to the forest. But Pingu never went to that forest,
so he could get lost in it. DeDeDe couldn't think of anything. To
save everyone's precious time, Pingu came up with an idea.
He wanted to send the Waddle Dees to the forest! After 5 minutes
of convincing, King DeDeDe listened to Pingu and sent them to look
for Pinga.
It took them a whole week, but they finally found her. The Waddle
Dees returned with Pinga and one more creature - a white hamster
with light brown spots. It was Rick!
Pingu was shocked. He didn't expect his little sister to have a
boyfriend! Pinga told everyone the whole story of how she met
Rick. They met in the forest, when Pinga was lost. Then she noticed
King DeDeDe. She was so happy!! Pinga asked DeDeDe if she could
get an autograph from Meta Knight.
King DeDeDe got so mad at Pinga that he yelled at her for 15
minutes straight about his hatred for Meta Knight and how any
creature who likes him should not set foot in his castle. That anger
made him poop out a giant golden poop with a rainbow sheen. That
kind of poop is SUPER valuable. He immidietally made an auction
on Ebay. When he finished, he kicked her out of his castle. Pinga
started crying and ran away. Rick followed her.
That evening, Pingu found their home. It was a small burrow.
Pinga was lamenting to Rick. Pingu went inside as well.
He explained that King DeDeDe is his older cousin and he's pretty
stupid. Pingu also told them the whole story of DeDeDe's penguin
poop buisness. Everything was clear to Pinga and Rick now.
And Pinga told Pingu that she wants to marry Rick and needs
help with the wedding. Pingu visited her every evening ever
The next morning, King DeDeDe's auction ended and he made
50 MILLION DOLLARS! He decided to go on vacation to Mars.
Meta Knight was on Mars as well. He was dating Dame tu
Cosita on the ''Martian Beach''. They were talking about the
differences between Dreamland and Mars and how these
differences will never seperate them. They also pretended
to swim because there is no water on Mars.
Meta Knight took off his M-WORD (i don't like that word)
and almost kissed Dame tu Cosita, but something stopped

...King DeDeDe and Pingu were getting close to them. At
first Dame tu Cosita didn't know what's going on, but Meta
Knight explained everything. Then they quickly laid on the
sunbeds and pretended that they never wanted to kiss in
the first place.
When King DeDeDe saw Meta Knight, he yelled that he ruins
every vacation. But Meta Knight politely replied that It's just
a coincidence and It's not his fault. DeDeDe took out his
hammer and another battle started between them.
The battle was cool and epic and stuff as always. Half of
the aliens cheered for King DeDeDe with Pingu and the other
half cheered for Meta Knight along with Dame tu Cosita. The
battle ended in a draw.
After the battle, a tall, sexy alien walked up to them. He wore
sexy socks, a green cloak and a gay tiara. His eyes were big,
blue and pretty and his hair was long and blonde. It was King
Edwfrajas Maolus IV.
King DeDeDe was one of his biggest fans. But the attention of
the Martian King was set on Meta Knight. He complemented
his skills and invited him to his party as a special guest. He
also gave him a gay tiara. It was golden with a red crystal,
like his sword.
King DeDeDe and Pingu got kicked out by him for ruining the
Martian Peace (even though Mars is the god of war in greek
mythology XD at least I think so...)
DeDeDe was VERY mad. He planned revenge. Pingu tried to
calm him down but it only made him more angry...
Meta Knight was having fun on Mars. He met his fans and
answered their weirdest questions. He even danced with the
King's daughter - Princess Asnejka. She was beautiful!
The next day King DeDeDe, his Waddle Dees and Pingu
were working faster than ever. They wanted to get into a
magazine and make a good looking animated commercial.
And for that, they needed a lot of money.
Suddenly someone knocked at the door. Pingu opened it.
In front of him was a Raichu. He wore a black tie. The
Raichu said, that he's here to get permission from DeDeDe
to sell poop like he does. Pingu said, that he isn't sure if
King DeDeDe would let him, but he can try.
When the Raichu asked DeDeDe, he got so mad, that he
pooped straight at the Raichu's face. The Raichu got mad
as well, so he tried using Thunder on DeDeDe, but hit
Pingu instead. Pingu kicked him and made a loud:
''NOOT NOOOOOOOT!!!''. The angered Raichu escaped
from the castle.

