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PostPosted: December 1st, 2018, 9:18 pm 
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This thread is to discuss the Kirby lore and share some headcanon theories for fun.
Sorry if it already existed, I did a fast research but I didn't find anything.


The last DLC introduced a couple of interesting lore elements, and I made up a big theory about the Kirby universe based on that lore.
Keep in mind that I'm doing this just for fun and that's just my headcanon. I accept critics and opinions on it anyway.
I realize that this is too complex to be true, I know, but as I said, I'm doing this just for fun.

What is a Kirby?

After Kirby Star Allies, and especially, after Heroes in Another Dimension, people started to think that maybe there is a connection between Kirby and Dark Matter, Void Termina charged with positive or negative energy and so on.
Well, in my opinion, the subject is much deeper than this.

Let's start from the ancients.
The ancients were very advanced in technology, they built the clockwork stars and many other artifacts. Now, there is a group of ancients who were able to overtake the technology by using magic, and they were banished in some way.
Technology vs magic... Nova vs Jamba Heart.
There is also Galacta Knight, who's also been sealed by the ancients in fear for his power. He can destroy planets and stuff. Kirby is said to have infinite power as well, and Galacta Knight, just like Metaknight, seems to be very similar to Kirby.
When Hyness was corrupted by darkness, he unintentionally sealed himself into a corrupted Jamba Heart.
Galacta Knight has been sealed into a crystal more than once... is that an incomplete Jamba Heart or something? It looks very similar.

Now, there is that theory that Kirby IS a form of Void. Maybe Metaknight and Galacta Knigt are forms of Void too... now it starts to make some sense... Galacta Knight is sealed in something that resembles a Jamba Heart, and it's probably a Void himself... Void Termina was sealed in a Jamba Heart as well.
and there is Nova. Nova's core is an heart, it looks almost identical to a Jamba Heart if not for those metallic details and some other small differences, such as the geometrical pattern (Star Dream's core).
So, what if Nova, or any clockwork star, including Star Dream, is built around a Void sealed into an heart and controlled by technology?

Let's make a step backward.
There are multiple dimensions.
Another Dimension is not an actual dimension, it's more of a tunnel, a portal that connects all the dimensions.
Void is said to exist in every dimension, and to have different forms in each dimension.
So, there is a different Void for each world? I don't think so.
It's said that Void exists in every dimension, not that there are multiple Voids. There is only one Void, it extends itself to every dimension, and for each new dimension, you have a new manifestation of Void, but Void is still one unique entity.
Though, Another Dimension seems to have a Void too, despite it not being a proper dimension but more of a dimensional hole.
That Void is just called Void, no second names or something. It looks like Zero, and it's said to be the Void referenced by the ancients in the sacred texts.
I think that the Void from Another Dimension is the real Void, or at least, the version of Void that's closest to the real being.

What artifacts we know that were created by the ancients so far?
-the Star Rods and the Fountains of Dreams
-Nova and other clockwork stars
-the Dimensional Mirror
-the Lor Starcutter
-the Master Crown
Maybe even more stuff, such as the crystal from Ripple Star... why did Dark Matter want to destroy it at any cost?
Those star portals it creates, they look similar to the portals created by the Lor Starcutter, or to the portals to Another Dimension in general; so far it seems that it only warps from planet to planet and not between dimensions, but who knows, maybe it has similar powers as the Lor Starcutter, and this may explain why Dark Matters wanted to destroy it so badly.

One description of Void suggests that the whole game, or maybe the whole series, is a dream of Void. Yes, it does.
It says that, "maybe he will dream again, a dream of friends reunited".
The most interesting word is "again". Yes, apparently Void already dreamed at least once.
The world of Kirby is composed by several parallel dimensions, and I'm convinced that each dimension is a dream of Void.
Maybe, the timeline is not even consistent at all, because it's possible that from game to game, the events happen in different dreams and they don't necessarily have a strict continuity.
Try to imagine a person with a dog... that dog is called Doggie.
Now, try to imagine the same person, with a dog, but it's a blue dog with wings. Welcome, Doggie EX.
Those two imaginaries are two parallel dimensions inside your mind.
What I think is that Void is a mind, a sleeping mind who's constantly dreaming. It's in a way the god of the world of Kirby, since the world around it shapes according to what it's dreaming.
Then, there is the Dimensional Mirror. Dark Metaknight comes from there... Dark Mind too. Dark Mind.

