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The Future of KRR
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Author:  KEEBY64 [ January 20th, 2018, 2:01 am ]
Post subject:  The Future of KRR

I've decided it's time for a really long discussion about KRR. I don't really know how to start this, so uh...


It's been nearly two years since March 2016. The day we all found out that KRR was coming back was a spectacular one. The people on the Meta Naito forums were going crazy that day.

I remember we would get new posts nearly every day on the KRR forums in mid 2016. Now, without me, we'd be lucky if we were to get two posts per MONTH.

This... is depressing...


Now, usually, every time I make a really long post like this, I look back at old threads...

... but this time, we're digging deeper.

Today, we(?) will be looking at the comments on the posts of the MAIN KRR site.

Pretty interesting, eh? Something different for a change. I guess. Maybe. Let's get started.

First up is "...".

Yes, it's an odd name, but there are plenty of comments to find here, with over 100.

"I am sorry to see this website falling apart. Did not find it until recently, and it seems to have a lot of good info from when it was still updated...

Not as good as this website but I have made another kirby fan site. If you are intrestead in seeing it here is the address:

Comment by Meta Naito (Guest) on 7:06am Jun 29th, 2013"

Crazy to think it's been five years since 2013. It's also good to note that the Meta Naito website was supposed to shut down on December 31st last year, but it is, strangely enough, still up. It's not being updated anymore, but still, it's up. I doubt it'll stay like that much longer, though.

"@dragon87: The virus didn't make everyone leave. Just look at the trickle of updates; RR was well on its way to death before the Russians hit.

The virus didn't even break anything. A lot of stuff was deleted out of paranoia (like Kirbypedia), but everything else was in the same sad state it had been for at least months before.
I'm not saying that no one used it as an excuse, but of course, these people have never passed up a chance for revisionist history.

Just look at what the "staffers" are saying -- even in this very comment thread. They want this site to die. They are annoyed that others still care about it because they themselves do not any more, and they sure don't want anyone else maintaining it. After all, wanting the position of authority in RR (and none of the responsibility that comes with) is how the whole decline started in the first place.

Comment by Hoot Hoot (the onomatopoeia, not th (Guest) on 9:57am Sep 2nd, 2013"

Well, that explains a lot of the mess on KRR that occurred in 2009-2013.

"Notice that I didn't say the people who created RR or even ran it; I specifically mentioned only the current "staffers" and was sure to put them in very sarcastic quotation marks. The only thing they have done is be internet friends with the Kindar Spirit. Or at least internet friends with her friends. I think there are a couple of Bacons between them, honestly.

Rainbow Resort has a long history of people being given positions of power through nothing more than connections, which for some reason puts them at odds with people who got there through merit. It doesn't have to, but the people who do nothing just constantly claim that everything the people who actually contribute do is wrong. Maybe the reverse would also be true, but since they are do-nothings, what can be claimed as done wrong on their part?

These lazy types often force out the actual contributing staffers who got there by merit, and the site experiences a lull until someone who cares is able to sneak past the current regime and get some stuff done once again. This is nothing new; if you look back at RR's sad history, it has happened quite a few times.

The most recent time, no one looked at the odds stacked against them and thought "Well, not THIS time, it won't happen." I guess people just wised up.

Comment by Hooty McOwl (Guest) on 12:52pm Sep 2nd, 2013"

This... also explains a lot. It also gives a good reason as to why various community websites die or at least become a mess.

"And I'd like to mention to the people that are wanting to help out ain't gonna get far if you turn to the staffers. Once upon a time I asked to help out too, back when the site wasn't in a slump. I was simply turned away and told that the staff would handle it, or Kindar would. Of course, that never actually happened.

You'd be better off forming a new Kirby community or something and then advertising it here in the comments, 'cause KRR is dead in the water. At least, as far as I see it.

Comment by Mr. Popolo (Guest) on 6:36am Sep 4th, 2013"

That makes sense. Honestly, the next best thing to KRR was probably The Kirby Club, since it apparently had a nice looking forum, and Meta Naito, which had lots of guides and other neat stuff, but TKC is dead and Meta Naito is almost dead, so...

"Hey, are we gonna get a new update? No? Well, too bad then! Guess I get to post news to the comments then. B)

Today's Nintendo Direct announced a new Kirby game for 3DS! It looks like a sequel to Wii's Return to Dream Land, down to a very similar visual style and gameplay mechanics. There's also some new enemies and a new ability shown off in the trailer.

...Now if only this website was actually not dead. =P

Comment by Bearer of News (Guest) on 10:18am Oct 1st, 2013"

Oh, was that really over four years ago? I remember the wait for Triple Deluxe being painful, especially since the North America release date was over three months after the game released in Japan.