End of Part II
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A month later King DeDeDe sat in his garden again. He
was reading a newspaper and saw a certain article, that
peaked his interest. It was about the success of a new
poop-selling buisness - Crazy Frog and Raichu!
They specialize in frog and Raichu poop. Their buisness
just started, but they're already making 600 million
That of course angered DeDeDe. He sold penguin
poop for years, but he was only making 45 million...
He had to do something about this!
So he forced his Waddle Dees and Pingu to poop
2 times faster. Pingu rebelled against that. But King
DeDeDe took out his hammer and that scared Pingu,
so he came back to work.
Unfortunately, that made the poop's quality worse!
Because Waddle Dees don't naturally poop like penguins,
their poop stopped being penguin poop! And Pingu's poop
got worse as well!
Meta Knight on the other hand went on dates with Shrek,
Squidward, Doctor Doofenshmitz, Waluigi and almost
everyone else on his dating wishlist! Now he wanted
to date The Ender Dragon.
He always wanted to date it. But The Ender Dragon is
hostile and he's not sure kow to tame it. He could kill
it and hatch the egg, but it would take 100 years for it
to grow up. He could also ask Purple Shep, the dragon's
son, if he could ask the Ender Dragon but Purple Shep
doesn't know what a date is. And even if he did, he still
wouldn't be able to tell exactly what Meta Knight wants.
After a good 5 minutes of thinking, he finally came up
with a good idea. He'll make an Ender Stew!
An Ender Stew is a soup made from Chorus Fruit and
a Creeper Heart. If it's done well, the Ender Dragon
loves it!
He borrowed some Chorus Fruit from Steve, killed
some Creepers to get the heart (the heart is a
rare drop), and returned to his small apartament
in Japan. Meta Knight doesn't know how to make
soup, so he asked his anime voice actor
roommates for advice and started making it.
Once the soup was done, he asked Steve on
Face-Time if the soup was good. Steve was in
shock. He said that the soup is PERFECT!
After hearing Steve's opinion, Meta Knight
went ho the end to give that soup to the
Ender Dragon.
The Ender Dragon thought that Meta Knight
wanted to fight it, but as soon as it saw
the soup, it asked if it can have some.
Meta Knight gave the whole bowl to the
dragon. It LOVED the soup! So they went
on a date.
When Meta Knight was dating the
Ender Dragon, King DeDeDe was
PANICKING! He didn't know how to make
more money. He watched a course on
SkillShare, but he didn't understand
anything. He also asked Pingu, but he didn't
know anything about buisness either.
DeDeDe came up with the stupid idea to spend
his money in the casino to buy more expensive
toilets and meals! So he went to the casino, but
nothing came out of it... He spent all of his money
and didn't get anything in return! Don't gamble, kids!
DeDeDe came back sad and angry. He wanted to
burn that Raichu alive! But when he came back to
his castle, he was making 150 MILLION DOLLARS!
That's because Pingu watched the same course on
SkillShare that DeDeDe watched and used
proffesional buisness strategies!
But King DeDeDe was to stupid to ask Pingu and
thought that it was pure luck.
So he flew to the Baltic Sea in Poland for Vacation!
He took Pingu with him as well.
DeDeDe was laying and tanning, and Pingu was
putting sunscreen on his back. The sun was
beautiful. Everyone on the beach was having fun.
Some were swimming, others were tanning like
DeDeDe, kids were making sand castles and
Meta Knight was dating a mermaid!
Her name was Lamy. She had pretty pink hair.
Her pet seal Fartislav was with her too.
Meta Knight made her a shell necklace. Lamy
really liked it so she gave him photos of the
Coral Kingdom and a lesbian tiara.
King DeDeDe went on a walk and saw them.
He got REALLY MAD! So he walked up to them
and fought Meta Knight again!
The battle was cool and epic and stuff like
always. But DeDeDe won this time!
Meta Knight congratulated him. DeDeDe
apolagized to Meta Knight for getting mad
at him all these years ago. He asked him
if they could live together in the castle
again. Meta Knight said that they can!
When they came back to Pingu, he was
very suprised. DeDeDe explained to him
that they're not enemies anymore.
All 3 returned to the castle. Last time
Meta Knight was there, the castle was
ruins. But now It's a penguin poop
Meta Knight was very proud of DeDeDe.
Unfortunately, he didn't have a room in
the castle anymore. But King DeDeDe
told his Waddle Dees to build a new one
In the evening, DeDeDe sat with Pingu
and Meta Knight near the table. They
talked together for the first time!
After the conversation, Pingu went to
Pinga and Rick's burrow. He helped them
get ready for their wedding.
3 days later, Meta Knight was flying above
the clouds. Suddenly, he saw an extremely
tall mountain. He never saw a mountain that
tall, so he flew down.
The mountain had the face of Ferdynant
Kiepski. It started talking about beer and
encouraging Meta Knight to become an
alcoholic like him. But Meta Knight told him
that he's already addicted to dating - when
he sees someone, he wants to date them.
He also added that he wants to quit that
The mountain's mouth opened in shock.
Meta Knight saw a cave inside. He flew in
the mountain's mouth.
In that cave, he saw the Ice Queen. She