So, Kirby always takes naps, he loves to sleep; Zero, Dark Matter, Void or whatever, they represent a big open eye instead.
But if only one Void exists, and Kirby is also Void, what's the meaning of this?
What's negative and positive energy?
Is Metaknight a manifestation of Void as well? He once wanted to attack King Dedede because he didn't like the lazy life of Dreamland... maybe he wanted the inhabitants of Dreamland to sleep less.
The world is all a dream, so destroying the world maybe just means stop dreaming, or getting up.
The Fountain of Dreams allows the inhabitants of Dreamland to dream, and the Star Rod is the source of power: they are all artifacts created by the ancients.
If Void succeeds, the universe will be destroyed, I mean, the dream will stop. The same happens if Star Dream succeeds; as I said, it's very possible that the clockwork stars are powered by a Jamba Heart containing a manifestation of Void sealed inside.
All manifestations of Void are just instances of the same entity, by the way.
So, is Void just fighting himself about continuing the dream (Kirby) or getting up and putting everything to an end (Void)?
Metaknight is a special manifestation of Void, as it's both made of positive and negative energy at the same time... it seems.

Void, Nova, Star Dream, Zero(2) and Kirby (and more), are the same thing; not different versions or different similar creatures, they are the same thing completely, at the same time.
The whole world is the imaginary of a mysterious sleeping mind (Void), that acts as a god for the universe of the series.
The ancients managed to take over that mind and to control it, first by using technology, then by using magic.
Some creatures who are part of the world created by the sleeping mind, started to dream, and by dreaming, they took over the "mind", they started to live independently and to gain power; they even started to fight against the "mind" when it tried to change their world (Gooey).
During the events of Canvas Curse, it's unknown who in-universe was using the Power Paintbrush to help Kirby. Probably it was the "mind" too.
Zero has been killed several times. What I believe is that, Zero is the original Void, the one who comes from Another Dimension. It was sealed inside Nova, and was released by Kirby when he destroyed it in Kirby Superstar, by destroying its core (that's a Jamba Heart).
Zero was killed, but since he exists in every dimension and he was only killed in one of them, he easily reincarnated into a new being (the only way to kill him is to kill him in every existing dimension simultaneously, and by the way the world may just end instantly if you do it).
Dark Matters don't want to destroy the world, they want just to take control over it by possessing everyone, and to bring that control back to Zero, who's Void, who's the "mind".
The "mind" wants to take control of the world back because people started to dream, and he lost control over dreamy persons
Though, the "mind" dreamed too (Kirby), and maybe it will dream again (Void's description). Void knows that dreaming is nice, and that's why he fights himself... he wants to dream, but he want to be conscious and take the control over the world of his imagination back as well... but dreaming is too good.

The ancients discovered Another Dimension, and they found Void in it.
The ancients wanted to control the power of Void's dreams, as it was able to change the surroounding world at their will, and make their wishes real. They built the Master Crown, but it didn't work... the Master Crown corrupted its user, so it was given to Landia who for some reason was the only creature able to contain its power without being corrupted.
By using it, Magolor became an empty shell (empty=void); and if you look at him, he actually became similar to a form of Void during that bossfight.
The ancients tried to seal instances of Void into clockwork stars, and it did work!
So, they traveled through Another Dimension to other parallel dimensions, only to find more instances of Void and use them as a power source for their clockwork stars.
They built the Fountains of Dreams in order to let the inhabitants dream and be independent from Void's will, and they built the Dimensional Mirror only to double the number of existing dimensions and farm more Jamba Hearts to power more clockwork stars
(Dark "Mind").