"Guys, what if we, through providing updates about the Kirby series through these comments, continue the spirit of the site, even if we can't make official updates on our own?

Comment by mrgameandpie (Guest) on 11:01pm Oct 2nd, 2013"

Sounds like a good idea, now that we've gone nearly five months without any updates on KRR.

A lot of users who were on the forum during 2016 actually commented on that update. Sad to see KRR dead now.

The next post is "Test, test, test." Time to dig through comments on that post, too.

"Hi. Im new here. KatRC looks like a terrible Kirby Game. The other Games were WAY better. Lets hope this Website comes back soon!

Comment by Keeby (Guest) on 1:09pm Feb 19th, 2015"

Yes, this was me. While I still do dislike Rainbow Curse, I don't find it as bad as I did back then.

"The problem is I'm not allowed to join anything you mentioned. So I'm only really on here. One exception though is Meta Naito. It has tons of Kirby info, and I have suggested a commenting feature and to take over the site since Meta Naito is taking offers.

I want KRR to come back since I joined really late/after the forums closed, but it seems like it will never be that way, so Meta Naito is the next best thing for me since I can't go on TKC.

Comment by Keeby (Guest) on 3:53pm Oct 11th, 2015"

If you're wondering who I was replying to, it was goldmaster11.

Ah, yes, I remember when I suggested that commenting feature. Meta Naito decided to go for a forum instead, which is where we stayed from TKC's closure until KRR came back, I'm guessing.

"Meta Naito posted links to screenshots of how the new design of his website will look like at TKC. Still no ETA for that website to be updated, though.

It might be possible to implement comments on Meta Naito next year, based on what classes Meta Naito will be taking.

Once Meta Naito adds comments support, everyone at KRR, who posts at the
Is comments section should go comment at that website, if you want to resume communications with me, after the comments support has been implemented.

I forgot to tell that Torkirby joined TKC.

Comment by gm11 (Guest) on 5:34am Oct 23rd, 2015"

"1st, I don't like how you just told TKC about meta naito and stuff and mentioned my name without telling me. l:

2nd, I'm not very fond of Torkirby to say the least, no offense. I used to love his art and stuff but then he stopped making Kirby art and did all sorts of stuff and I just stopped watching his vids and all... I especially wish he would go back to his old art style...

Comment by Keeby (Guest) on 9:48am Oct 27th, 2015"

1. Ironic considering what this post is partially about.
2. I'm still not very fond of Torkirby. I believe he is the co-creator of Kirby Informer, a newish Kirby fansite, if I recall correctly. More on that later.

"Sorry. I also told about it in the subreddit, but your name was never mentioned there.

It's been edited in TKC now.

Comment by gm11 (Guest) on 3:25am Oct 28th, 2015"

"Also, what I did can't be considered "naming and shaming", as the entity being mentioned isn't doing anything wrong.

Comment by gm11 (Guest) on 10:59am Oct 28th, 2015"

"Ugh nevermind.

Comment by Keeby (Guest) on 9:22am Oct 29th, 2015"

"Everyone who sees this.

TKC has closed and Meta Naito now has a forum.

Meta Naito and Fubaka are admins there, gm11 and I are mod.

See you there.

Comment by Guest on 3:01pm Jan 28th, 2016"

I think that comment was from me. That was almost two years ago...


Ok, back to the forums, now.

Time to look at old threads on the forums, again.

Like a thread I bet everyone forgot about(including myself), "Everyone, please just ignore KEEBY64".

"It's pretty rude to openly suggest that. If you don't want to listen to someone, the ignore function works just fine, but rallying other people to do the same is basically bullying at that point."

"Keeby is not a troll. Just being a little obnoxious doesn't make you a troll. I stand by my previous point that if you don't like keeby, you can go ahead and ignore them. But don't try to sway other people into doing the same. That's not very nice."

I don't see how this user found me just "a little" obnoxious back then.

"I personally believe keeby has been more that ""a little"" obnoxious, especially considering the fact that if he doesn't like Kirby, he can leave the forum. But instead, keeby continues to post hateful messages and whenever anyone tries to stop him or even try to help him, like I did a while ago, he blames it on mental illness. I really don't hate him, I can relate to having stupid freaking mental illnesses making it hard for me to socialize, but I just want him to either leave, and hopefully find a place better suited to his interests, or stop posting insults and hate on every post."

What even are my interests?

"And this is where I come in and say "WHAT!?"

I think intentionally getting in the way of a bunch of people having fun counts as being a troll. Have a look through the entirety of "Acronyms with Level Names" and you will clearly see that he is bothering people who are just playing a simple game. Here's some quotes. (Spoilered for those who don't want to see)


As for having a PSA for ignoring him, maybe that's too cruel. (Personally, I believe it will make the Resort much more welcoming.) But he is a nuisance to all of the visitors of KRR, especially considering threads such as "This Place Isn't Even Being Moderated Anymore". I'd be less mad here if KEEBY did anything positive, but the only thing I could find that came after the start of his trolling rampage was "Kirby and the Rainbow Curse - Waddle Dee Only Challenge," a single thread for a nice challenge for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and that pales in comparison to the amount of threads he terrorizes or has terrorized. I think that makes him fit squarely in the troll hole.