had gorgeous, white hair. There was a blue
dragon next to her. She was getting closer
and closer to Meta Knight. He couldn't move.
She took of his M-WORD and kissed him.
Meta Knight woke up. He was kissing Pingu.
Crazy Frog and Raichu were watching them
through the window. They took a picture of
them and sent it to the editors of a magazine,
that King DeDeDe likes to read - ''Trash''.
The next morning King DeDeDe was reading
that magazine. He saw an article with the title
''Meta Knight is GAY?! Pingu is his boyfriend!''
King DeDeDe was very suprised.
Pingu was watering the flowers in the royal
garden. Meta Knight was helping him.
''hah, GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!'' - a random
kid yelled.
Meta Knight politely told him that he's
bisexual and Pingu isn't his boyfriend. The
kid showed them the article.
They read the whole thing. There was some
tiny text at the end that said:
''Picture sent by Zbigniew Raichu''
That article embarrassed Meta Knight.
He tried to ask people who that Raichu was,
but they all laughed at him. He tried to tell
King DeDeDe, but he laughed at him too!
Meta Knight told Pingu everything. He didn't
laugh! Pingu even said that he'll look up
Zbigniew Raichu on DeDeDe's computer.
So he went on Google and looked him up.
He's the CEO of Crazy Frog and Raichu!
Pingu wanted to share that information with
Meta Knight, but he couldn't find him
anywhere... Pingu had him right under his
beak! Meta Knight just dressed differently.
He wore sunglasses, a lilac cap, a matching
lilac hoodie, and some headphones. He also
painted his feet gold.
Meta Knight dressed up like that once, but
this time he put on sunglasses, because you
could see his face in the picture. No one
recognized him!
Pingu asked Meta Knight where he is. He
whispered to Pingu that he is Meta Knight,
but he disguised himself as DJ MK.
Then he told Pingu out loud that Meta Knight
is on vacation.
Crazy Frog and Raichu were giggling after they
heard what DJ MK said. ''Mety's embarrased!''
- said Crazy Frog. Raichu answered with a
loud laugh!
The next day, Pingu and DJ MK were looking for
a way to contact Zbigniew Raichu. Unfortunately,
they only found a page where they could apply
for the job...
King DeDeDe entered the room. He almost got
mad atPingu for using his PC without permission,
but his attention shifted to DJ MK. He asked Pingu
who he was. Pingu told DeDeDe that DJ MK is his
new friendand Meta Knight is on vacation. Ever
since he read that article, King DeDeDe laughed
at just the thought of Meta Knight. They showed
him what they are looking for. King DeDeDe told
them, that he wants to find out their methods of
making money or even buy their company. DJ MK
came up with a great idea - to dress up as a frog
and a Raichu with DeDeDe, work in their company
for a day, go through the vent system and then
they'll discover their secrets!
That evening, Pingu and DJ MK went to Rick and
Pinga's burrow for dinner. Pingu explained to them
that DJ MK is Meta Knight, except he disguised
himself so people wouldn't make fun of him. Pingu
added that it's because of a false article in ''Trash''.
Pinga was VERY happy! She immidietally asked for
an autograph. DJ MK signed her framed photo with
a Sharpie using the same signature that he would
use as Meta Knight.
Rick told DJ MK, that he will marry Pinga soon, and
they need someone to throw the flower bouquet.
DJ MK said that he can do it! Pinga also asked if
someone could be the priest. DJ MK said, that he'll
ask Kirby.
In the meanwhile, one of the Waddle Dees pooped
They quickly showed it to King DeDeDe. He was in
It looked like the poop emoji. DeDeDe decided to
keep his new pet and call it POUP!
When Pingu and DJ MK came back to the castle,
they sent an e-mail to Crazy Frog and Raichu. Their
bot replied immidietally.
The next day, King DeDeDe painted himself like a
Raichu, put on a Raichu ear headband and a Raichu
tail. Meta Knight painted himself green and put on
frog-eye contact lenses. They called their new
identities ''King RaiRaiRai'' and ''DJ Froggi''!
Next they went to their new ''job'' to see how are
Crazy Frog and Raichu making this much money.
Pingu took care of POUP.
When King DeDeDe and Meta Knight were there,
they introduced themselves. Zbigniew Raichu is the
same Raichu who asked DeDeDe to make a poop
selling buisness! Crazy Frog and Raichu was his
This made DeDeDe very mad, but he really wanted
to know their secret, so he didn't break character.
When they were offically working there, they were
treated very nicely. So nicely in fact, that DeDeDe
wanted to be King RaiRaiRai his whole life and pass
on his company to Pingu! He whispered that to Meta
Knight, but he said that they're treating them so
nicely, that it's too good to be true.
When it was lunch break for their group, they used a
screwdriver to open the vent system. King DeDeDe
was too big to go in, but Meta Knight fit just fine. He
took a camera with him, because he predicted that
situation. When he saw what happened, he was
Crazy Frog was bringing poor Pikachu from
the wild and evolving them! Meta Knight started
recording - King DeDeDe has to see this! When all of
the Pikachu evolved, he started hitting them with a
whip! They pooped like crazy, but their poop was
perfect! There was also a pin board with a piece of
paper pinned to it. There was a list written on it:

