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Voice actors I think would fit the Kirby charas
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Author:  DanielleOtaka [ September 16th, 2017, 4:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Voice actors I think would fit the Kirby charas

First of all, Kirby speaks English. Second, I'm doing the Kirby's Avalanche roster because why not.

Kirby - Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Waddle Dee - Cristina Vee
Bronto Burt - Daran Norris
Waddle Doo - Jamie Marchi
Poppy Bros Sr. - Stephanie Sheh
Kabu - Ian Sinclair
Whispy Woods - Nikki Yang
Broom Hatter - Wendee Lee
Squishy - Amy Palant
Lololo and Lalala - Chris Sabat and Janet Varney
Bugzzy - Brian Drummond
Paint Roller - Melissa Fahn
Heavy Mole - Brad Swaile
Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright - Jason Griffith and Lisa Ortiz
Kracko - Annice Moriarty
Meta Knight - Steven Blum
King Dedede - Chris Cason

BONUS! Other favorite characters:
Galacta Knight - Steven Blum
Red Kirby - Meredith McCoy
Green Kirby - Elise Baughman
Yellow Kirby/Keeby - Michelle Ruff

What do you think?

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