And personally, I believe that he shouldn't be here if all he's going to do is hate Kirby. When I stopped liking Angry Birds, I stopped frequently using Angry Birds Nest. (It's a Angry Birds fansite that has a fourm) So should he."

I was having fun too. Of course, not the right way, but still. I was... uh, what's a nice way to put this, oh, uh, not very good of a person. (I still get very angry and emotional sometimes, but it seems to be toned down from my 2015/2016/early 2017 days, at the peak of my puberty. Or maybe I'm just thinking things and it has never gotten better.)

"I stand by my point still--I wouldn't clarify keeby as a troll. A very problematic person, though? Yeah. That's more of a simple issue of semantics at this point though.

Don't get me wrong, I don't intend to defend Keeby and I agree that if they're not into kirby then they don't have to stay here. But they still want to be here for whatever reason, so.."

Yeah, that's the word I wanted. Problematic.

"I can see where your coming from Kapus. I suppose Keeby has just been pretty difficult to read, if you know what I mean.
Keeby, I doubt you want to talk with me, but if you need to talk to someone about mental illnesses or whatever, I have a decent amount of experience, so feel free to hit me up in PMs. Keep in mind that I might not be able to get back to you right away if I'm not around, though."

Last active:
October 5th, 2017, 4:30 pm


"Oh uh...
Keeby64, I just personally wanted to come here and apologize for being a huge jerk and mean to you as well.
You can take that "quote" out of your signature, because I am trying to sincerely apologize for being rude. I'm sorry."

Not related to the thread, but Star Dream checked the forums this month after being offline for over a year. In fact, there seems to be some lurkers who check the forums but don't post anymore ever since the revival era ended(Kindar Spirit herself was last online in December 2016).

"I should apologize too, Keeby. I may not remember too well about what I said but I was probably kinda harsh as well, so sorry for anything mean I may have said, I only muted you because I got kind of nervous around you, initially, as silly as that sounds.
though im typically really shy on forums and stuff.
but yeah.."

Alright then.

By the way, I found this thread that talks about the original KRR shutdown in February 2016, right before the revival era. Feel free to check it out. It's got some good stuff.



Now let's talk about Kirby Informer.

It's a new Kirby fansite that launched sometime last year. I'm guessing it launched in July or August, but I'm not exactly sure.

Let me just say that I don't like it at all.

First off, it used to be VERY slow. It recently got a redesign so it's a bit faster now, but it could still be improved.

Lots of pages being under construction is very understandable so I won't complain about that.

They used to have a fan art contest for the community to get together and share their art, which I think is a great idea(Meta Naito held one in 2016, I think...), but it was last updated in...


October's theme was Halloween, but they never revealed the winner, unless the contest moved to their social media accounts.

Speaking of which...

Go to their connect page, and you'll see that they have accounts for various sites.

Their YouTube account has no videos, and nothing noteworthy other than the fact that they joined June 20th, 2017. Again, very understandable.

I'm not used to Facebook's or Instagram's layout or features, so it's hard for me to see what Kirby Informer does on there.

As for Twitter? Ugh...

It's a mess. Full of memes and retweets. Save that for a personal account.

The closest thing they have to a forum is a discord chat, that is poorly moderated, and, again, full of annoying memes.

(Notice how their affiliates are WiKirby, a wiki only being kept alive by Fubaka, I'm assuming, and a Zelda website.)

There's an about the staff section that shows that the creators of the site are.... some girl named Eliza, and Torkirby.

This site's bread and butter is clearly the articles about Kirby news. Consistently catching up with Kirby's latest adventures is good(this is a problem which KRR and Meta Naito have had in recent years), but the rest of the site is mediocre and messy.

There is a contact form, and they say they "appreciate all feedback", but I'm not going to contact them in fear that they'll do something worse, or at least won't listen to criticism like this. It does bring back good memories, though. I used to contact Meta Naito via email all the time before the site got a forum.


Ok, so remember Another Dimension?

I was banned from there in September, and never got unbanned. I never got a reason for this.

I want someone to check the website for me, and tell me what's going on there, if anything at all.

Here's the link:


Back to KRR.

The last time the main update section got updated was in August, the gallery has been completely inactive for a while now, and forget about the rest of the site.

That leaves only the forums, which have been slowly dying for months, or years if you don't count 2016.