To do list:
-Bring 15 wild Pikachu ./
-Evolve them ./
-Hit them with a whip ./
-Bring 15 frogs from the wild
-Hit them with a whip too
-Hit the other Raichu and all the frogs with a whip
-Send the poop to our customers
-Stalk King DeDeDe
Best events this month:
Thousands of children said that we're better than King
DeDeDe's Penguin Poop
We embarrased Meta Knight and he went on vacation

When Meta Knight came back, the green paint came
off! And King DeDeDe laughed so loudly, that the
headband and tail fell off too!
The cameras filmed that. Zbigniew Raichu was chasing
them. They tried to escape the building, but the doors
closed on them! And their weapons are in the castle!
But then, every Raichu stopped working and used all
kinds of moves on their boss! Zbigniew fainted!
One of the Raichu used Brick Break on the door. King
DeDeDe and Meta Knight escaped the building!
Meta Knight showed DeDeDe the video he filmed.
DeDeDe took him seriously again. When they were
coming back, a whole herd of kids followed them and
made fun of Meta Knight.
When they returned to the castle, They discovered
POUP's poop quality-raising powers! King DeDeDe
was very happy! He remembered which Waddle Dee
pooped out POUP, so he made a feast, put a golden
medal on him, gave him the title of Pooping Master
and let him poop however he wants!
The Poop Master decided to start pooping like a dog.
That's why DeDeDe gave him the nickname ''Puppy''!
The next morning they sent the scary recording to
the police. The policemen were immediately going
to arrest them.
When that happened, Pingu, Rick, Kirby, Pinga and
Meta Knight were doing a rehearsal of the wedding.
Kirby was the priest, Rick and Pinga were the Bride
and Groom, Meta Knight threw the bouquet of flowers
and Pingu revised the wedding. Pinga specializes in
calligraphy, so she also made the invitations.
When the invitations were finished, Pingu and Meta
Knight sent them.
After the invitations were sent, Pingu went back to
the castle. POUP was starving!
Pingu had no idea what levitating poops with faces
like to eat. No matter what he gave to POUP, he
hated everything Pingu gave him! But then Pingu
fed him some penguin poop that wasn't good enough
to sell. POUP loved it so much, that it licked Pingu!
A week later Rick and Pinga were going to marry.
Pinga and Pingu's Parents, Wario and Waluigi, Doctor
Doofenshmitz, Perry the Platypus, Shrek, Fiona and
Donkey, Squidward, Minecraft Steve and Alex, Robbie
Rotten, King Julien, Mort and Morris, The Ice King,
King Edwfrajas Maolus IV with his daughter Princess
Asnejka, Bandana Dee, Lamy's boyfriend Prince
Lamebert with Fartislav, Mario and Luigi, Grzegorz
Turnau and Maryna Barfuss, Kagamine Rin and
Len, Hatsune Miku, Megpoid GUMI, Meta Knight's
anime voice actor friends, Dame tu Cosita and
many others came to their wedding!
And of course King DeDeDe with his Waddle Dees and
Kirby pointed at Rick. Rick said yes! Then Kirby pointed
at Pinga. She said yes as well! Rick kissed Pinga and
Meta Knight flew high above everyone, threw the
bouquet, and took the photo. The bouquet landed in the
hands of... ...DEMON KIRBY?!
Demon Kirby burned the bouquet, threw it on the ground
and started a fire! Then a hundred thousand giant rats
appeared with their king!
Everyone fought against Demon Kirby, The Rat King and
their army! Wario and Waluigi were throwing Bob-Ombs,
Prince Lamebert took out his magic nose picking stick and
used it as a weapon, Steve took out an OBSIDIAN SWORD,
Alex took out a GOD AXE, Robbie Rotten threw banana peels
everywhere to help others, Mario and Luigi used their Fire
Flowers and Superstars, Squidward played a lullaby on his
clarinet to make the rats fall asleep, The Ice King froze the
rats, King Edwfrajas Maolus IV used his matrian powers, and
Dame tu Cosita hypnotized the rats with his dances!
The other guests helped out in some way too! Meta Knight
fought The Rat King, and King DeDeDe and Kirby fought
Demon Kirby! Every battle was SUPER COOL AND EPIC AND