But one day, Galacta Knigth, another manifestation of Void, arrived, and destroyed as many clockwork stars as he was able to, and in the process, he destroyed the dimensions that were created only to get more Jamba Hearts too.
(he tries to destroy Star Dream in PR).
A galactic crisis arrived, the ancients found a way to hide the original Nova, the one containing the "shiny form" of Void, but other than that, their civilization went in ruin.
A group of mages found a way to seal Galacta Knight and put an end to the galactic crisis, though they were eventually banished as well for some unknown reason.
This is why Dark Matters and possibly the Doomers were trying to destroy the artifacts that were able to travel through dimensions (Lor Starcutter and probably the Crystal from Ripple Star).
The ancients were creating more and more dimensions by forcing Void to dream; but with that many dimensions, the "mind" was unable to control them all at once, and it was losing its sanity (becoming "chaos"); It found a way to destroy as many dimensions as possible in order to re-unify the universe, and it tried to take control over it again by using mind-controlling powers (Dark Matter, dark hearts), but at the end, the "mind" started to enjoy that dreamy world.

So that's what happend.
It's unknown how Kirby was born, maybe when all the iterations of Void were destroyed and the only one remaining was sealed behind the energy of the Star Rods (Nova), the "mind" reincarnated into a new being, but in a world without control, and where people were all dreaming, that specific iteration of the "mind" became able to dream as well, to dream in a different way, less like a god and more like a regular inhabitant of Dreamland... and it became Kirby.

Is Kirby really the good guy?
Maybe Void just wants to get up, to stop sleeping, maybe it has to... but Kirby is there to let it enjoy his nap, and to convince it to sleep more, and more.

But what does the "mind" represents?
I think that the "mind" is a big 4th wall being broken.
The "mind" are the players, the Kirby fans, the developers, Nintendo... it's all what exists in the real world that influences the in-game universe.
So, while Void is one (despite appearing in multiple dimensions), after you look at it from the real world, Void is composed by countless people at once; Void is everyone who interacted, interacts or will interact with the universe of the series and who influences it.

Speaking of Void Termina's desing:
I think that Kirby, Metaknight, Galacta Knigth and the other knights are all instances of Void.
They are all similar, and they all seem to wear a mask (except Kirby).
Void Termina (titan form) is obvioulsy different, though there is a common element: the mask.
I think that it's totally possible that if Void evolved from inside the titan body and became something different, with enough positive energy it could have become a "knight" too, maybe with an heart-shaped mask, maybe called Termina-Knight.

Now a side note: if Kirby IS Void, then the script saying that Kirby has infinite power may be accurate, being a manifestation of a god.

(Thank you for reading all this, I know that it's long and there is a lot of repeating the same stuff, though it was a very complex theory and I wanted to make it as simple as possible to understand, so I repeated a lot of stuff whenever it was useful to better understand a point; I hope you enjoyed this and I'd like to hear your opinion).

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I was rather impressed by how much time you took writing all that. Your theories are truly astonishing, Iko!

Then again, much of the fandom has been theorizing about the lore surrounding Kirby's universe. There's all kinds of things left up to the players' imaginations!

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Impressively written, but either way, I don't believe there's any way to determine any headcanons as true. Even the well thought out ones. Even my own. I think in a way we as fans read way too far into all of this, and for me it makes the series much less enjoyable to think of all these complex plot twists that the canon never even revealed.

In essence, there is a reason why I much prefer the anime to the games. There, everything is cuter, and the lore is in plain sight: Meta Knight and Kirby were created by Nightmare. They both rebelled, and it went on from there. Even with Meta Knight's tragic backstory, the anime is in general much less dark and confusing than the games.

I myself, when I play the games, just want to play them and enjoy them for what they are. But that's just me, to each their own.

Oh ho ho! It all went according to my perfect little plan...

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