A revival via a new Kirby fansite(Another Dimension) turned out to be a disaster, and Kirby Informer clearly isn't doing anybody favors, so at this point, I don't really know what to do anymore...

Remember the mailbag? The final issue, #85, had these final words;



I was thinking about making my own version, using the forums. Let me know what you think using the poll.

If people want this and it's successful, I might do the interactive fandom contests and other things too.

If you do want a fan version of the mailbag, PM me your questions and comments, so that way your submissions are private until I answer.

One last thing. If another Site Interactive Service Sunset occurs, our last resort would be to move to the BitForums or Starfy forum.

Edit: By the BitForums I meant the Brawl in the Family forums, but they don't appear to exist anymore. We could still move to the Starfy forum if anything were to happen.


If you read this all the way through, I'd like to thank you for doing so. I've been working on this thread on and off for the past day and a half, so I'm tired.


Author:  luvkirby4ever [ January 24th, 2018, 5:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of KRR

I think that the front page mailbag suffices. At the very least, I wouldn't trust a mailbag with someone who focuses on digging up old receipts and who clogs up the gaming section of the forums with non-game related topics.

Your heart is probably in the right place... but by being a consistently negative person I'm not really inclined to join any of your communities. If you're not nice here, how can I be certain that you're not just as rude in other places?

Author:  KEEBY64 [ January 24th, 2018, 6:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of KRR

by being a consistently negative person I'm not really inclined to join any of your communities
Fun Fact: Today my mom said I act like a 2 year old. You're not the only one who doesn't like to be around me.

Another thing. Lately I've been talking to Bimblesnaff via email, and he had THIS to say about me.

"I wouldn't really say jerk. Other people would, but they frequented the forums. Also, most people are hyper-sensitive. You, mostly, just wanted actual things to get done, and no one was doing it, thus you'd say it again. Apparently, that makes other people angry. You know: stating reality. The nerve!"

Yeah, whatever. Barely anyone responded to the poll anyways. I guess nobody cares about KRR anymore. :beanthink:

Author:  luvkirby4ever [ January 24th, 2018, 7:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of KRR

In any case, you have to ask yourself if dredging around on an old forum board (/bashing people who aren't here to defend themselves) is what's going to make you happy. I know I can't argue with a troll and expect any sort of satisfying result ("don't wrestle with a pig") but if you're looking for people to goad into a fight I'm afraid that you've picked the wrong person.

I have seen darkness and have come out on the other side to spread hope and light, wherever I can. Even on the long-dead forums that meant the world to me.

Author:  KEEBY64 [ January 24th, 2018, 8:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of KRR

I know I can't argue with a troll
... but I'm not a troll. A jerk, sure, but not a troll.
I have seen darkness and have come out on the other side to spread hope and light, wherever I can. Even on the long-dead forums that meant the world to me.
I have tried to do that. I want to do that too, just in a different way. Unfortunately, people misunderstand me for my pessimist bordering on realist actions. Considering how even therapy couldn't change me, supposedly "for the better", I guess this is the way I'll stay.

Author:  luvkirby4ever [ January 24th, 2018, 8:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of KRR

Whether or not you find yourself "able to change", you can always make an active choice to be kinder to people.

Author:  KEEBY64 [ January 24th, 2018, 8:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of KRR

Whether or not you find yourself "able to change", you can always make an active choice to be kinder to people.
I don't get what you mean by that. Your sentence contradicts itself.

Author:  luvkirby4ever [ January 24th, 2018, 8:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of KRR

Changing into a better person takes a lot of time and effort. It's daunting, hard, and something that I'm still trying to do. So instead of saying "I'll never be able to change", I ask myself how I can do something differently. "Maybe I'm still a terrible person", I think, "but I think I can find a nice way to answer this person".

You may not be "able to change", but you can ask yourself how you're going to respond to me. In everything you do, there's always a chance to show a bit of kindness.

Author:  KEEBY64 [ January 24th, 2018, 9:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of KRR

I thought about what you said, and I've decided to respond honestly.

I'm nice when I don't feel forced to be so. I'm usually only "nice" to people I like(which means not you, sorry). Technically having to do something differently would be trying to change, so I still find your argument invalid.

Notice how I didn't type in all caps, called you names, or did anything else very nasty. I was honest, but fair. You may still consider me "mean" or "a troll", but I think us humans take many things for granted, especially the smaller details.

Author:  luvkirby4ever [ January 24th, 2018, 9:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of KRR

And thus, why you are unsuitable to run a mailbag. Thanks for the demonstration- I’ve finished all I need to in this thread.

Author:  KEEBY64 [ January 24th, 2018, 9:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of KRR

Yeah, the poll didn't get many votes...

Author:  jello_magmortar [ February 10th, 2018, 11:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of KRR

we could try sharing the site with lots of other people to get more users i guess

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