Wario and Waluigi lost and landed in trash, but
beat some rats with the help of Robbie Rotten. Prince
Lamebert killed the most rats, but he did it in a very
lame way. Steve and Alex killed a lot of rats and were
helped out a lot! Mario and Luigi beat a lot of rats as
well! King Edwfrajas Maolus IV anbd Dame tu Cosita
are another example of a great team! But King DeDeDe,
Kirby and Meta Knight were still fighting. They never
battled such difficult opponents! The guests didn't
kill every rat just yet - there were still around a
thousand left - so they were jumping at them and
making the battle EVEN MORE DIFFICULT!
They had no energy left. They were going to lose. But
then POUP went Super Sayian and took care of the
rest of the rats! He also hurt Demon Kirby a lot.
Steve and Alex fought The Rat King! They drained
most of his power, but he was so strong, that he
Everyone was really sad. But King DeDeDe, Kirby
and Meta Knight were ready to fight again!
And just in time too - Demon Krtek showed up!
Now they had to fight with 3 opponents! Luckily,
The Rat King lost most of his power, so the battle
was much easier. This time thay kept changing
their opponent.
DeDeDe, Kirby and Meta Knight were so tired,
that they all fell on the ground. But Demon
Krtek returned to hell, The Rat King turned
into an ordinary rat, and Demon Kirby got
killed forever! Demon Krtek canno exist
without Demon Kirby, so he kept shrinking,
telling Satan the bad news, until he got so
small that he dissapeared.
The Rat King jumped on Waluigi's head.
Because he's not evil anymore, he became
Waluigi's pet! Waluigi called him Sir Wah!

5 years later...

King DeDeDe doesn't make penguin poop
anymore, but he still sells limited edition
poop from time to time! POUP grew up into
a mighty poop dragon and DeDeDe flies on
him sometimes. He even races on POUP
in the air with Meta Knight!
Pingu and Rick have penguin-hamster hybrid
children! They named them Rafał and Pingscilla.
They're twins!
Crazy Frog and Zbigniew Raichu are still in jail.

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this is a masterpiece

i like gyari music
(IDK if this art is fanart or not)

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